Weekly SEO news: 29 June 2021
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1. Google has released a spam algorithm update

2021 Google spam

On Twitter, Google confirmed a spam algorithm update:

Google's Danny Sullivan added that the update is global and currently covers web page and image results.

How to optimize your website without spamming

If you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, avoid spam techniques at all costs. Spam will get your website penalized sooner or later.

Use white-hat SEO methods if you want to get lasting results. SEOprofiler only uses search engine optimization methods that play by the rules. These methods are called white-hat SEO methods. They have several advantages:

  • Search engines: They win as they are provided with pages that are easy to understand and that contain the quality information that their visitors search for.
  • Searchers: They win as they are getting what they ask for from the search engines. For example, they search for "inexpensive LED TV" and get a page about inexpensive LED TV's.
  • Web site owners: They win as they are getting quality visitors who are interested in what their website has to offer.

With white-hat SEO methods, your rankings will grow steadily and you’ll get a much better performance in the long run. SEOprofiler helps you to build websites that are beneficial to web surfers, website owners and search engines. This leads to lasting high rankings on Google and other search engines.

Optimize your website now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle documents how HTTP status codes, network & DNS errors impact Google Search

"Googlebot follows up to 10 redirect hops and then after 10, Google Search Console will show a a redirect error. 301 redirects are a 'strong signal' but a 302 is a 'weak signal' for a redirect. Don't use 401 and 403 status codes for limiting the crawl rate. The 4xx status codes, except 429, have no effect on crawl rate."

Google is starting to warn users when it doesn’t have a reliable answer

"The new prompt warns users that the results they are seeing are changing quickly, and reads, in part, 'If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources.'"

John MuellerGoogle's John Mueller: usually, we just ignore bad links

"As to what would happen here, very likely our systems would just ignore those links since it's such an obvious pattern. In the meantime, this generally isn't something we'd count against the site where the links were dropped, if we can just neutralize the links automatically."

Editor's note: If you want to be sure that Google ignores the links, use the link disinfection tool in SEOprofiler.

Google Cookie reprieve, DuckDuckMo, shopper fragmentation

"Google said this week that it's going to push back the Chrome deprecation of third party cookies to 2023 – two years from now. [...] DuckDuckGo (DDG) recently reported very strong usage growth over the past year and said it's now the 'number two search engine on mobile in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the Netherlands & more.'"

+++ SEARCH +++ ENGINE +++ NEWS +++ TICKER +++

  • John Mueller: Crawling, indexing, and ranking are all independent systems.
  • Google: It seems like a bad strategy to work on SEO for things you'll never be able to convert for.
  • John Mueller: Finding the balance between informing about changes, and reducing worry (often unnecessary worry), is tricky.

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