Weekly SEO news: 4 October 2005
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This week, we're taking a look at a new study that examines the importance of being first in the search engine results.

In the news: Google offers free WiFi access and there are rumors about a Google Office suite, Yahoo releases many new products, the first wedding proposal via search engine and more.

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1. Facts of the week: The importance of being first

A recently conducted study (PDF) examined the links users followed on the search engine results page. They found that 42% of users clicked the top result, and 8% of users clicked the second result. This confirms previous studies that the number one result gets many more clicks than all other results.

In this study, the researchers did a second test, wherein they secretly swapped the order of the top two search hits. The original number two entry in the search engine's prioritization ended up on top, and the top entry was relegated to second place.

Although the search results were different, users still clicked on the top entry 34% of the time and on the second hit 12% of the time.

What does this mean to your web site?

The study confirms the importance of being listed on the first result page. If your web site is not listed on the first result page, changes are that web surfers won't see your site.

A previous study of the Georgia Institute of Technology found that 75% of searchers never look further than page one. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen pointed out: "Users almost never look beyond the second page of search results."

It is important that you get your web site on the first result page. If you're new to search engine optimization: submitting your web site to search engines is not enough. You have to do more to get high search engine rankings.

How do you get your web site to the first result page or even on position 1?

  1. Start by choosing the right keywords. It makes no sense to target general keywords such as "business" because you have no chance of getting the number 1 listing for such a keyword.

    Choose targeted keywords that are related to your business and that attract web surfers who are interested in what your web site has to offer. This keyword generator tool can help you to find the right keywords.

  2. Create a content rich web site that can be optimized for many different keyword combinations. The more different web pages you have the more likely it is that search engines will list your web site on the first position for a keyword and that web surfers will find your web site relevant to their needs.

    Optimize your web pages so that search engines can list them on the first position. Use descriptive and keyword rich summaries in the Meta description tag for search engines that use that tag.

  3. Get incoming links to your web site. High search engine rankings are the result of optimized web page content and good incoming links. If you want to have rankings, your web site must have both.

Read the free SEO book for detailed information and checklists on how to get your web site in the first result page on Google and other major search engines.

2. Search engine news of the week
Yahoo releases SiteExplorer

Yahoo's Site Explorer shows all subpages within a URL indexed by Yahoo. You can also see subpages under a path and inlinks indexed by Yahoo! to a URL. You can also submit missing URLs to Yahoo.

Yahoo releases its desktop search tool

"Thanks to your help and feedback, the latest version of Yahoo! Desktop Search is also no longer in Beta."

Google offers San Francisco Wi-Fi for free

"Google Inc. has offered to blanket San Francisco with free wireless Internet access at no cost to the city. [...] The proposal raises speculation that Google intends to create a free national Wi-Fi network, a business in which the company has limited experience."

Yahoo challenges Google in book digitizing plan

"Internet search giant Yahoo formed an alliance dedicated to the goal of digitizing literature and making it available on the Internet.

The alliance, consisting of corporations, non-profit groups and universities, plans to announce today an ambitious plan to digitize hundreds of thousands of books over the next several years and put them on the Internet, with the full text accessible to anyone."


Google gains search engine market share

"Google increased its share by 1.2 percent, rising to 37.3 percent from 36.1 percent in the same month a year ago, according to ComScore Networks.

Among the top five search engines, Microsoft Corp.'s MSN and Ask Jeeves, which is owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp, also increased their market shares, rising to 15.8 percent from 14.4 percent, and 6 percent from 5.9 percent, respectively.

No. 2 Yahoo Inc., dipped nearly 1 percent to 29.7 percent, and the Time Warner Network fell 1 percent to 9.6 percent from 10.6 percent."

Ask Jeeves to drop mascot, change name

"[Ask Jeeves] intends to drop Jeeves as a mascot and shorten the search site's name to Ask or Ask.com."

Search engine newslets

3. Articles of the week

Wikipedia eats Google

    "Google is becoming increasingly prone to Wikipedia. [...] Over time, Wikipedia has been slowly eating the entire Web's knowledge base until it becomes itself a faster, better, and--most critically--unspammed reference matter of what are the relevant and valuable resources."

Next up: Google Office?

    "Google and Sun Microsystems will hold a press conference on Tuesday at which they're expected to announce a collaboration to bring StarOffice productivity applications to Google users.

    StarOffice is Sun's suite of integrated word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database software based on the OpenOffice open source project."

Yahoo! testing new branding metrics for search

    "The company has been quietly beta testing two new tools with 10 to 15 of Yahoo!'s top advertisers and agencies for the past two months. [...] 'Marketers have tended to think of search as click-to-sale. That's beginning to change as more and more brand advertisers are beginning to recognize the power of search for things like message association and engagement.'"

Google's main man in China

    "Kai-Fu Lee, Google's new man in China, is fresh from what appears to have been a court victory over Microsoft. And he is already talking about his plans to set up Google's research and development center in this country."

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