Weekly SEO news: 14 January 2014
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Search engine optimization is a marathon. It's not a sprint. If you want to reach the finish line, you have to have to get in shape. If you want to get high rankings on search engines, there are several things that you have to do.

In the news: Google's webspam team might actively monitor your Gmail account, Google's Matt Cutts talks once again about duplicate content, Google is dead in China, Yahoo introduces a new advertising platform, and much more.

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1. Search engine is a marathon - how to get in shape for it
Search engine optimization is a marathon. It's not a sprint. If you want to reach the finish line, you have to have to get in shape. If you want to get high rankings on search engines, there are several things that you have to do:

SEO is a marathon

1. Be willing to change and be willing to work

Good SEO programs and SEO services will tell you what you have to do but the work is up to you. You must also implement the changes on your website. Take the advice of your SEO fitness coach and do something. Try to improve your website.

Do not search for reasons why improvement is not possible. Do the things that are necessary to bring your website into shape even if it requires some work.

2. Be honest to yourself

If you want to be fitter then you shouldn't go to the refrigerator at night and pretend that you didn't. If you want to get higher rankings on Google, you shouldn't torpedo your search engine optimization efforts by doing things with your website that you like but aren't recommended by the SEO service.

3. It helps a lot if you have the right equipment

It's easier to work out if you have the right equipment. If you want to run long distances, you need running shoes. If you want to get on Google's first result page, you need a good domain name, a good server, clean web pages and a good SEO tool. It will be much easier to get good results then.

4. Do not try to game the system

If you want to be fitter without working out, you might take some pills. This can work for some time but ultimately, the pills will make you sick and destroy your body.

If you want to get quick search engine optimization results, you might consider spammy techniques that promise immediate or very fast results.

These methods can work for some time but Google detects all spam methods sooner or later and your website will be banned from the index.

If you're not afraid of change then your website will get the rankings that it deserves. It's not easy to get top 10 rankings on Google but it's also not difficult if you do the right things.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

Google webspam team actively monitoring your Gmail account

"This promoted me to do my own study. I did a fake correspondence with myself and apparently another client, in which we did a black hat site [...] I said I’d been doing things like buying links and other monitoring based keywords I thought the NSA.. I mean Google Webspam team would be monitoring. [...]

The fact that Google is using underhanded tactics to begin targeting individual people and not just websites is a testament to how the company has changed from the 'Do no evil' stance they once had. I don’t believe we can trust Google with our privacy, our security or even to have good morals and do the right thing."

Matt CuttsMatt Cutts: how to deal with duplicate content
"'If you had to deal with short-term duplicated content on a news site (perhaps publishing a story on two different URLs over one day), what would you do in order to avoid any penalty from a duplicate content filter?'

That’s the question of a Brazilian webmaster that Google’s Matt Cutts answered in a video on YouTube."

Baidu down, Qihoo up, Google dead: 2013 was a year of drama for China’s search engines

"China’s search engine leader entered 2013 with 71.7 percent market share of page-views, but Baidu ended the year with just 63.1 percent. Meanwhile, Qihoo rocketed from 10.4 percent in December 2012 to 22.5 percent in December 2013 data from CNZZ. [...]

Google has a mere 1.6 percent market share as a search engine in China in December 2013, compared to the 11.25 percent share it had in December 2010."

GoogleDiscussion: How is Google pulling the publish date of a page and how do we remove this from search results?

"If we don't include the date of the page within the code, how is Google finding this information? How can we remove this snippet from search results? [...]

The traffic to this page has dropped immensely since the date has been added in search results, which is critical to this school. It's one of our largest programs so the urgency is high."

Yahoo introduces the new Yahoo Advertising

"The new Yahoo Advertising includes a comprehensive suite of web, mobile, and video ad products across native, audience, and premium display, which are accessible through a new buying platform. These products are supported by Yahoo’s data and analytical tools, with insights into the daily digital habits of more than 800 million people worldwide."

Anonymous search tool DuckDuckGo answered 1bn queries in 2013
"DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, served over 1bn searches in 2013 after a huge surge in interest following the Snowden revelations. [...]

By November, more than 4 million people were using the site every day, and on Tuesday 7 January the site had its biggest day so far, serving 4,452,957 queries in a 24-hour period."

Search engine newslets

  • How Google cracked house number identification in Street View.
  • Indoor Google Maps: where does it work best?
  • Utah has the highest Google usage.
  • YELP critics must be identified, court rules in online landscape altering decision.
  • Google sorry for Adolf Hitler gaffe on German map.
  • Google tests show a search box when looking for Google Finance.
  • Google – profiteering from fraud, $1 at a time,
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