The Axandra newsletter archive - 1 June 2004
Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're taking a look at the perennial search engine submission myth.

In the news: Yahoo and MSN talk about their plans, a Chinese search engine claims to have more visitors than Google, Ask Jeeves adds two new search features and more.

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1. Facts of the week: The perennial search engine submission myth
You've probably seen them on the web and you've probably received many spam email messages from them: services that promise you to submit your web site to thousands of search engines and that tell you that your web site will get high search engine rankings if you just submit your web site often enough.

The frequency of your search engine submission is not important

When you submit your web site URL to a search engines, you basically ask the search engine spiders to visit your web site and to evaluate it. If the search engine spiders cannot find anything useful on your site, they won't list your web site. It doesn't make sense to submit your web site again and again if it isn't search engine ready.

Search engines must be able to find out what your web site is all about. They need to find text and links on your web pages and they also need to find the keywords for which you want to have high rankings on your web pages.

Submitting alone doesn't guarantee visitors

Submitting your web site to search engines is important, but it is not the most important step in your search engine marketing campaign.

It's much more important that your web pages are optimized for search engines. Many web sites are designed in a way that prevents them from showing up in search engines.

If your web pages are not search engine ready, it's pointless to submit them. If the search engines index your web site at all, it will be listed on position 17,352 or worse. With a listing on that position, you won't get any visitors.

The key to successful search engine submission

Before submitting your web pages to search engines, you must make sure that they are optimized for your important keywords and for the special search engine you target.

If your web pages are prepared for a special search engine and for a special keyword then it's much more likely that your web site will receive high rankings.

Make sure that your web pages contain enough text and that search engine spiders can find the pages of your web site trough normal text links. Don't use web site intros and don't use too many Flash elements on your web site. It is extra work to optimize your web pages for search engines but it is well worth the effort.

Professional search engine submission takes some time

Don't fall for services that promise you to submit your web site to thousands of search engines. It will only result in thousands of spam messages. Invest some time in optimizing your web pages before you submit them and then submit your site to important search engines. You'll get much better search engine rankings

If you haven't done it yet, download the free demo version of the web site promotion tool IBP now. IBP helps you to optimize your web pages for high rankings on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines and it also helps you to submit your web site to all important search engines.

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2. Search engine news of the week

Ask Jeeves adds movies search and share search

    Ask Jeeves has added two new search features that allow you to quickly search for movies and shares. Try it for yourself: Troy, AMZN

MSN investing in more than just search

    "Microsoft has not explicit about the overlap between MSN Search and the search facility that will be built into the Windows Longhorn release that is due out in 2006+. Members of both the MSN teams and the Longhorn teams have spoken of wanting to deliver a search facility that will work across a user's local file system, a corporate intranet and the Internet."

Microsoft, Yahoo send search signals

    "Yahoo will use its community of users to deliver more customized search results, something that rivals such as Google and Microsoft will have a harder time doing, Chief Executive Terry Semel said [...]

    Customized search is considered the next step in improving the relevancy and accuracy of search results. If search engines knew more about the interests and habits of Web searchers, experts say that search engines would be able to deliver much more precise results."

According to Alexa, beats

    ", the largest search engine in China, has beaten to become the fourth largest Internet website in the world in terms of web traffic, according to the latest Alexa traffic rankings."

    Editor's note: Although Alexa traffic ratings can give a rough guess of a web site's traffic, the data is not always accurate.

Yahoo's Yang sets up plan to sell 8 million shares

    "Yahoo on Friday said its co-founder, Jerry Yang, has established a prearranged trading plan for up to 8 million common shares during a 12-month period."

California senate approves bill curbing Gmail

    "The California State Senate has approved a bill putting strict curbs on e-mail providers intending to scan customer messages for advertising and other purposes. The bill, authored by Sen. Liz Figueroa, D-Fremont, was written in response to Google's Gmail service."

Google responds to Gmail privacy concerns

    Google has published an official statement about the Gmail service on its web site: "Recently there has been a fair amount of discussion, including in the media and in legislative corridors, about Gmail and privacy. Google takes privacy very seriously. We are very upfront about our policies and we welcome a discussion of user experience and public policy as it relates to the Internet, email, and our services."

Search engine newslets

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3. Articles of the week

Can Google be public and private?

    "For all that Google has done to revive interest in technology and IPOs in recent weeks, it also has provided new fodder for a long-running debate: Is going public the ultimate goal for all companies, or are some businesses better served by staying private?"

Owning the standard for search engines

    "A $30 billion valuation of Google implies that due to strong network externalities, the company will own the standard in the search engine space, like Microsoft in PC operating systems or eBay in Internet auctions. While a standard will likely be established for search engines, Google's ability to own that standard remains highly uncertain."

Trade publishers warned of Google's impact on magazines

    "The latest players to see a fearsome competitor lurking behind Google's meteoric rise are publishers of tightly targeted magazines."

Search engines try to find their sound

    "Indexing files by looking at their audio features is still a work in progress for big search engines, including Google. So NPR eventually hit on a plan to instantly turn audio broadcasts into text files that can be recognized and picked up by search engine spiders."

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