2 July 2013
Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

If you offer SEO services to clients, our new web-based analytics reports can help you a lot. Your clients will think that the reports are your product and the reports are created automatically.

In the news: Multiple Domains Crowding Spam problems on Google, multiple reviews won't help your local listings, feeds on Google, and more.

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1. New: white-label web-based analytics reports

Starting today, you can offer your clients white-label analytics reports. The web-based analytics-reports have no reference to SEOprofiler:

Custom web-based SEO analytics reports

Your clients will think that it’s your product

If you offer SEO services, the new web-based analytics reports are a great addition to the existing web-based reports that you can offer with SEOprofiler to your clients:

  • The reports use your own company logo.
  • The reports use your custom colors.
  • The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler.
  • The reports are on a generic domain that has no reference to SEOprofiler.
  • You can include the reports on your own website.

Your clients won’t find out that you use SEOprofiler to create the reports.

Fully automated

Except for the link management report, the web-based SEO reports in SEOprofiler are fully automated. Set them up once and SEOprofiler will do the work:

Custom web-based SEO analytics reports

You can offer your clients customizable ranking reports, link management reports, website analytic reports, and website audit reports.

If you haven’t done it yet, get your SEOprofiler account now. You can get full access to all SEOprofiler tools for just $1 (this offer is available once per customer):

Free trial Test full version for $1

Create a free trial account now or test the full version for only $1.

2. Search engine news and articles of the week

Google industry specific search algorithms?

"We have looked at topic-specific ranking. The problem is it’s not scalable. There’s a limited amount of that stuff going on — you might have a very spammy area, where you say, do some different scoring."

GoogleDiscussion: are there too many results of the same company on Google's first result page?
"Multiple Domains Crowding Spam is a specific spam technique to own more than one top position on first page of Google SERPs for the same search term by several different domains you own or lease. [...]

It is sad and discouraging for White Hat SEOs and Webmasters to see Google Webspam Team unable to win the war against Multiple Domains Crowding Spam and neither Panda nor Penguin have been able to solve the said spam problem."

Google and feeds

"Google directly hosts many feed producers (e.g. Blogger is one of the largest feed sources on the web) and is a feed consumer too (e.g. many webmasters use feeds to tell our Search system about changes on their sites). [...]

Google Feedfetcher is still running and shows almost the same number of subscribers."

BingHow Google’s Carousel conviced me that review counts count for nearly nada

"Believe your company’s high customer satisfaction standards and pro-active review earning policies will be rewarded by Google? [...]

The sheer number of reviews you have isn’t going to influence your hoped-for change of positioning. If you can be outranked by a restaurant with zero reviews, getting 100 of them for your business probably won’t help."

Fireworks and paid search: advertisers breaking PPC rules?

"Google AdWords doesn’t allow the promotion of fireworks and pyrotechnic devices. [...]

The compliance challenges for the search engines really stand out here. These are vastly complex systems that operate at an incredible scale, making compliance all the more difficult. The fact that we found such editorial differences between the ads on AOL, a Google search partner, and the ads on Google itself points to some of the complexity in the system. The same PPC rules apply to both, yet the results were dramatically different."

Search engine newslets

  • Bing: top Independence Day searches.
  • Google's homepage promotes the mobile search app.
  • UK watchdog ICO orders Google to amend its privacy policy by September 20.
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3. Recommended resources

How to get an in-depth review of your website

Doing a regular audit of your web pages is important if you want to make sure that search engines can index all of your pages. The more pages your website has, the more likely it is that there are many errors that have to be corrected.

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler automatically checks your web pages once per week. Then you get a report that shows all the issues that should be corrected. By correcting these issues, you make sure that search engines can index all of your pages correctly. Here’s a screenshot of the overview page:


You can get the website audit tool and all other tools in SEOprofiler for our special offer price:

Free trial Test full version for $1

Create a free trial account now or test the full version for only $1.

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