Weekly SEO news: 27 September 2005
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This week, we're taking a look at a new bad trick to get your web site listed higher on Google.

In the news: Google allows some users to remove results from the search results, Microsoft starts its own PPC ad system, Ask Jeeves is going to be rebranded and more.

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1. Facts of the week: A new bad trick to get higher Google rankings
Some webmasters have discovered a new trick to get inbound links from authority web sites. At the moment, it seems to be possible to improve your Google rankings with that trick.

How does the trick work?

The trick takes advantage of a hole in web search scripts that are used by some company web sites and search engines. Webmasters can force other web sites to link to them if they use the correct code in a link to the search feature of the other web site:

  • A webmaster links directly to a search request page on a reputable web site.

  • The link code contains information that causes the search script on the reputable web site to include a link to the web site of the webmaster.

  • When search engine spiders (including Google's spider) index the linked search results page, they find a link from an authority web site to the webmaster's site.

  • As a high authority web site links to the web site of the webmaster, his web site gets higher rankings on Google.

For example, this link allows you to easily add a link that points to the domain www.siteoftheshadywebmaster.com with the keyword phrase chosen keyword for seo purposes on some web sites that use search/bymodelnumber? in the URL for search queries.

In addition, the link also adds a <H1> tag with the important keyword on the page and it also adds the keyword to the title.

Note: We have removed the original URL of the web site with which you can do this trick in the example link so that the site doesn't get abused.

Is this the fast track to high Google rankings?

We strongly recommend not to use this trick. You might get short term results with this technique if you find enough web sites that can be exploited that way.

However, search engines don't like to be tricked. As soon as search engines find out that you tried to trick them, it is very likely that your web site will be banned from the index.

Are there safer ways to get high Google rankings?

If you want to get long-term results with your web site, you should use ethical search engine optimization methods. Ethical search engine optimization takes more time but the results also last much longer.

Instead of trying to trick search engines, focus on building the content of your web site. Make sure that your web site is optimized for high search engine rankings and that related web sites link to your site.

If you follow these easy steps, your web site will get the rankings it deserves.

2. Search engine news of the week
Google allows users to remove results

"A few eagle-eyed people may have noticed a user-interface experiment on Google that adds the ability to remove results. [...]

In this experiment, you’ll have newfound powers. Click the 'Remove result' link and with one click you can drop that url from your search results."

Microsoft to start own system for selling ads on Internet searches

"Microsoft will unveil [...] its own system for selling Web advertising as it struggles to compete with Google and Yahoo in the expanding Web search business. The system, to be used by MSN, is meant to improve on those of Microsoft's rivals by allowing marketers to aim ads on Web search pages to users based on their sex, age or location."

Google to triple search scope

"Google Inc. said late on Monday that it was tripling the number of Web pages that its system can search, seeking to upstage rival Yahoo Inc. in claims to be the world's widest Web search.

But Google also said it would no longer publicize the number of Web pages available from any search - calling a halt to what analysts say has become an increasingly meaningless size competition."


Global usage share MSN Search has slightly increased

"MSN Search's global usage share has risen from 8.6 percent to 8.9 percent. Google's global usage share has decreased 0.3 percent the last 8 months. Yahoo's global usage share remains stable. The second largest search engine on the web has a global usage share of 21.2 percent. '"

Diller sacks the butler

"The New York-based online empire, which acquired Ask Jeeves for $1.9 billion in July, plans to rebrand the Web site as Ask.com, CEO Barry Diller said Wednesday at an investment conference. [...] 'Our job is to increase Ask's market share.'"

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3. Articles of the week

Google Talk’s potential – searchable conversations

    "I was thinking the other day that one of the things you can do with VoIP is to record it [...] to your hard drive [...].

    Once it’s on the hard drive, you could then run speech recognition against the file and create an index that can be searched by, yup, you’ve got it, Google Desktop Search."

The mind of Google's resident muse

    "As it expands and hires, the search giant risks losing cool ideas in a bureaucratic maze. [...] 'It's hard to imagine a group of 23-year-olds with more responsibility on the planet.'"

An evening with Google's Marissa Mayer

    "The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. In fact it was noted that the submit button was a long time coming and hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life."

Google accused of misleading in Gmail row

"The row between Google and a tiny British research firm contesting the use of the GMail trademark escalated tonight after the internet search giant was accused of making 'inaccurate and misleading statements.'"


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