Weekly SEO news: 20 November 2007
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This week, we're telling you how to lower your Google AdWords costs.

In the news: New search engine statistics, Microsoft might be interested in buying Yahoo, Google penalizes blogs that sell links and more.

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1. Are you paying too much for your AdWords ads? Change it now!

Pay per click marketing can be a good addition to organic search engine optimization. However, if you do it wrong, pay per click will cost you a fortune without bringing results. If you do it right, AdWords ads will help you to make more money.

Are your Google AdWords ads costing you a fortune?

It has become difficult to find affordable keywords and it has become even more difficult to write ads that return a positive ROI (return on investment).

That's why we have released a new edition of our popular eBook Successful Advertising with Google AdWords.

Solutions to the most common AdWords problems

The new edition of the eBook solves the following problems:

  • You want to lower your advertising costs.
  • The per click prices are too high for your AdWords ads.
  • Many websites compete with your site.
  • Your current Google AdWords campaigns have not been successful.

You'll learn how to get new and targeted visitors while lowering your advertising costs.

You'll also learn how to find affordable keywords, how to write successful ads and how to increase the effectiveness of your AdWords ads.

Everything you need to beat your competition on AdWords

Successful Advertising with Google AdWords is the most comprehensive book about Google AdWords that is currently available. Screenshots, tables and check lists, which help you to get quick results, lower advertising costs and more profit.

Among many other things, the book contains:

  • 23 professional tricks on how to find inexpensive keywords that your competition doesn't know yet and for which you only have to pay the minimum click price.

  • More than 200 words and phrases you can combine with your current keywords to create new keywords that you'll get for the minimum click price.

  • How to save money by avoiding people that don't want to purchase from clicking on your ads.

  • A list of keywords that attract click fraudsters and how to avoid click fraud.

  • More than 250 words, expressions and templates that make your ads more successful.

  • How to write effective AdWords that attract new customers.

  • How to find out which AdWords work best for your competitors.

  • Four successful price strategies and how to find out which strategy is right for your company.

  • How to test and optimize your AdWords ads until your profits have at least doubled.

  • Important tips on how to work with Google's conversion tracking system so that you get correct results.

  • Easy and quick solutions to the eight most common AdWords problems.

  • How to save weak campaigns and 5 checklists that help you to make them best selling ads.
In contrast to other AdWords publications on the Internet, this new ebook is up to date and it is compliant with the latest Google AdWords specifications.

It's 100% risk-free for you!

If you think that your AdWords campaigns could do better then you should give our new AdWords eBook a try.

You can test Successful Advertising with Google AdWords for 30 days. If you don't like it, you'll get your money back.

In addition, Successful Advertising with Google AdWords will quickly pay for itself. Your advertising savings and the additional profit will make up for the purchase price in no time.

You can order the eBook here.

2. Search engine news of the week
Google's share of Oct. U.S. searches 64 percent - up 6 percent

"Google accounted for 64.49 percent of all U.S. searches in the four weeks ended October 27, 2007, while Yahoo Search, MSN Search and Ask.com accounted for 21.65 percent, 7.42 percent and 4.76 percent of searches."

Google seems to allow hidden content in some cases

"If the hidden content is a more-accessible-but-less-pretty version of the content that hides it--e.g. text behind an image containing those words--our quality measures should not mind. Of course, we suggest using the ALT and TITLE attributes of the IMG tag, which were designed for this very purpose (providing alternative text to replace images), but you are, of course, free to design your site as you see fit."

Microsoft's Live.com releases webmaster tools

"We want the center and the blog to be a place for two way communication between Live Search and the webmaster community because we understand that SEO's and webmasters need this kind of information and the tools we are building to keep their sites performing well."

Search engine newslets
  • Study shows Google favored over other search engines by webmasters.
  • Google Trends reveals people’s predictability.
  • Google Maps: edit at your own risk - Google acknowledges bug.
  • More information about Yahoo! Search Sports shortcuts.
  • 17 more newspapers join Yahoo Group.
  • Search startup seeks to be 'Google for IT'.
  • Yahoo poised for pain in downturn?
  • Microsoft and Yahoo cool to Google Mobile effort.
  • [Search engine] ChaCha: a bad idea poorly executed, raises $10 million.
  • Watch a link building rap video (humor).
  • One search Google won't answer.
3. Articles of the week
Microsoft: hallucinating...or about to buy Yahoo?

"Buying Yahoo would give Microsoft 30 percent search share instantly. It would also boost Microsoft's ad share close to that 40 percent goal."

Related: Microsoft aims to be one of "top two" in Web advertising.

Google goes after the everyday blogger

"Last night Google decided to go after some of the bloggers in our network, reducing their PR from whatever they previously had to zero. Once again Google has proved that PR has little to do with blog traffic, influence or relevance and everything to defending their monopolistic stranglehold on search and online advertising."

De-Googleize your search

"We tend to assume that all search engines are basically the same, but it's wrong. [...] If I had to choose only one search engine, I would choose Google. But I don't have to choose!"

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4. Recommended resources

"We enjoy first page prominence after using IBP."

"In early 2006 myself and a partner started a local community based web site. Central to the web site was a searchable database of local businesses. We initially used ARELIS to find local businesses that were listed in various search engines and that list as a basis for the start of our business directory database.

We were first listed on the 14th page of Google for our main search term 'port elizabeth' and now enjoy first page prominence after using IBP's Top 10 Web Page Optimiser.

In addition, we are now listed on the first page of Google for 90% of our chosen keywords for the business directory (some times we have up to three listings on the first page), after following the search engine optimisation tips from within IBP and as a result of your newsletter."
Alan W. Straton, MyPE.co.za

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