Weekly SEO news: 14 February 2006
Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're showing you how to find out which of your search engine rankings convert to sales and how to optimize the return-on-investment of your online ads.

In the news: Google is auctioning print ads, MSN launches a 'Search & Win' contest, rumors about Google's secret plans and more.

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1. Facts of the week: Find your keywords that convert to sales

Having high rankings on search engines is pointless if these rankings don't convert to sales. It's better to have high rankings for 10 keywords that convert to sales than high rankings for 100 keywords that only bring you visitors.

For that reason, it is important to find the keywords that work best for your business. By focusing on these keywords, you can greatly increase your revenue.

How can you find out which of your search engine rankings convert to sales?

To find out which of your search engine rankings convert to sales, you have to find out which keywords and which search engines people use to find you on search engines.

In addition, you have to find out which of these web surfers purchase something on your site. To get that information, we have developed our new product AxROI.

AxROI is a new tool that automatically finds out through which keywords and which search engines web surfers find your site.

AxROI also tells you if these web surfers purchased something on your site, if they signed up to your newsletter, if they visited special pages on your site and much more.

Lower your costs and increase your profits

AxROI does not only track your search engine rankings. It also gives you detailed information about the effectiveness of your online ads.

AxROI shows you which of your online ads and search engine rankings perform well and which are just a waste of time and money. It helps you to spend your advertising dollars wisely (click here for examples).

AxROI helps you to lower your advertising costs while increasing your profits.

Compare the results of organic SEO to your paid advertisements

By comparing the results of your natural search engine rankings with your pay per click ads and other online ads, you can quickly find out what works best for your business and which advertising campaigns could be improved. AxROI allows you to get that information within seconds.

ROI and conversion trackingROI (return on investment) tracking and conversion tracking can save your company a considerable amount of money while increasing your profits at the same time. The longer you neglect ROI tracking and optimization, the harder it will be to catch up with your competition.

AxROI has six advantages over other ROI tracking solutions. We highly recommend that you give it a try.

We're absolutely sure that you don't want to miss AxROI once you have used it for a week. Click here for further information.

2. Search engine news of the week

Google opens bidding for print media

"Google [...] has opened up the bidding on its much-talked-about print venture. AdWords advertisers can now bid for 1 page, 1/2 page and 1/4 page ads in nearly 30 different lifestyle and technology magazines."

MSN launches 'Search and Win' contest

"MSN has come up with a new plan to draw users away from Google: free stuff. The company launched a contest on Monday that will give users a chance to win prizes simply by using the service's search engine. Over $1 million in prizes will be available during the months of February, March and April."

Search engine traffic soars

"People in the U.S. use the Internet for more everyday research than any other medium, a fact proven by the 55 percent year-on-year surge in online searches in December, according to market researcher Nielsen/NetRatings. [...]

The number of online searches in the U.S. soared to nearly 5.1 billion searches in December from 3.3 billion a year earlier, despite just a slight uptick in the total number of Americans connecting to the Internet, according to Nielsen/NetRatings."

Editor's note: These tools help you to benefit most from search engine traffic.

Microsoft buys mobile search company

"Microsoft came late to desktop search; it doesn’t intend to make the same mistake with mobile search. [...] Now with MotionBridge in the fold, Microsoft has a foothold in another aspect of search."

Google still king of search

    "The Keynote Customer Experience Rankings for Search Engine Sites is based on an examination of 2,000 consumers as they searched and performed relevant tasks on the AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo! Search sites. [...] Google is still king of the Web when it comes to search, and wins consumers."

Search engine newslets

  • Two new Google comic strips and a Google parody.
  • These people have no love for Google.
  • Google partners with BearingPoint (formerly KPMG).
  • Microsoft rebrands MSN to focus on content.
  • Google lures head of Amazon.com's search unit.
  • Company to take Google to court (in a click fraud case).
  • Another strange result in Google maps (rude).
  • Google releases a new version of Google Desktop.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation recommends not to use Google Desktop.
  • Yahoo releases a new toolbar for Firefox.
  • Google and Amazon might plan an iTunes competitor.
  • Ask.com is going to drop the Jeeves logo this month.
  • Google updates Google Earth for the Olympic winter games.
  • Google tests Gmail with other domain names.
3. Articles of the week

Google's secret plans: Trogdor, calendar, and wifi (rumor)

"Google has a project codenamed trogdor, an Ajax webpage editor for creating web pages. = Geocities except with a javascript page creator. [...] Calendar for GMail, basically like ical in javascript [...] Wireless in every city in the US, not just Mountainview - still in early development + legal problems."

