The Axandra newsletter archive - 1 February 2005
Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're telling you how to quickly add thumbshot images to your link pages.

In the news: Google can now sell domain names, MSN Search is no longer beta, A9 displays storefront images in local searches and more.

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1. Facts of the week: How to use thumbshots on your link pages

Thumbshots are thumbnail screenshots of web pages that allow you to visualize web sites before web surfers click on the link. If you use thumbshots on your link pages, web surfers know what they get before they click on a link.

Thumbshots are a great way to easily enhance the look of your link pages.

What does a thumbshot look like?

    The content of the thumbshot image depends on the web site it represents. For example, a thumbshot next to a link to can look like this:

    This is a thumbshot of Axandra web site promotion software tools

    Axandra develops top rated web site promotion tools for search engine optimization, search engine submission, link popularity and more.

How can you quickly add thumbshots to your web site?

    There's a free web service that allows you to quickly add thumbshots to your web site. Although the service is provided by a German company, it works with web sites in all languages.

    Just add the following code next to a link on your links pages

    <img src="[LINK]" border="0" onload="if (this.width>50) this.border=1; this.alt='Vorschau bei';">

    Replace [LINK] with the URL of the web site for which you want to have a thumbshot image. If you use the service for the first time, you might have to wait a few minutes until the thumbshot for the web site has been created.

    If you want to use their free thumbnails service, you have to put a small link to their web site. Details can be found here.

How to quickly add thumbshots to all links on your link pages at once

    If you use ARELIS to create your link pages, just add the following HTML code to your link page template:

    <img src="[A-Link-URL]" border="0" onload="if (this.width>50) this.border=1; this.alt='Preview';">

    ARELIS will automatically add a thumbshot image to all link partners in your link directory then.

    You can also use this to offer potential link partners an incentive to link back to you. When ask for a link back to your site, offer your link partner a banner of a thumbshot next to the link in your link directory. If the link partner agrees to link back to you, just enter the following URL in the Picture or banner URL in your link directory edit field in ARELIS:[A-LINK-URL]

Thumbshots can give your link pages a professional look. If you use ARELIS to create and manage your link pages, you can quickly add thumbshots to all link partners in your link directory at once.

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2. Search engine news of the week

Google becomes domain registrar

    "Further fueling the flames of speculation that surround Google's future plans, the search giant has recently become an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Google will be able to directly sell seven top-level domains, but it is currently unclear where the company's specific intentions lie."

Microsoft debuts own-brand search

    "The MSN search site launches on Tuesday and takes the training wheels off the test version unveiled in November 2003. [...] Microsoft is keen to make its home-grown search engine a significant rival to Google."

Online Yellow Pages take you on virtual stroll

    "Like search engines Google and Yahoo, Amazon's A9 search engine gives users text and map results, but with a twist: A9 has added 20 million thumbnail pictures of storefronts to its new business directory."

IceRocket goes fishing for multimedia search

    ", a search upstart backed by founder Mark Cuban, has licensed technology to help visitors find and download video and music online."

LookSmart details what went wrong

    "LookSmart reported a loss of $1.5 million for the quarter, on revenues of $16.5 million. Both figures kept with revised guidance the company issued earlier this month. [...] We didn't focus on the categories that would drive the business forward."

Search engine newslets

  • Apple edges Google as top brand.
  • MSN releases a new version of their desktop search tool.
  • Google replaces with for word definitions.
  • Google releases an AdWords API for developers.
  • Google has hired another Firefox web browser developer.
  • Take a look at a Google treasure map.
3. Articles of the week

Future of search rides on relevance

    "Search engine providers are working to catalog every corner of the Web, but what they really want is to get a better idea of what's going on in your mind. [...] The question is, are people willing to give up (more information) to get a better search engine back in return? Only time will tell."

Search sites play a game of constant catch-up

    "In the United States, Yahoo is gaining on Google. Yahoo's share rose to 35 percent of searches in November from 29 percent a year earlier, according to ComScore. During the same period, Google rose to 38 percent from 37 percent. [...] If you slapped the Yahoo logo on the Google results, a lot of people wouldn't know the difference."
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Google's search for meaning

    "Trying to get a computer to work out what words mean - distinguish between 'rider' and 'horse' say, and work out how they relate to each other - is a long-standing problem in artificial intelligence research."

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4. Recommended resources

"IBP is definitely the best"

    "Since 1997, I have tested quite a lot of optimization and submission tools but the service of with its IBP is definitely the best one."
    Joachim Graf,

Another 5 out of 5 rating for our software programs

    Our software programs have received another 5 out of 5 rating. This time, LPC received 5 out of 5 bulls from BullDownload:

    "Link Popularity Check is a handy tool for web site owners that allows you to check your link popularity and compare it to your competitors as well as a list of major internet web sites (, etc).

    It displays the results in an easy to read, color coded report window and also provides some tips for improving your link popularity."
    Review on BullDownload

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    If your AdWords pay per click campaigns don't return a positive return on investment (ROI) or if you're paying too much for your PPC ads, take a look at our new Google AdWords eBook.

    Find out how to lower your advertising costs while increasing your profit.

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    Just send us some words about your successes with IBP or ARELIS and you might get featured in this newsletter along with your web site address.

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5. From the developer's kitchen: The next IBP version - part 4

This week, we continue our series about new features in the upcoming new IBP version.

Even more features and many improvements for your web site success

The new IBP version will have many more features and it will have many improvements over the current version. No other web site promotion tools offers as many features as the next IBP version.

marketing tips

Every week, we'll reveal another feature of the next IBP version. A smaller new feature in the new IBP version is the marketing tips library.

The IBP marketing tips library contains useful information that helps you to improve the effectiveness of your web site. Learn how to convert visitors into sales, how to improve your order pages and more.

Get the new version for free!

Of course, the new IBP version will also offer improvements in the Search Engine Submitter, the Ranking Checker, the Top 10 Optimizer and much more.

The next IBP version will be a free update to all current IBP users. It will be released in the first half of 2005. If you buy IBP now, you'll get the new version with many more features for free.

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