Weekly SEO news: 23 October 2007
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This week, we're taking a look at how long it takes until Google, Yahoo and MSN list a new website.

In the news: US search engine statistics, statistics from Europe countries, Google bowling and more.

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1. How long does it take until a new site ranks in Google, Yahoo and MSN?

As explained in one of your previous newsletters, Google has some filters for new websites. How long does it take exactly until search engines list a new site in the top 10 rankings?

How long does it take until Google, Yahoo and MSN list a new site?

In a recent test, a webmaster optimized his site for a four word keyword. After about three weeks, Yahoo and MSN showed the website in the top 10 results.

Even after several weeks, the same website was nowhere to be seen in Google's top 10 results. The highest result that the website could obtain on Google was position 30:

ranking time

What does this mean for you?

It looks like Yahoo and MSN are much faster to list new websites in their result pages. The test confirmed that Google has filters for new websites.

For webmasters, the results of this test mean that they have to overcome Google's filters for new sites if they want to have top 10 rankings.

It's difficult for new websites to get high rankings on Google but it is possible. You have to make sure that Google trusts your site.

For searchers, the results of this little test mean that Google might not always have the best search resaults, particularly when it's a search for new content. Yahoo and MSN might be the better choice for some searches.

Is your website still not listed in Google's top 10 for your keyword?

Is your website still not listed in Google's top 10 results although your site is several months old?

Your keywords might be the reason for the problem. If you target very competitive keywords, then it will take much longer until your website is listed in the top 10 rankings.

If you want to get high rankings for competitive keywords, then you need very many good inbound links that contain your keyword in the anchor text.

If you target keywords that consist of one or two words then you might want to reconsider them. One word keywords usually don't lead to sales because these keywords are too general.

Keywords that consist of four words are much more likely to convert to sales than shorter keywords (source: Oneupweb Research).

Details on how to find the best keywords can be found in our free SEO book. The book also explains how to optimize your pages for top 10 rankings, how to build good inbound links and much more.

2. Search engine news of the week
US search engine rankings for September released

"Behind Google’s 57.0% share, Yahoo Sites ranked second with 23.7%, followed by Microsoft Sites (10.3%), Ask Network (4.7%) and Time Warner Network (4.3%). [...]

Americans conducted 9.4 billion searches at the core search engines - a 4% seasonal decline from August."

China accused of rerouting search traffic to Baidu

"Reports have surfaced that China is redirecting traffic from foreign search engines operated by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to homegrown Baidu.com."

Global Search Report 2007

"The Global Search Report is an annual compilation of search engine usage and PPC statistics from countries around the world. The aim of the report is to raise the profile of markets outside the usual well reported US/UK sphere and should provide essential information to those interested in multilingual marketing."

Search engine newslets
  • Video: Sergey Brin and Larry Page on stage at Zeitgeist '07.
  • Ask.com firm palms off Excite Europe.
  • iGoogle is now available in 42 languages.
  • Google under fire over a controversial site.
  • Google promises again to swear off binge hiring.
  • The real impact of blended search.
  • Google announces third quarter 2007 results.
  • Google says its health platform is due in early 2008.
  • Google’s purchase of Jaiku raises new privacy issues.
  • Empty Google News.
  • Ask Commercial: Can your search engine do this?
  • Google as friend, or big brother.
3. Articles of the week
'Google bowling' and negative SEO: All fair in love and war?

"The term 'Google bowling' has been floating around the Internet for a while now. The practice is one of many that can be put under the heading of negative SEO, and while I'm not a proponent of these methods, they are worth noting."

Entrepreneurial spirit too strong for Google alumni

"The money was great... Larry and Sergey were focused... but a panel of ex-Googlers revealed why they have now gone off to build their own Web 2.0 fortunes.".

What do 16,000 people 'do' at Google?

"The company added 2,130 workers to its roster, bringing the head count to 15,916. What do nearly 16,000 people do at a company that doesn't make widgets (at least in the hardware manufacturing sense of the word)?"

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