Weekly SEO news: 21 February 2012

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Before people purchase something on your website, they have to trust you. If your website does not look trustworthy, then you won't get many sales no matter how many visitors your website has. There are four things that you should do to show your website visitors that your company can be trusted.

In the news: Google acquires Cuil patents, XML sitemaps don't affect your website rankings, Google tests result pages with fewer than 10 results, Google vs. the world and more.

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1. Can your website visitors trust you? 4 things that you can do.

Before people purchase something on your website, they have to trust you. If your website does not look trustworthy, then you won't get many sales no matter how many visitors your website has.

There are four things that you should do to show your website visitors that your company can be trusted:

real company1. Show that your website represents a real company

It's amazing how many Internet businesses don't list their postal addresses. Do these businesses have something to hide? If your customers don't know who you are and where you live they might refrain from doing business with you.

Real life example:

You can find our full contact information here. We link to that page at the bottom of every web page. In addition, our full postal address is listed in the footer of every web page. We do this to make sure that our visitors know who we are.

You can see our tax number, our trade register number, publications in which our company was mentioned, etc.

What you should do on your own website:

If you're serious about your business show your visitors that you have nothing to hide. List your full contact information on your website.

white hat2. Show your website visitors why your company is better

Why should someone buy from you and not from your competitors? Is there anything that distinguishes you from the rest?

Real life example:

We distinguish ourselves from other SEO software companies by using only ethical search engine optimization methods. Our products do not use any shady tactics that will get your website banned from search engines.

We want our visitors to know that they can trust our products and that they are safe to use. That's why we link to our code of ethics in the footer of every web page.

What you should do on your own website:

Show your website visitors how you're different and why they should use your products or services instead of the ones of your competitors.

testimonials3. Show your visitors that other people tested it before

If other people have tested your products and services then it's less risky for new customers to buy from you. Your website visitors want to be reassured that you're a serious business.

If your company or your product has received awards then show them to your visitors. If your current customers have something positive to say about your products or services, list these testimonials on your website.

What you should do on your own website:

Show your visitors how other people benefited from your products and services and what other people say about you.

guarantees4. Offer your website visitors guarantees

Web surfers don't like risks. That's why guarantees will help you to sell more.

Real life example:

It is 100% risk-free to test our products. We offer two guarantees to make it as safe as possible to buy our products:

  1. You can return our website promotion tool IBP within 30 days for any reason. Even if you tell us that the dog ate it, that's no problem. You will get your money back.

  2. IBP is a tool that helps you to get your website on Google's first result page for the keywords of your choice. If you use IBP as described in the manual and do not get a top 10 ranking, you will get your money back. This additional guarantee is valid for a full year!

What you should do on your own website:

Show your website visitors that you're 100% sure that your product or service really delivers. Give strong guarantees so that your website visitors can only win if they try your products.

It's important to have a trustworthy website if you want to sell something on the Internet. Show your visitors that your business is real and that they can trust you by using the tips above.


2. Search engine news and articles of the week

GoogleGoogle acquires Cuil patent applications

"Google has acquired the pending patent applications of one time search rival Cuil, touted when launched as a potential Google Killer. [...]

These pending patents tend to focus primarily upon search interfaces, such as how multiple tabs might be presented for query terms that might have different senses of meanings, different types of dropdowns from those to show finer levels of granularity of associated categories, and the ability to drill down and refine queries based upon related aspects."

Discussion: Removing your XML sitemap won't hurt your rankings

"I have rarely seen adding or removing sitemaps to dramatically impact a website. Just make sure your internal link structure is good and the site has no big technical issues. [...]

I removed the sitemap on my best site nearly a year ago and did not suffer ANY noticeable ranking loss. The site, being older and well established, is crawled regularly and the sitemap was not providing any real benefit imo."

GoogleDiscussion: Google testing fewer results on page 1?

"This is a new one on me - if you search bbc football you get one search result - the bbc football page (with six pages inset- supplemental?) and one news result - the live football news page.

You have to go to page 2 for more normal looking search results. haven't seen anything like this before. Also no adsense ads on the page so it looks kind of small and bare."

Google Places search results – Description removed to make room for search+your world?

"It seems that the missing Places description noted first by Mathew Hunt yesterday is the new normal at least for a day or two. [...]

I don’t think this is the final show there is an interesting trend in the Chrome screen shots …. it appears that they are attempting to create adequate space in the local results for the many artifacts of produced by Search Plus Your World."

Google vs. the world

"According to a top Google lawyer, 'Google’s leadership does not care terribly much about precedent or law' per Stephen Levy’s book In The Plex. That very rare scofflaw attitude, combined with the vast amount of evidence cataloged below, strongly suggests Google is not the innocent victim it claims to be, but a dominant perpetrator of systematic violations of law around the globe."

Search engine newslets

  • 67% of Google+ users are male.
  • 62% of restaurant searches on Valentines's day were mobile.
  • Search engine DuckDuckGo.com has 1,000,000 searches a day.
  • Patent: how Google might filter blog posts from Google blog search.
  • New Google enhanced ad sitelinks offer more real estate to top ads.
  • Google.com appointed as malware by Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Google's Schmidt to sell stock worth $1.5 billion.

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