Weekly SEO news: 23 June 2009
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This week, we're taking a look at the number of keywords for which you should optimize a single page of your site. It is possible to optimize a web page for a single keyword and get rankings for many keywords.

In the news: Some think that Bing offers better search trends than Google, Google adds Wikipedia as a news source and tests new ads and more.

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1. For how many keywords should you optimize a web page?

Getting listed on Google's first result page is the goal of any search engine optimization campaign. If you have taken the time to find the best keywords for your website, you probably have a very long list with many keywords. That automatically leads to the following question:

keysFor how many keywords should you optimize a page?

The answer to this question is simple: one. A single web page should not be optimized for more than one keyword. Of course, that keyword can consist of several words, for example "buy inexpensive golf shoes".

If you have optimized one of your web pages for that keyword (it's actually a key phrase) then you should not optimize the same page for other keywords.

It's much better if a web page is highly relevant to one keyword than somewhat relevant to many search terms. If you concentrate on one keyword per page then it is much more likely that your web page will get a top listing on Google for that keyword.

If you also want to get high rankings for your other keywords such as "brown golf shoes", "golf shop" or "golf equipment" then you should optimize other pages of your website for these keywords.

You will get the best possible results if you optimize different pages of your website for different but related keywords.

How to optimize a web page for your chosen keyword

When you optimize a web page for a keyword, it's important that the right elements of your web page contain the keyword in the right frequency. The easiest way to optimize a web page for a keyword is to use IBP's Top 10 Optimizer.

The Top 10 Optimizer in the brand new IBP version 11 has been improved and it will tell you in plain English how to change your web pages. Just follow the instructions and your web page will be perfectly optimized for Google (or Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine that you choose).

In addition to the elements of your web page, the Top 10 Optimizer will also tell you if you have to work on the links to your website and how exactly you should change the links so that your website can get a page one ranking on Google.

Optimize for one key phrase, get high rankings for many keywords

You should always optimize your web pages for a very targeted keyword that consists of many words. A keyword that consists of many words is called "key phrase". This has several advantages:

  1. It's much easier to get high rankings for targeted key phrases because the competition is not as fierce as the competition for one word key words.

  2. Key phrases attract much more targeted website visitors. People who search for "golf" might be interested in magazines, clubs or even a car. People who search for "buy inexpensive golf shoes" are looking for inexpensive golf shoes and they are ready to buy.

  3. By optimizing your web page for a key phrase, you automatically optimize your web page for the parts of that key phrase. For example, your web page will automatically be optimized for "golf shoes", "inexpensive golf shoes" and other keywords if you optimize your page for "buy inexpensive golf shoes".

Optimize one web page for one keyword and optimize as many pages of your website as possible for different but related keywords. In this example, optimize different pages of your website for "buy inexpensive golf shoes", "find the perfect golf club", "country club", "golf sport information", "golf carts", etc.

The more pages you optimize, the better. If many pages of your website have been optimized for many related keywords then your website will look relevant to the topic of your keywords (in this example: "golf"). If search engines think that your website is relevant to a special topic then it will be easier to get high rankings for the individual keywords.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week

Bing Search
When it comes to search trends, Google is lagging behind Bing

"As Microsoft tries to take away market share from Google with its new search engine, Bing, it is battling Google feature by feature. One feature where Microsoft seems to be edging out Google is with displaying recent search trends. This may not be a major feature, but it shows a weakness in Google’s armor."

Google starts including Wikipedia on its news site

"Google News began this month to include Wikipedia among the stable of publications it trawls to create the site. A visit to the Google News home page on Wednesday evening, for example, found that four of the 30 or so articles summarized there had prominent links to Wikipedia articles, including ones covering the global swine flu outbreak and the Iranian election protests."

Google ProductsGoogle to test new product ads on prize real estate

"Google is launching a test that will show people who search Google.com for products, like shoes and televisions, an entirely different advertising format known as a 'product ad,' the company confirmed Friday. [...]

Product ads will feature product specific information directly in the ad such as price and product image."

How good (or not evil) is Google?

"Can goodness, or at least a stated intention not to be evil, scale along with the enterprise? [...] The brutal economic answer is that the Internet does in fact change other people’s businesses because of this massive distribution. We should just acknowledge that and not hide from it."

Google adds Facebook friends to results

"When a Facebook user’s profile is returned in Google’s search results, you can now see the user’s location (or network) and a random selection of their friends, as shown on their public profile."

Search engine newslets

  • Search tips for Bing.
  • Yahoo! launches self-serve display ad solution.
  • Google Maps introduces "What's here" feature.
  • Google grabs 1 million phone numbers for Google Voice.
  • Google Street View bike does Santa Monica, universities & more.
  • Google executives face Milan trial.
  • Dutch muggers caught on Google street view camera.
  • Google Imagery update for Teheran.
  • Take flight with Wolfram|Alpha.
  • Take a look at Bing mobile application concepts.

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3. Success stories

"Our website went from position #25 to position #10."

"We are very happy how our link pages turned out for our newly HawaiiWeddings.com website. Our site was built from scratch with a lot of complicated code, but IBP's link builder made it easy for us to setup and maintain our links.

When we ran an analysis of HawaiiWeddings.com using IBP 11, we received a score of 55%. I followed all the recommendations and received a 78% score within an hour. HawaiiWeddings.com went from position #25 to position #10 within 24 hours!"
Christian Wilson, www.HawaiiWeddings.com

"I trust IBP because I saw the results right before my eyes."

"I was really surprised how simple it is to do SEO with IBP. What I really liked about the program is its ability to identify the weakness of my website. The report is self explanatory and will give the impression that even a non SEO expert like me, can make my site on top of the search engines results.

And yes, after just a couple of months, my site is number 1 for my main keyword. I was so happy when my clients told me that they saw my site when they searched this keyword and that.

I admit that I tried many different software that promises to bring a site to Google's top result. But, right now, I only trust IBP because I saw the result right before my eyes. If not with IBP, I will never reach the top result ever (considering my limited understanding of SEO).

Right now, I'm starting to use IBP (again), to optimize all the other sites I have and hoping that the results will be favorable like my bread and butter site. Thank you IBP!"
Manny Cabanes, www.content-graphics.com

200,000 readers will see YOUR website

Let us know how IBP has helped you to improve your website and we might publish your success story with a link to your website in this newsletter. The more detailed your story is, the better.

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