Weekly SEO news: 24 June 2008
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This week, we're taking a look at the click-through rate (CTR) in search results. Does Google use the CTR to rank web pages? What can you do to increase your CTR?

In the news: search market shares, very long URLs could be bad for your rankings, Google Trends is now available for websites and more.

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1. Does your CTR influence your Google rankings?

Google uses the click through rate to rank the paid search results. The more clicks an ad gets, the higher it will be ranked in the search results. Does Google also use this method for the regular search results?

Why does it make sense to consider the CTR?

The top 10 search results all have similar click partners. A certain percentage of web surfers click on the first result, fewer people click on the second result, even fewer people click on the third result, etc.

In general, the distribution of clicks on the different search results is similar for all keywords. For example, the usual number of clicks on results 1 to 10 could be distributed like this:

Normal distribution of clicks

If one web page in the search results received an unusually high number of clicks then Google could easily find that out:

Unusual distribution of clicks

In this example, result number 6 would receive more clicks than the average number 6 result received. It seems that result number 6 is appealing to many users for some reason.

Google wants to return the best and the most attractive search results. If many people click on a search result, Google might decide to give that page a higher ranking on the result pages. By doing so, Google would rank attractive web pages higher and searchers would be more happy with the results.

What does this mean for your website?

It's not clear whether Google uses the click through rate to determine the ranking of web pages in the search results. Nevertheless, it always helps to use compelling web page titles and meta descriptions.

The more appealing your website title and description look to web surfers, the more people will click. A high ranking on search engines is not enough. Web surfers must also click on your listings.

How to edit the title and the descriptions of your web pages

You can use IBP's website optimization editor to quickly edit the titles and descriptions of your web pages.

If you want to know if your web pages have the right factors that are necessary to get top 10 rankings on Google then analyze our website now with IBP's top 10 optimizer.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

May search market share update

"Google market share rose to new heights on solid volume gains. Yahoo! search share held just above 19% after a slide month-over-month. Windows Live Search market share declined ½ ppt or nearly a whole point depending on whether you count Club Live queries … guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Ask dipped slightly but managed to hold just above the 3% mark on relatively minimal volume declines- AOL dropped to a new low hovering just above the 1% mark"

Google's John Mueller: very long URLs can be bad for your rankings

In a Google Groups discussion, Google's John Mueller mentioned that very long keyword stuffed URLs can be bad for the rankings of a website:

"Long & crazy URLs: I ran into this URL while looking at [site:gadgetguy.com.au]: gadgetguy.com.au/ small-kitchen-appliances- toaster-kettle-coffee- machine-blender- juicer-channel7 -sunrise-australia- 42.html

Now I'm all for having descriptive URLs, but .... this seems to be taking it a bit too far."

Google Trends is now available for websites

"Today, we add a new layer to Trends with Google Trends for Websites, a fun tool that gives you a view of how popular your favorite websites are, including your own! It also compares and ranks site visitation across geographies, and related websites and searches."

11 search trends that may disrupt Google

"The proposition that launched countless search start-ups was: 'If we can get just 1% of the search market, we will have a very valuable business'. That may be true, but getting 1% has proved elusive. It has been an all or nothing game. That may be about to change."

Google's Cutts: Good directions drive traffic to your website

"USA TODAY sat down with Google's Matt Cutts, an engineer and active blogger, who has five easy tips on how to 'optimize' your site so Google and the rest of the world can find it."

Search engine newslets

  • Microsoft to Yahoo shareholders: fire Jerry and we might bid again.
  • Google considers incorrect location marker reinclusion.
  • Google AdSense has turned 5 years old.
  • Salesforce extends Google link with new toolkit.
  • Google tests new fonts for AdSense ads.
  • It gets worse: Joshua Schachter leaving Yahoo.
  • Google needs to rethink its customer service strategy.
  • A kidnapped AdWords account.
  • Google's Matt Cutts: Don't lie in a reconsideration request.
  • Google's processing power illustrated.

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3. Success stories

"This was the BEST THING I have done for my website!"

	 Carri R. Warshak

"I just purchased IBP, and I could not be more thrilled! I wasn't even on the radar of the search engines, and now after only two weeks of working on this I am hitting the top 10 with many of my keywords!

This was the BEST THING I have done for my website! Thank for for selling a product at a reasonable price, that actually works!"
Carri Warshak, MD, www.AskAnOB.com

"I took a chance with IBP and am so glad I did."

"My name is Matt LeRose. My family owns three retail stores in the Outer Banks of NC., called 'Try My Nuts Nut Company.' We sell gourmet nuts, chocolates, shirts, hot sauces and lots more. We have been in business since 1999.

I have been the webmaster for our online store www.trymynuts.com since then too. I have no training or schooling for websites.

All the I have learned over the years was by trial and error. Search engine optimization was one of the most frustrating hurdles for me. I know many other webmasters that have lots of sites and when I ask their advice, they usually tell me what I already know. I could never get on the first page on google for the key words 'gourmet nuts' or 'nut of the month club.'

I purchased the IBP program and use it on a regular basis. I found that I was doing a lot wrong with my site. I actually found that some things I was doing was hurting with search engine optimization. I made all the corrections that I could according to your program and I am now on the first page of Google for the key words listed above.

There are so many companies that promise results and I have tried many of them, only to find that many are scams. I took a chance with IBP and am so glad I did. I actually enjoy using the program and use it on a regular basis. Thank you for making it easy and for taking out all the guess work."
Matt LeRose, www.TryMyNuts.com

Share your success story with us

Let us know how IBP has helped you to improve your website and we might publish your success story with a link to your website in this newsletter. The more detailed your story is, the better.

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