Weekly SEO news: 30 March 2010

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Do you make the most of the backlinks that point to your website? This week, we're going to pimp your links. :-)

In the news: Google introduces several new features, no-one is interested in Google Buzz, many 404 errors on your website won't hurt your Google rankings and more.

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1. Pimp your links: how to improve your existing backlinks

Getting links to your website is one of the most important things that you have to do if you want to get high rankings on Google and other big search engines.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult tasks. Do you make the most of your existing links? It's often much easier to improve your existing backlinks then getting new links to your website.

Pimp your links

1. Correct links that point to your old domain names

If you changed your domain name in the past, chances are that some people still link to your old domain name.

Of course, the links to your old domain name should redirect to your new domain with a 301 redirect to make sure that the links aren't lost. Unfortunately, links through 301 redirects do not pass the full link power to your website.

For that reason, contact the webmasters who link to your old domain name and ask them to link to your new domain. This will increase the effect of the links on your website rankings.

2. Correct links to broken pages on your website

Check your website statistics and redirect all links that go to a non-existing (404) page on your website to an existing page on your site so that the visitors aren't lost.

As above, it's even better to contact the webmasters who links to the non-existing pages and ask them to change the links.

3. Try to improve the link texts

When you're contacting other webmasters to tell them that they link to your old domain name or to a broken link on your website, you can also suggest new link texts for your links.

If the links to your website include the words for which you want to get high rankings in the link text, your chances of getting ranked for these keywords increase.

4. Suggest other relevant websites

This might sound like a strange advice but it can help your rankings: when you contact a webmaster and ask for a link, you might also suggest other websites that are related to yours.

If the website that links to your website links to other websites that are related to your website topic, it's more likely that search engines will find your website relevant to that topic. Details about this co-citation effect can be found here.

5. Check the links on your own website

If you want to see certain pages of your website in Google's search results, these pages should also be linked from your own website pages. If a web page is hidden in the navigation of your website then it's less likely that this page will get a good position in Google's results.

Your website should have a clear and logical navigation that emphasizes the pages that you want to see in Google's search results.

High rankings on Google are the result of good inbound links and optimized web page content. Our popular website promotion tool IBP helps you to get both.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

GoogleGoogle introduces new features

Real-time search:

"As of today, real-time search is available in 40 languages. Now when you're visiting family in Puerto Rico, or if you speak German and live in Switzerland, you'll be able to see live updates from people on these popular sites as well as news headlines and blog posts published just seconds before. [...]"

Google Suggest for local search:

"Now when you search for a city name, we'll show you popular query refinements for places in those cities. We've found that people like to explore several places during a trip, so when we show one point of interest, we'll also show you related points of interest."

List for Google Bookmarks:

"With lists, you can sort and categorize your Google Bookmarks or starred search results. Once you've created a list, you can share it with specific friends or make it publicly visible and searchable."

Many 404 errors on your website don't hurt your rankings

Google's John Mueller commented in a discussion forum on a website that has many 404 pages:

"Having a large number of 404's on a site is generally not a problem for us, especially if the 404 page helps the user to find related entries within your site [...]

Using a 404 (or perhaps, if you're certain that the page will be gone forever, a 410) is a good idea because it helps us to remove the old entries from our index over time."

Google (lack of) Buzz

"Despite massive interest on its launch day, Google Buzz has quickly seen its momentum dwindle to practically nothing. [...] While public interest in Buzz, as defined by searches, has become inconsequentially small, current short-social-media king Twitter has seen consistent interest."

Safe BrowsingGoogle Safe Browsing practices guilt by association

"How your Web site can get tarred with the malware brush -- and why there's little you can do about it. [...] Say you run a small Website that served some malware-laden ads delivered through a third-party ad network. Google then brands you as a malware/virus site. Suddenly your pageviews drop through the floor and your users head elsewhere."

Search engine newslets

  • Matt Cutts: are there any negatives to generating a short list of related posts? (Video)
  • Google shutting AdWords reseller program.
  • Google denies revenue sharing for Android Mobile Apps.

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3. Success stories

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New version of the Google AdWords eBook

Our popular Google AdWords eBook is now available in a new edition. You can get further information here.

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