Weekly SEO news: 13 May 2008
Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're taking a look at a possible -60 penalty on Google. Which websites are penalized? How can you avoid getting penalized?

In the news: Yahoo releases "glue" result pages, Google releases Friend Connect, Google's Matt Cutts reveals what Google knows about spam and much more.

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1. Google's -60 penalty and how to avoid it

During the last weeks, people in online forums observed some strange Google result changes. Rumor has it that there is a new -60 penalty that Google applies to websites in which it has lost trust.

What has happened?

Some webmasters found websites that were listed on position 61 in Google's search results that had Google Sitelinks below their listing.

Google Sitelinks -60 penalty

Normally, Google only displays Google Sitelinks for the first search result.

Many webmasters believe that the website that was listed on position 61 with the Sitelinks was the number 1 result for that keyword but had been penalized by Google.

What does Google say about the -60 penalty?

In a Google Groups discussion about showing Sitelinks for #61 results Google employee John Mu referred to a -60 penalty discussion.

Google hasn't officially confirmed that a -60 penalty exists. However, Google employee John Mu indicated in a discussion about the -60 penalty in the official Google groups that Google penalizes websites if they contain certain spam elements.

Which spam elements trigger the -60 penalty?

It looks that Google applies this penalty to websites that buy links.

Many of the websites that seem to have been penalized had many inbound links from websites that linked to them from every single page of their website (so-called site-wide links). Sitewide links are an indicator of paid links, which Google sees as an unwanted way to artificially inflate search engine rankings.

The head of Google's anti-spam team Matt Cutts has often said that websites that buy paid links will be penalized and it looks as if Google tries to do the job properly.

If this penalty for paid links really exists then even websites that follow Google's rules can get in trouble. Your competitors could harm your website simply by buying links or by creating mini-net websites with sitewide links to your website.

Instead of penalizing seemingly "bad" links, Google should simply ignore them. That way, people could not harm competitor websites. If you don't want to get in trouble with Google, you should only use ethical search engine optimization methods.

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2. Search engine news of the week

Yahoo releases glue result pages

Yahoo India released the new "glue" result pages. These pages combine classic search results on the left hand column with more visual information in the middle and right section of the page.

For example, take a look at the search result for football. This might be a test that Yahoo will extend to the main Yahoo.com page.

Google announces Friend Connect

"Visitors to any site using Google Friend Connect will be able to see, invite, and interact with new friends, or, using secure authorization APIs, with existing friends from social sites on the web, including Facebook, Google Talk, hi5, orkut, Plaxo, and more."

Powerset previews search engine seen as threat to Google, Yahoo

"In a newly-opened online showcase, search engine specialist Powerset is now previewing a contextual search engine seen by some as a possible threat to Google, Yahoo and other major players through its support for 'conversational phrasing.'"

Search engine newslets

  • Yahoo adds geography to search ads.
  • Google is a malware site (says Yahoo).
  • Cast your vote for the Doodle 4 Google competition.
  • Is Google trying solid-state disks?
  • Romans spotted fleeing Google Street View cars.
  • Viewzi takes visual search to another level.
  • Microsoft officially hiring Google killers.
  • Google faces human rights votes.

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3. Articles of the week
What Google knows about spam

"If you didn't attend Web 2.0, you can watch [Matt Cutts'] ten-minute keynote about 'What Google Knows About Spam'."

Yahoo comes up short against Google with a group that matters

"The reason for Yahoo's anti-coolness, of course, is Google. I asked how many of the students use Google every day. All hands shot up. How many use Yahoo every day? Two hands. [...]

And Microsoft? The company once dubbed the 'evil empire' by techies has whole new street cred among young people, and the reason for that isn't Windows and it isn't Office. It's the Xbox."

Security flaw turns Gmail into open-relay server

"A recently-discovered flaw in Gmail is capable of turning Google's e-mail service into a highly effective spam machine. [...] Gmail is susceptible to a man-in-the-middle attack that allows a spammer to send thousands of bulk e-mails through Google's SMTP service without fear of detection."

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4. Success stories

"My new site was ranked at number 9 on the first page of Google."

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Share your success story with us

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