Weekly SEO news: 8 July 2008

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This week, we're taking a look at the best ways to find high quality links. Four easy steps will help you to link your website with some of the best sites on the Internet.

In the news: Google might consider country blocking as cloaking, Yahoo gets a lot of traffic from Google, Google opens an affiliate network and more.

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1. Step-by-step guide: How to get high quality links

Link building is one of the most important search engine optimization steps. Without good inbound links, your website cannot get high rankings. Although it is very important that your website has optimized content, without the links to your website, search engines won't consider that content much.

It's important to get the right links to your website. Link spamming doesn't work. You must make sure that you get high quality links that Google and other search engines like.

Step 1: Make your website linkworthy

You must make your website linkworthy. You cannot expect that other websites link to your website if your site is basically a collection of affiliate links or an online shop that looks like a thousand other online shops.

Your website must be different. Try the following:

  • Add articles about your products or services to your website.
  • Add tutorials and how-to articles about the topic of your website.
  • If you have a lot to say, add a blog to your website.
  • Add a directory with links to valuable resources on your website.

Step 2: Check your competitors

The best way to start link building is to duplicate the links that your competitors have. Find all websites that link to your competitors and then try to convince them to link to your website.

The link builder tool in IBP makes it easy to find these websites. Just click Add Sites > Find websites that link to your competitors in IBP's link builder and IBP will return all websites that link to your competitors in a clearly arranged list.

You can then check the websites one after the other and convince them to link to your website.

Step 3: Get links from blogs

There are millions of blogs on the Internet and they all need something to write about. Getting links from blogs is a good way to get links from related websites.

To find blogs that deal with your website topic, select Add sites > Find websites by keyword search in IBP's link builder and enter the topic of your website plus the word blog. For example, you could enter "real estate blog" or "music blog" in IBP, depending on what you sell on your website.

The advantage of using IBP instead of manually searching for the blogs is that IBP automatically presents all found blogs in a clearly arranged list.

IBP also allows you to contact the blog owners quickly and easily and it automatically keeps track of the websites that you've already contacted so that you don't contact the same person twice.

Bloggers give out millions of free links each month. Use IBP to make sure that you get your share of these links.

Step 4: Get links from Internet directories

Submitting your website to Internet directories can be a good way to show Google that you have a reputable website. Low quality websites usually don't invest the time and money that is needed to be listed in Internet directories.

An easy way to submit your website to many Internet directories as possible is IBP's directory submitter.

Inbound links are very important if you want to get high rankings on search engines. You should optimize your web page content first to make sure that search engines find your website relevant to your targeted keywords.

If more than one website has been optimized for the same keywords (and that's usually the case) then the website with the best links will get the best rankings.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

Google might consider country blocking as cloaking

Cloaking confusion Google's John Mueller writes in an online discussion that blocking users based on IP addresses might be considered cloaking:

"Blocking all users outside of the US from being able to see your site would likely be considered cloaking and would be against our Webmaster Guidelines."

A few comments later, John Mueller clarifies his statement:

"After a bit of double-checking, I have a clarification where I was mistaken. [...] If your site blocks users in the region where the Googlebot comes from (based on the IP address and your IP/Location lookups), you should be blocking it as well. Blocking users outside of the Googlebot's region would generally be ok."

It might be a good idea to be careful in this area.

Yahoo! properties get more traffic from Google than from Yahoo

"Most [Yahoo] properties receive more traffic from Google than from Yahoo! Search. In particular, Yahoo! Answers received 49% of its US visits from Google last month, compared to 20% from Yahoo! Search. Flickr received 13% of visits from Google compared with 5% from Yahoo! Search."

Google makes a lot of fuss about adding a privacy link

"Today we're making a homepage change by adding a link to our privacy overview and policies. [...] Larry and Sergey told me we could only add this to the homepage if we took a word away - keeping the 'weight' of the homepage unchanged at 28 [words]. We dropped the word 'Google' (realizing it was implied, obviously) and added the new privacy link alongside it."

Google faces 'Street View block'

Street view"Google's plans to launch a mapping tool in the UK could be referred to the Information Commissioner. [..] In the US it is legal to take photos of people on public streets. But Mr Davies believes that because Street View is being used for commercial ends anyone in the UK who appears in the photo needs to grant his or her consent."

Google opens an affiliate network

"Google Affiliate Network connects advertisers and publishers who want to increase sales and drive leads through affiliate marketing.

As an advertiser using Google Affiliate Network, you'll discover pre-screened publishers who can refer consumer traffic to you. As a publisher, you can market your site to advertisers in the network"

Search engine newslets

  • How to file a Google reconsideration request (video).
  • Google must hand over YouTube data, judge rules.
  • 4th of July search engine logos.
  • Google to announce second quarter 2008 financial results.
  • Storm tracking with Google Earth.
  • Live Search maps improves internationally.
  • Dubious AdWords?
  • Stolen data live on in Google searches.
  • Google tries to get a patent for advertising in social networks.

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3. Success stories

"My sales are back up! Thank you IBP!"

Jon Shannon"Two months ago (before having IBP) after a Google algorithm change my website disappeared from Google. I pulled my hair out trying to figure out what the problem was. My sales plummeted.

After considering IBP for over a year I finally bought the bullet made the purchase. I tested my website with IBP's Google Optimizer and knew what the problem was within 5 minutes.

I made the changes, and 3 weeks later I'm back on Google and have the number 3 ranking spot for a VERY competitive search phrase. My sales are back up! Thank you IBP!"
Jon Shannon, www.YosemiteTrailsDVD.com

"Superb reporting with multiple export formats."

"Having used IBP as a self employed webmaster for over 2 years, upon securing a new digital marketing position with a prominent display company in the UK, IBP was easily top of my purchase list of required software.

Why? The reasons why are many-fold:

  • Ease of use with a cool new layout.
  • Great tools that actually work.
  • Superb reporting with multiple export formats.
  • and above all: accuracy.

By using your software I have quickly been able to 'stem the search engine tide' that was turning against my new employers and quickly establish them as the industry leader and knowledgeable experts across all the major search engines.

Although the work is, and always will be, ongoing, with IBP at hand I am confident that I have the power to produce excellent results without having to re-invent the wheel everyday! Thank you IBP."
Anthony, www.fairfielddisplays.co.uk

Share your success story with us

Let us know how IBP has helped you to improve your website and we might publish your success story with a link to your website in this newsletter. The more detailed your story is, the better.

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