Weekly SEO news: 21 August 2007
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This week, we're taking a look at the search engine market shares in Europe.

In the news: how competitors can remove your website from Google's index, US search engine stats, buying links doesn't seem to be a good idea and more.

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1. Search engine market shares in Europe

If you target international markets then it's important to know which search engines are used by European web surfers.

Google has a large market share in the US. Astonishingly, Google's market share seems to be even bigger in Europe. Here are the numbers from Germany, France and the UK:

Search engine market shares in Germany

With a market share of 88.5%, Google is the clear leader in Germany. Yahoo has 3.4%, followed by German ISP T-Online (2.2%), MSN (1.4%) and AOL (1.3%).

Search engine market shares in France

With 89.79%, Google's has an enormous market share in France. Yahoo follows with 3.14%. MSN gets 2.48%, local ISP's Orange and Free get 1.89% and 0.72%.

Search engine market shares in the UK

Google has a market share of 79.38% in the UK. Yahoo gets 7.72%. With 4.48%, Ask.com is the third biggest search engine in the UK. Microsoft's search engines MSN and Live get 3.75% and 1.53% (a total of 5.28% for Microsoft search engines).

Google is by far the most widely used search engine in these European countries. The stats show how important it is to optimize your website for Google.

To get high rankings on Google, you need good inbound links and optimized web page content. IBP helps you to get both. The latest IBP version works with all local Google versions, including Google.com, Google.co.uk, Google.de and Google.fr.

2. Search engine news of the week
How a third party can remove your site from Google SERPs

"A good friend has allowed his reputation to suffer, rather than disclose what we knew. I continue to see web sites that are affected by this issue. After giving Google more than a year to resolve the issue, I have decided that the only way to spur them to action is to publish what I know."

Google gains, Yahoo loses under ComScore changes

"Under ComScore's new qSearch 2.0, Yahoo lost market share from a year ago and is now at 23.5 percent for July, while Google gained share, reaching 55.2 percent market share. The other market share loser was AOL."

Report: offline ads are heavy drivers of search

"According to a new study by Jupiter Research and search marketing agency iProspect, a surprising two-thirds of searchers are led to search on a given keyword as a result of offline marketing."

Search engine newslets

  • Warnings Google needs to incorporate.
  • Study: web surfers spend more time with content.
  • AOL improves its mobile search.
  • Google adds a malware review form to its webmaster tools.
  • Microsoft says its web search on positive trajectory.
  • Humor: Yahoo invents a new sport.
  • Yahoo Local gets a makeover.
  • Google introduces the ad traffic quality resource center.
  • Like.com: Neat site or serious search tool?
  • Google increases stake in China.
  • Enterprise 2.0 failure: Can you trust Google Grand Central?
  • Yahoo audio search adds samples.
  • Google's Eric Schmidt on Web 3.0 (video).
3. Articles of the week
Penalized by Google: Master New Media is out of Google search results

"I did have several text link ads appearing on many pages of Master New Media as well as on some of my other sites. [...]

And while I don't know yet whether text links were the true case of my Google penalization, I have certainly learned lots about them and I think I have some very valuable insight to share with you about whether you should consider them your friend or foe."

Related: Google's Matt Cutts warns against buying links (video).

Ask.com on the upswing

"The latest [American Consumer Satisfaction] ranking, released Tuesday, shows the four major search engines and portals all scored almost the same, with Yahoo winning the race with 79 points, Google close behind with 78, and Microsoft and Ask.com with 75.

Notably, however, Ask showed the biggest gain in the past year, and the biggest gain since it – or rather, predecessor AskJeeves – was first measured in 2002."

Google wins the most hearts on the web

"Yahoo fans skew female but tend toward the mainstream, while Google fans are more likely to be male, a little more wealthy, and influential on the subject of consumer electronics."

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