Weekly SEO news: 1 December 2015
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1. New in SEOprofiler: improved auto-complete for local ranking checks

The ranking monitor in our web-based Internet marketing tool SEOprofiler enables you to check the positions of your website from many different locations. Depending on the location from which you search, Google delivers different results.

For example, if you search for "plumber" in Anaheim, you will get different results than someone who searches for "plumber" in Thomasville. For that reason, it is important to consider the location when you check the rankings of your website.

Ranking checks from all official Google locations

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler supports all locations that are officially supported by Google (more than 86,000 locations). You get the same results as if you were physically located in a different city.

In addition to many small and big cities you can also track your rankings from airports, states, TV regions, universities, and zip codes.

How to specify a ranking check location

Specifying the location for the ranking check is easy. Log in to SEOprofiler and click the "Add your keywords" button on the "Ranked keywords" page:

local ranking checks

Then enter the keywords that you want to check and select a country. Start typing a city name to get location suggestions:

ranking checks from different cities

Simply select the correct location in the list. That's all there is to it.

What's new in the local ranking checker?

We have improved the way the suggestion are displayed:

  • The 600 most popular cities now appear at the top of the suggestions (if they match your entry).
  • The tool now understands US state abbreviations. For example, you get several city suggestions if you enter "albany". If you enter "albany, ny", you'll get the right city directly.
  • The tool now supports variants of spelling. It does not matter if you enter "Köln" or "Cologne", which is the same city. You can also enter "sao paulo" or "sāo paulo". The ranking monitor supports these variations as well as many other international spelling variations.
Test SEOprofiler now risk-free

If you haven't done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now. In addition to the ranking monitor, SEOprofiler offers many more powerful SEO tools that help you to get higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Google: only a very small group has access to the Google search algorithms

"Douglas Mayle, who worked at Google as a Senior Software Engineer for almost five years before moving to Facebook, wrote on Quora that he did not have access to the search algorithms. He said he did have more access to code at Google than most, but he was 'not in the very small group who had access to Google search algorithms.'"

GoogleGoogle to penalize websites with sneaky mobile redirects

"Google’s Andrey Lipattsev announced in a Google Hanghout that his team is working on taking action on mobile affiliate traffic networks that bounce users from one site to the next."

Will Google start reading text in images on the web soon?

"The claims section of this patent focus primarily upon matching text from an image of a document with text on pictures of that document across the web. The description section of the patent provides a broader reading of it, where a document might also contain images of object, of people’s faces, of entities and other things that it may try to match up between a visual query and a document on the Web.

The description of this visual queries patent shows a search system that might contain a lot of different visual recognition approaches, like the one I mentioned above that was possibly used for Google Goggles."

GoogleGoogle's Gary Illyes: I don't actively work on the Penguin algorithm

"Gary Illyes from Google is our main go-to-guy at Google on the topic, he has been incredibly transparent on giving us information around the algorithm over the past year. He also added this morning that although he does/did work on the search algorithm, he does not actively work on the Penguin algorithm."

Yandex will warn about SEO guidelines violations in their new Yandex.Webmaster

"Yandex announced a new section in their new Yandex.Webmaster toolkit [at the moment in Russian only] that will notify webmasters and site owners about violations of Yandex SEO guidelines found on their web properties.

At the moment Yandex.Webmaster warns about the most common reasons for SEO penalties: buying SEO links (recently introduced Minusinsk penalty), selling SEO links, artificially inflating behavioral factors, thin affiliate pages, keyword stuffing, hidden text."

Search engine newslets

  • Take a look at Google's latest transparency report.
  • Local traffic “diversion” — Google claims it’s a bug, Yelp says it’s intentional.
3. Recommended resources

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