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Axandra news archive: 16 June 2009

Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're taking a look at more great tools that will help you to find the best keywords for your AdWords ads and organic search engine optimization.

In the news: Google might be preparing real-time search, there's now an official way to inform Google about your domain change, and McAfee presents the 50 most dangerous search terms.

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1. How to save money with quickly created long tail keywords

Last week, we informed you about the new keyword tool in IBP. IBP's keyword tool uses the unique keyword database of

IBP's keyword tool does not only help you to find new keyword ideas, it also helps you to create long tail keywords and keyword lists for Google AdWords.

Long tail keywords generate more sales

82% of search engine users will re-launch their search using the same search engine as they used for their initial search, but add more keywords to refine their subsequent search.

This finding also points to the wish of marketers to not only target a few short, broad terms with their search engine marketing campaigns, but also an abundance of longer, more specific keyword phrases being queried when users are dissatisfied with the results of their initial searches.

These keywords often produce more qualified traffic and higher conversion rates.

This multitude of ultra-specific keywords that generate little traffic and few conversions each, but significant numbers of both collectively, is often referred to as the long tail. (source: iProspect)

IBP's keyword manager quickly creates long tail keywords for you

IBP's keyword manager makes it very easy to create long tail keywords. Open IBP's keyword editor, select "Expand keywords", enter supplemental keywords (or choose from the supplemental keywords that IBP offers), click the "Generate keywords combinations" button and IBP does the rest:

long tail keywords

IBP offers supplemental keywords in these categories: cities and regions of 27 countries, colors, industries, occupations, synonyms for bargain, big, complete, fast, great and smart. Of course, you can also enter your own supplemental keywords.

Quickly create keyword lists for Google AdWords

IBP's keyword tool helps you to quickly create keyword lists for your Google AdWords ads. Just click the "Export to Google AdWords and others" button in IBP:

google adwords

IBP automatically calculates the ad group focus score of your keyword lists. The ad group score tells you if the keywords in the ad group are targeted enough so that your ad can get a high quality score.

Google's Quality Score influences your ads' position on Google and the Google Network. It also determines your keywords' minimum bids. The higher the Quality Score of your ads, the less you have to pay per click. IBP's keyword tool helps you to pay as little as possible for your ads.

IBP's keyword manager also lets you add "exact match" and "phrase match" keywords to your keyword lists with a single mouse click.

In addition, IBP's keyword tool also enables you to create misspellings, to combine keywords, to reverse keywords ("lawyer chicago" becomes "chicago lawyer"), to clean your imported keyword lists, and much more.

The keywords that you choose for organic search engine optimization and pay per click advertising decide whether your website will be a success or not. IBP's new keyword tool helps you to find the best possible keywords for your website.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

SitelinksGoogle readying microblog search?

"About a month after saying it was taking real-time search seriously, Google seems to be preparing a microblogging search tool. [...] As services like Twitter have exploded, Google has been asked numerous times whether it plans to [...] develop a search algorithm for Tweets."

Now you can notify Google about your domain change

"If you've moved your site to a new domain, you can use the Change of address tool to tell Google about your new URL. We'll update our index to reflect your new URL. Changes will stay in effect for 180 days, by which time we'll have crawled and indexed the pages at your new URL."

The Web’s most dangerous search terms by McAfee [PDF, 2 MB]

"For some keywords like 'popular screensavers' and 'descargar google' and certain of their resulting pages, the risk can be pervasive—75% or more results (three out of four) can lead to increased web security risk."

Eric SchmidtGoogle CEO slams Microsoft Bing

"It's not the first (search-engine market) entry for Microsoft. They do this about once a year. [...] You earn [the no. 1 spot]. You don't buy it with ads. You earn it, and you earn it customer by customer, search by search, answer by answer."

What AdWords customers need to know about $20 million settlement

"As many of you know, Google settled an AdWords class action suit for $20 million. Now, advertisers are receiving email notifications on what their rights are in this class action lawsuit. I read the settlement notice and I’ll highlight what I feel most AdWords customers need to know."

Yahoo! now supports the Common Tag

"[...] the Common Tag format adds semantic meaning to tags, making Web content more discoverable and enabling the community to create more useful applications for aggregating, searching, and browsing the Web."

Search engine newslets

  • Hunch decision engine hatches as Google, Microsoft alternative.
  • Google now notifying webmasters after reconsideration request review.
  • Google losing market share to Baidu in China.
  • New search engine Wolfram|Alpha released an update.
  • Google Labs released a new tool called Fusion Tables.
  • Google Maps: category mapspam.
  • Bing now supports instant translation.
  • Google Latitude (comic).
  • If Google were your roommate... (video).

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3. Success stories

"I'm on Google's 1st page."

"IBP is the bomb. Clear and consise even for a newb like me it was easy to install and get running. I'm now on Google's 1st page for a targeted key word search in just 4 days using this product."

190,000 readers will see YOUR website

Let us know how IBP has helped you to improve your website and we might publish your success story with a link to your website in this newsletter. The more detailed your story is, the better.

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4. Previous articles

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