Weekly SEO news: 28 September 2021
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1. Three critical things you need for successful SEO

Search engines are the first choice when people are looking for information. If your website is listed for the right keywords, your business will get many new customers.

There are three basic requirements if you want to attract new customers to your website with a successful search engine optimization campaign.

successful search engine optimization in 2021

1. You need crawlable web pages

A crawlable website is the most important SEO task. If search engines cannot crawl your web pages, they won't get high rankings.

There can be many reasons for crawlability problems: your web pages might have the wrong HTTP status code, there can be an issue with the robots.txt file of your website, dynamic content cannot be parsed correctly, etc.

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler is an easy way to check your website for these errors. Just create a project for your website and the website audit tool will show you all errors that can cause problems with search engines.

2. You need optimized web pages

Crawlable web pages are great. Unfortunately, they are not that great if search engines cannot find the right content on your pages. Your content must be related to the keywords that you target. If your web pages have a clear topic, it is much easier to get high rankings for individual keywords that are related to that topic.

Use the keyword tools in SEOprofiler to find the keywords that will work best with your website. The optimize the content of your web pages to make sure that your website is relevant to these keywords. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to optimize your web pages for mobile search results and for desktop search results.

When you have created the basic content of your pages, it's usually a good idea to expand the content of your website. If you sell watches, do not just create pages for the individual watches. Write articles about the different watch types, when to wear with watch, etc. The more comprehensive your website becomes, the easier it will be to get high rankings for important search terms.

3. You need good links

It is important to have good web pages that are related to the topic of your website. Unfortunately, your website still won't get high rankings on Google and other search engines if other websites have content that is as good as yours.

You also need good links from other websites. Links from other websites show Google that your web pages are better than other pages. Pages with good links get much better rankings than pages that do not have good links.

The quality of the links is much more important than the quantity. A few good links are much better than hundreds of low quality links. You have to find the right link influencers that are related to your business. The Link Influencer tool in SEOprofiler helps you to find these link influencers.

The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler also enables you to analyze the link structure of any website. Optimize the existing links of your website, remove harmful links, find links with the right anchor texts, etc.

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerJohn Mueller: we don't use EU as a country code

"We don't use 'eu' as a country code - in the wikipedia page it's also listed as "reserved" so I suspect it's not a part of the standard. You can list a bunch of countries separately on a single page though."

John Mueller: not all SEO elements are equally critical in the head of a web page

"Not all SEO elements are equally critical in the head. Favicons, social media elements (usually pulled without rendering anyway), structured data (JSON-LD that can be in the page too), etc. They can be below the head, if needed. On the other hand, robots meta tag, rel-canonical, rel-hreflang: those are pretty critical to be visible in the head for validation purposes."

GoogleGoogle: How to improve First Input Delay

"First Input Delay is an API that measures how long it takes for your site to react after someone interacts with it. Learn how to measure your website's First Input Delay and how to solve common First Input Delay issues in this video."

Google: URL length is a light signal for canonicalization

"We use URL length very lightly for canonicalization, so if we spot url.htm?utm=greencheeseandham and url.htm, we might shoose url.htm as the canonical assuming all else is the same. That can make it look like shorter URLs are better for SEO, but it's really just a side-effect."

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  • Chrome will begin showing you Knowledge Graph style site information on its padlock icon.
  • John Mueller: Google is a big company, and the folks in Ads can't speak for search.
  • Google test shows seller rating in search results.
  • Google: It's good practice to prevent ads from being indexed.
  • Google pushes to overturn EU’s $5 billion antitrust decision on Android.
  • Enhancing image quality in Microsoft Bing.
  • Google stays silent on Russia's growing Internet threats.

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