Weekly SEO news: 20 January 2015
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Optimizing the backlink structure of your website can have a big impact on the rankings of your web pages. As it is difficult to obtain good backlinks, it often makes sense to benefit from the work of your competitors.

In the news: the mobile web (and search) is as important as apps, the influence of CSS positioning on your rankings, Google's SEO advice is often unclear, and more.

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1. Four steps: how to improve the rankings of your website with competitive backlink analysis

Optimizing the backlink structure of your website can have a big impact on the rankings of your web pages. As it is difficult to obtain good backlinks, it often makes sense to benefit from the work of your competitors.

benefit from your competitors

Step 1: check the basics

Before you work on the links that point to your website, you should make sure that your web pages are ready for high rankings.

Without a good website, it will be difficult to get good backlinks. The web pages of your website must be relevant to the keywords for which you want to get high rankings. Otherwise, you won't get high rankings for the right keywords. Use the Top 10 Optimizer to make your web pages relevant to your keywords.

In addition, search engine robots must be able to parse the content of your pages. Technical errors on your web pages can be the reason why search engines don't show your pages. You can use the website audit tool to check your web pages for technical errors.

Step 2: identify the top sites of the industry

Search Google for the top 5 keywords that are related to your business and check the websites that are listed for these keywords on the first results page.

Most likely there will be 5-8 websites that appear for all of these keywords on the first results page. These are the top sites that you will use in step 3.
Step 3: find the most important links of the top sites
Use the link building tools in SEOprofiler to find the most important links that point to the top sites. For example, the hub finder tool will show you the websites that link to more than just one of the top sites.

The link profiler tool shows you the quality of the links that point to the top sites. The higher the Link Influence Score (LIS), the higher is the importance of the linking site.

These linking websites have a major influence on the rankings of the top sites. Even if you only manage to get links from some of the websites, your web page rankings will improve dramatically.
Step 4: try to get listed on these linking websites
The last step is the most important part. Find a way to get a link from these important sites. Sometimes its enough to ask (nicely). Sometimes it's more difficult.

Be creative. Some websites will link to your site if you offer something in return, others will link to you if you help them to solve a problem. There are many legitimate ways to get a link from a website.

Even if only some of the top sites decide to link to your site, it is extremely likely that your rankings will improve remarkably.

The top ranked sites already identified the important pages that should link to your site. Benefit from the work of your competitors and try to get links from these pages. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to do this as efficiently as possible.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Study: the mobile web is as important as apps
"Only 18 percent of smartphone owners who use the mobile Internet on their phone say they spend significantly more time using mobile apps than browsing mobile websites. However, more than half (52%) of smartphone owners say they click links within apps that take them to content on mobile websites at least sometimes or more frequently. [...]

Search – 42% prefer mobile web, 32% have no preference, 20% prefer apps."

GoogleHow to show your social media accounts on Google

"Use markup on your official website to add your social profile information to the Google Knowledge panel in some searches. Knowledge panels can prominently display your social profile information. [...]

Google algorithms process the social profiles you specify and then display the most relevant ones in response to users' queries. (For sites that have a verification process, Google will only show verified profiles.) The social profiles in your markup must correspond to the ones that users can see on the same page."

Forum discussion: has CSS positioning any influence on your rankings?

"Now that Googlebot renders pages in a headless browser that fully renders pages similar to Chrome, does the order of code make any difference anymore? [...]

You could be confident that Google would correctly parse this as unimportant content. Now I think it's a little less obvious."

Google NewsNew structured data testing tool

"We’re excited to share several updates to help you author and publish markup on your website: A new Structured Data Testing Tool to better reflect Google’s interpretation of your content, improved documentation and policy guidelines for Google features powered by structured data on the web [and] expanded support for the JSON-LD markup syntax."

Does the Google SEO advice need to get more specific?
"Some SEOs are upset with how Google answers these questions. They use 'should' or 'shouldn't,' the words 'generally' or 'theoretically,' and then people like me quote them and SEOs like you read it and some of you take it at face value, when there is often a lot more to it than just that."

Search engine newslets

  • Google domains is now available to the public.
  • Marissa Mayer: 20% time doesn't really exist at Google (it's more 120%).
  • Google: webmaster tool messages will be improved.
  • Want a Google Knowledge Graph source link? Try a Facebook post.
  • 82% of sites use responsive web design in 2015? Try 11.8%.

3. Recommended resources

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