The Axandra newsletter archive - 31 August 2004

Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're telling you how to find all web pages that link to your site on Google without using Google's "link" command.

In the news: Google has registered a new patent, search is the second most popular online activity and more.

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1. Facts of the week: Google's link command and better ways to do it

You probably know Google's link command. It's a special search query that allows you to find web sites that link to another web site.

For example, if you want to find web pages that link to, enter "" in Google's search box.

Many links are missing in Google's link search

Unfortunately, Google's link command is not as useful as it used to be. It doesn't show all pages that are linking to yours. Actually, Google shows only a small selection.

Google's search results pages show only a sample of the links that point to a page, so this list is in no way indicative of the link structure utilized by Google to formulate a page's PageRank.

PageRank 4 and higher? That used to be.

Many people think that Google's link command only returns links from web pages that have a PageRank of 4 or higher. That's not true.

Although many of the returned web pages have a PageRank of 4 and higher, Google doesn't show every web page with a PageRank of 4 or higher that links to you.

Google also often returns pages with a PageRank below 4. You can quickly verify this by visiting some of the returned pages.

There's a better way to find who links to your site on Google

To obtain a more accurate list of the links that point to your page, perform a Google search on your URL.

Click the "Find the web pages that contain the term" link on the result page and Google will provide you with the web pages that mention the address.

To remove pages from your own web site from the results, add the term
"" to the query in the search box.

You might also get a few sites that just mention your web site URL without actually having a link. However, the results are still much better than the results of the standard Google link command.

How to quickly check the link popularity of many web sites at once

If you want to check the link popularity of many web sites at once, take a look at the free software program Link Popularity Check (LPC). It's now available in version 3.

LPC checks the link popularity on many search engines at once and it allows you to quickly compare the results for your web site with the results for your competitors.

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    2. Search engine news of the week

    Google has registered a new patent

      "A client-side application (such as a browser [...] is used to support the serving of content-relevant ads to the client device. [...]

      The client-side application may combine content of the document and the ads in a window (e.g., in a browser window), may provide the ads in a window above, below, adjacent to a document window, may provide the ads in 'chrome' of the browser, etc."

    Google to develop a web browser or an operating system?

      Some people believe that Google might use its new money to develop a web browser.

    Things Google knows about you

      Blogger Alf lists 10 things Google knows about you, from everything you search for using Google to the contents of any emails you send to any mailing lists of which any one member uses a Gmail account.

    Online consumers happiest with Google

      "Google retains its status as the industry leader with a stellar score of 82 [...] Google's ability to satisfy customers in the years ahead will likely depend on how well it competes with online retailers like Amazon and portals like Yahoo!(78) and MSN (75) that categorize search results based on a customer's preferences."

    Make Yahoo work for you with Yahoo shortcuts

      Yahoo shortcuts are special features designed to help you to find answers quickly. Click the link to view all Yahoo shortcuts on a single page.

    Yahoo sells off 2.3 million Google shares, nets $191 million

      "Just weeks after settling a patent dispute with Google that yielded it a bigger stake of Google's shares, Yahoo Inc. announced the sale of 2.3 million of shares of Google stock at $82.62 apiece. The sale netted $191 million. Google gave Yahoo 2.7 million shares of its stock to settle the dispute. Google shares began trading on Aug. 19, following its IPO."

    Search is second most popular online activity

      "Approximately 38 million Americans use search engines each day, making search second only to e-mail as the most popular online activity according to a new report."

    Search engine newslets

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    3. Articles of the week

    Google has plenty to celebrate

      "Google had plenty to celebrate at its annual company summer picnic - its debut as a public company gave it an immediate cash infusion of $US1.16 billion, not to mention all the millionaires it made of employees and insiders.

      But partying aside, the quirky six-year-old company has some serious business ahead."

    Net still changing at age 35

      "Thirty-five years after computer scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, linked two bulky computers with a 15-foot gray cable to test a new way for exchanging data over networks, what would ultimately become the Internet remains a work in progress."

    At Google, pandemonium to a point

      "Poor Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt. He may have more of an 'adult supervision' challenge than he previously thought. A new excerpt from a Playboy magazine interview with Google's two young co-founders sheds light on just how loosely the engineers run at the search engine company."

    Misinterpreting Google

      "Last Thursday, Janco Partners initiated coverage on Google with a 'sell' rating. Is this a case of sour grapes? Frankly, who cares? But I am baffled by the arguments the analyst put forth. So let's break it down."

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