MSN's answer to search (and maybe a few other things)

"MSN is betting there's an advantage to following others into the search game. [...] Based on the presentation, it's betting not just on Web search but on data search across digital platforms. Currently, it sees four components are critical to its success."

Yahoo to offer incentives for using search engine?

    "Yahoo is considering launching a program to reward people who make Yahoo their primary search engine. [...] Yahoo Mail users will be given early access to this program. You will receive a monthly reward if you make Yahoo your primary search engine. This means that most of the searching you do each month must be on Yahoo Search."

Meet the Google guys

    "TIME's Adi Ignatius got the Google triumvirate of Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page to sit for a talk around a table."

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4. Preview of the next ARELIS version - part 2

We're currently working on a new ARELIS version. The new ARELIS version will have many new features and many improvements.

We think that it will be the best and most complete link exchange, link popularity and off-site web promotion solution. In the next few weeks, we'll show a preview of some of the new ARELIS features in this newsletter.

Part 2: Create link pages in your web site design with a few mouse clicks

The new ARELIS version will make it even easier to create link pages in your web site design. It's really easy:

1. Enter the URL of a web page in ARELIS and select the area in which you want to see your links:

Link page creation as easy as 1-2-3.

In this example, we have taken the home page of IBM. By clicking and dragging the mouse, we selected some text on the page. This works just like in a word processor. The selected text is marked in blue.

2. Click the Next button and you're done.

ARELIS replaces the selected text with your link directory. Of course, the original page won't be touched. ARELIS creates a new link page for you without touching any other page of your site.

In this example, ARELIS created the following link directory index page:

Example link page.

Of course, this is only a simple example. You can use any layout that you want and you can even further customize the link page templates that ARELIS creates for you.

You can use one or two columns or five columns. Actually, you can use as many columns as you want or no columns at all. Your links can be displayed on a single page or on multiple pages. You can use categories and sub categories. Your category and sub category pages can have their own pages or not. It's up to you.

Some categories on your link pages can have sub categories, others not. You decide. You can display the number of links in a category, you can number the categories and links and much more.

You can use images, colors, CSS code, JavaScript, PHP, ASP and whatever you like with your ARELIS link pages. You can also use any text that you like on your link pages.

The design of your link pages and the layout of your links is fully customizable. You decide how your link pages should look and you don't have to use any ready-made design that is used by hundreds of other pages.

No one can see that you use ARELIS to create and to manage your link pages. ARELIS makes custom link pages in your web site design as easy as 1-2-3.

It's a free update for registered users

The feature above is only one of many new features that will be available in the new ARELIS version. The new ARELIS version is planned for this quarter. We'll announce its official release in this newsletter.

Although the new version will have many more features than the current ARELIS version, it will be a free update for registered users of the current ARELIS version.

If you haven't tested the current ARELIS version yet, you should do so now.

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5. Recommended resources
Get better results with your online ads and search engine rankings

ROI and conversion trackingMarketing ROI Optimizer (AxROI) can save your company a considerable amount of money while increasing your profits at the same time.

AxROI gets useful information about your ads and your non-paid search engine rankings that help you to work as efficiently as possible with your resources. Although AxROI offers a lot of information, it is very easy to use.

Do you get traffic through one of the following sources?

Pay per click ads:

  • Google AdWords
  • Overture/Yahoo
  • Miva (FindWhat and Espotting)
  • all other pay per click services

Fixed price ads:

  • banner ads
  • newsletter ads
  • text link ads
  • print ads that contain an URL
  • all other online ads

Organic search engine listings:

  • unpaid search engine listings
  • paid inclusion links

If you advertise through one of these channels, you should take a look at AxROI. AxROI has six advantages over other ROI tracking solutions. It's the best solution that you can get to maximize your online marketing return-on-investment.

AxROI also allows you to find out which keywords people use to find you on search engines and which of these keywords convert to sales.

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