Weekly SEO news: 12 May 2015
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Some people use the best SEO tools to promote their websites but they still do not succeed. What is the reason for that and what can you do to make sure that your search engine optimization campaign becomes a success?

In the news: why Google's mobile algorithm update wasn't that big, Google can index JavaScript, emoji in titles won't always be displayed, and more.

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1. Four things that you should do before SEO can help your website
Some people use the best SEO tools to promote their websites but they still do not succeed. What is the reason for that and what can you do to make sure that your search engine optimization campaign becomes a success?


Before you start with your website marketing activities, do the following:

1. Check your business model

A sound business model is very important if you want to succeed on the Internet. The Internet has made many things easier than before but revenue must always be greater than your business expense.

Check the numbers: what is the estimated traffic, what's the profit margin, what is the conversion rate of your web pages, etc. The numbers must be convincing.

2. Check your market

If you enter a highly saturated market, you have to invest a lot of time and money to succeed. If you start a new dating site, don't expect to get high rankings with a few 'secret tricks' that you've found on a shady website.

The more competitive the market, the more you have to invest to succeed.

3. Check your product

If there are only 20 people who search for your product or service in a month, then search engine optimization won't get you far. Fortunately, good search engine optimization tools and research tools will help you to locate demands.

4. Check your website

If you only get visitors who do not buy from you, website promotion does not make sense. If you have an ugly website with a bad checkout process, then you won't get many customers. You need a great looking website that also works on mobile devices and you need web pages that convert visitors into customers. Otherwise, getting visitors to your website will be pointless.

You also have to check the technical aspects of your site. The technology that supports your marketing activities must work. If your order form doesn't work, it's no wonder that you don't get sales. The website audit tool in SEOprofiler helps you to check the technical aspects of your site.

Search engine optimization is very important and every business must do it. Before you do it, however, check the four points above. If you follow the advice of the tools in SEOprofiler, it's likely that your business will get very good results:

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Can Microsoft outsmart Google in search?

"f not from a change in browser market share, where does Bing’s growth originate? Desktop search statistics incorporate any search operation initiated from a desktop environment, including not only browser and website based searches, but also searches from within a desktop application or from the desktop itself. [...]

With Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, pre-installed on Windows 10, and Cortana winning sympathies, Bing could rapidly gain popularity, not only in the United States, but also in Europe and the rest of the world. Not least because 1.5 billion current Windows users globally will be invited to upgrade to Windows 10 this summer."

John MuellerGoogle’s John Mueller: here’s why the mobile algorithm update wasn’t that big

"In a webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller explained why Google’s mobile algorithm update didn’t have a very big effect on many websites."

We tested how Googlebot crawls Javascript and here’s what we learned

"We ran a series of tests that verified Google is able to execute and index JavaScript with a multitude of implementations. We also confirmed Google is able to render the entire page and read the DOM, thereby indexing dynamically generated content."

John MuellerGoogle’s John Mueller: emoji in titles won’t always be displayed

"In a webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that Google might take action on overused emoji in title tags. [...] it’s like a waste of time, you might as well focus on things that will give you long term results to improve the quality of your site overall rather than just mess with the snippets."

Google may not do ‘nice’, but even the omnipotent need to survive

"Here’s Google, the mightiest search engine in the universe, struggling to win press friends and get the European Union’s antitrust campaigners off its back. [...] Google doesn’t do 'nice'. Google is Godzilla, not Paddington Bear. But let’s dig around for theories that might underpin this beneficence."

Search engine newslets

  • The name of Apple's web crawler is 'Applebot'.
  • DuckDuckGo.com: announcing the redesigned Android app.
  • Start-ups try to challenge Google, at least on mobile search.
  • Discussion: Bing stopped counting Yahoo clicks in WMT.
  • Google infographic: Mother's Day gift trends.
  • Animated GIFs in Google search results.
  • Bing testing search results with ten sitelinks for a single listing.
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