Weekly SEO news: 27 July 2021
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1. Official: How Google ranks web pages

Google has added a new feature to the US search results: When you visit an 'About This Result' panel — the three dots next to most results — you'll get even more information about your results to help you make sense of the information and figure out which result will be most useful.

What exactly does Google show?

The 'About This Result' feature shows searchers information about some of these most important factors used by Google Search to connect results to their queries. Because just as these factors help Google decide if a result may be relevant, they may also help people decide what result is useful for them. It looks like this:

Official: how Google ranks web pages

How to optimize your web pages for these factors

The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler helps you to optimize your web pages for the factors that Google uses to rank web pages.

It's easy to get top 10 rankings with the Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler:

  • Enter the page that you want to rank.
  • Enter the keyword for which you want to be ranked.
  • Select language and country.

You get detailed advice on how to optimize your page so that it gets high rankings for the chosen keyword.

Optimize your web pages now

Create your SEOprofiler account now and optimize your web pages for high rankings on Google and other search engines:

Optimize your web pages now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

Gary IllyesGoogle's Gary Illyes: Core Web Vitals won't fix your website

"I don't know who needs to hear this but putting work in core web vitals doesn't mean that the site can't lose rankings over time.
I also washed my car hundreds of times and it still left me standing on the highway."

Google fixing two search bugs; review snippets and soft 404 detection

"Google has confirmed it is fixing two search related bugs that impact what is shown and displayed in the Google search results. The issues are with review stars showing in the search results and how Google processes soft 404 documents. The two issues seem to be unrelated but are both being addressed and fixed by Google."

Google publishes detailed timeline for Privacy Sandbox rollout in Chrome

"Last month, Google announced that it would delay Chrome’s plan to phase out support for third-party cookies. As part of that, the company provided more details about the Privacy Sandbox and has today released a rollout timeline."

How DuckDuckGo makes money selling search, not privacy

"DuckDuckGo is small by Google's standards, but the company is proving it's very possible to make a lot of money with just a bit more privacy."

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  • Gary Illyes: Keep redirects active for at least a year.
  • Google clarifies FAQ markup should be visible on the page.
  • Google's Gary Illyes: Just submitted a change that updates all http://schema.org references to HTTPS instead of HTTP on Search Central.
  • Discussion: Content is indexed, no keywords appear in GSC.
  • Google indents search results from the same domain.

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