Weekly SEO news: 11 July 2006
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This week, we're taking a look on the effect of outgoing links on your web site.

In the news: Advertisers paid more than $800m for click fraud and Google says that's OK, Google is now officially a verb and more.

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1. Facts of the week: The effect of outgoing links on your web site

While most webmasters are aware that incoming links are important to the success of a web site, many site owners don't know that outgoing links also have an impact on their web sites.

Outgoing links influence search engines

The web pages to which you link form the "neighborhood" of your web site. If you link to spammy web sites then search engines might think that your web site is also spam.

Links to link farms and automated linking systems can actually hurt your Google rankings. For that reason, it is important that you take a look at the quality of a web site before you link to it.

Outgoing links influence web site visitors

The web sites to which you link help your web site visitors to put your web site into a larger context. If you link to high quality sites with useful content, web surfers will associate your web site with these high quality sites.

If you link to other web sites show your web site visitors that your web site can be trusted. You wouldn't send visitors to other pages if they could find negative information about your products or services on other sites.

Links add value to your web site, they show your visitors that you have nothing to hide and that you have confidence in your site.

Give, and you shall receive

You do not lose visitors by offering links to other pages. Links to other pages will bring you more and repeat customers. All visitors will leave your web site sooner or later. No matter how great your web site is, no one will stay on your web site forever. The question is what web surfers do when they leave your site.

If you don't have outgoing links or if you hide your links, then you send your visitors back to search engines (which give you nothing in return). If you offer your web site visitors links, you can send leaving visitors to other web sites that can send you their visitors in return.

Carefully chosen links to outside resources can improve the experience of visitors who visit your web site. Give, and you shall receive. This is true for many aspects of life and it also works for web site promotion.

If you want to learn more about building good inbound links and outgoing links, take a look at our free link popularity ebook.

2. Search engine news of the week

Hefty bill for online click fraud

    "Online advertisers paid more than $800m last year for fraudulent clicks on their ads [...] it averaged 14.6 per cent of all clicks billed to advertisers, even after Google and others had filtered out those ones they believed to be invalid."


Nasty redirects are still a problem at Google, Yahoo

"Neither Google nor Yahoo has fixed a search-site security hole that could be used to redirect users to malicious Web sites. [...] A URL sent in an e-mail message or embedded on a Web page can have its true location masked using Google's help."

Google makes it in the dictionary as a verb

"If the word google becomes recognised as a verb it could result in other people using the word 'google' to refer to their own products, thus potentially diminishing the Google brand name."


Search engine newslets

  • Google suggests Yahoo if you search for therapy products.
  • eBay blocks Google's Checkout.
  • The anatomy of the Google product cycle. (humor)
  • Google boys' big plans for big plane.
  • Yahoo releases the official version of their trip planner.
  • Google to announce Michigan research center.
  • More information leaks about GDrive.
  • Trumalia is a search engine that displays riddles.
3. Articles of the week

Google CEO on click fraud: 'let it happen' is perfect economic solution

    "Schmidt’s 'perfect economic solution' analysis for click fraud suggests that any Google charges to advertisers for fraudulent clicks would naturally be viewed by Google advertisers as a 'cost of doing business' with Google, to be factored into advertiser ROI calculations."


Google - cult or corporation?

"Is Google a cult, or is Google a corporation? It's hard to tell, and from the company's official literature it seems like it would really, really like to have it both ways."

In other ventures, Google has to search harder for success

"Google's track record is quite modest outside of its popular search engine, despite the company's reputation as an Internet juggernaut. Few of its products are a runaway success in the United States, raising the question: Is Google a one-hit wonder?"

Google to stay focused on search

"[Google's] Mr Merrill said Google's search focus for the future included better search for mobiles, personalised search, language translation, accessing offline information and defeating web spam."

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