Weekly SEO news: 4 February 2014
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We have released a brand-new backlink database that will help you to analyze the backlinks of any website as efficiently as possible. You get the freshest backlinks, comprehensive filters, a link disinfection tool, and more.

In the news: the top Super Bowl paid search advertisers, Google warns German webmasters, Yahoo could improve mobile and local, and more.

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1. New, bigger and better backlink database with many extras + link disinfection tool

Today we have released our brand new backlink database system. The new system will help you to work as efficiently as possible with your own backlinks and the backlinks of your competitors:

fresh backlinks

  • You get 40x more links than before: We have greatly improved the size of our backlink database. The size of the SEOprofiler backlink database is comparable to the major commercial link database providers (with a major advantage for you, see table below).
  • You get the freshest backlinks: All of the links in our database have been found within the last 30 days. Our sophisticated and efficient web crawlers add new links to the database every minute and the complete database is updated every 30 days.
  • You save time: As all links in the database are fresh, you don't have to wade through broken or irrelevant links. Our new backlink database system enables you to work more efficiently.
  • You save money: The new backlink database in SEOprofiler offers you access to more links than competing services and it is available at a lower price. A Link disinfection tool is also included without additional costs.
free link analysis tool

Get more: download up to 200,000 backlinks per domain, no report limit

We save the freshest 200,000 backlinks for every domain. This might sound like a limit but it's not. You get more backlinks than with other tools. For example, MajesticSEO analyzes a maximum of 25,000 linking domains per report. The new link analysis tool in SEOprofiler analyzes up to 200,000 linking domains per report.

Other tools limit the number of domains that you can analyze. With SEOprofiler, you can analyze as many domains as you want. With SEOprofiler, you get more links, more reports, and a better value.

Our new backlink database offers many advanced filters that enable you to find the best backlinks quickly and easily. We'll publish tips and tricks on how to work as efficiently as possible with these new filters over the next few days in our blog.

The new Link disinfection tool: get rid of unwanted backlinks

We have also released our Link disinfection tool today. The Link disinfection tool helps you to find backlinks that can have a negative influence on the Google rankings of your web pages. The Link disinfection tool in SEOprofiler has several advantages:

  • It's very fast: You get a list of suspicous links within a few seconds.
  • It works with any domain: You can use the Link disinfection tool with any domain (your own website, client websites, competitors).
  • It has no limits: You can use the Link disinfection tool as often as you want. