Weekly SEO news: 21 June 2011
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Getting on Google's first result page is important if you want to get more website visitors. How long does it take to get listed on Google's first result page? There are four factors that influence the process.

Also in the news: Google will become even stronger next year, Google offers more related searches and enhanced local listings, a new Google patent and more.

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1. How many days does it take to get listed on Google's first result page?

Getting on Google's first result page is important if you want to get more website visitors. How long does it take to get listed on Google's first result page? There are four factors that influence the process.


1. Trust: old websites have an advantage

It takes some time until Google shows new websites in the search results. Although you can submit your website to Google, Google will only index your website if other websites link to your site.

You have to earn Google's trust before your website will get lasting high rankings. A new website can get good rankings for less competitive keywords but it usually takes about 6 months to gain the minimum level of trust that is necessary to get high rankings.

2. Optimization: make it easy to parse your pages

It can be relatively easy to get top rankings on search engines if you have an established website that blocked Google by mistake (a broken robots.txt file or problems with the website navigation).

Make sure that it is as easy as possible for search engines to index your web pages. The better search engines can parse your pages, the more likely it is that your web pages will be added to the index.

Optimize the content of your web pages to make sure that your pages will be found for the right keywords.

3. Keywords and competitors: it's not good to compete with Amazon

The keywords that you target are a very important factor. The more competitive your keywords are, the longer you have to wait and the more backlinks you need.

If the websites that are ranked in the top 10 results for your keyword all have thousands of backlinks and thousands of pages then it's not likely that your website will be able to get in the top 10 results if it has 10 backlinks and 20 pages.

Start with very targeted multiple word keyphrases and then proceed to the more competitive keywords when your website has good content and inbound links.

4. Backlinks: the better the links, the faster your site will be listed

The more backlinks a website has, the quicker Google will pick up the changes on your website. If your website has great content but only a few backlinks, then it won't get high rankings.

High rankings on Google take some time. You have to optimize your web pages and you have to get good inbound links. Without these two factors, it is not possible to get high rankings on Google.

The number of inbound links is a very important factor. If you have optimized web pages but no links, then you have to build these links and you have to wait longer. If your website has a lot of inbound links then you will get high rankings quickly if you optimize your pages.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

StatisticsGoogle’s share of search ad revenues rises

"Net US search advertising revenue at Google will grow 38.9% to $10.92 billion in 2011. That will help push Google’s share of overall US search revenues to 75.9% this year, up from a 73.6% share in 2010 and a 69.8% share in 2009. [...]

Microsoft’s share of overall US search ad revenues is expected to grow to 8% this year, when the company will bring in an estimated $1.15 billion in net US search ad revenues, up 38.9% from $828 million and a 6.9% share of the total market in 2010."

Google offers more related searches

"Sometimes when you’re searching, you’re not just looking for one specific result, you may be looking for a list to start a series of searches. [...] Starting today, for many of your list seeking searches, you’ll see a collection of the top referenced items from the topic of your search."

Google MapsGoogle Maps listings now include company descriptions

"Starting today, Google Maps search results in the U.S. and Great Britain will include some of the phrases which are most frequently used to describe those places.

These phrases come from sources all across the web, such as reviews, web pages and other online references, and they can help people quickly identify the characteristics that make a particular place unique."

Google's Quality Score patent: the birth of Panda?

"The process described in this newly granted Google patent appears to be best suited to identify navigational search results – pages that searchers already know about and seem to want to find when they issue their query.

One of the ongoing mysteries surrounding the Panda updates, in the initial announcement about them, was that the update 'noticeably impacts 11.8% of our queries.' [...] Are 'navigational' queries the types that we were told would be 'noticeably impacted'?"

Microsoft adCenter now matches singular and plural forms

"Now with this update, if you bid only on the singular or only on the plural form of a keyword, adCenter will serve ads for both singular and plural forms of the keyword. [...]

Existing ads with different bids on plural and singular versions of a keyword will continue to behave in the same manner as they do today."

Search engine newslets

  • Search engine DuckDuckGo.com offers an alternative to the filter bubble.
  • How Larry Page thinks about search.
  • Google's HTTP Archive merges with Internet Archive.
  • Google supports rel="canonical" in HTTP headers.
  • Google taken to court after customer service ignore Autocomplete complaint.
  • Google tests endless result pages.
  • Google tests click display in AdWords ads.
  • Google sees 15% speed boost with HTTP tweak.
  • Google helps you to manage your online identity.
  • Google denies special deal for Barack Obama.

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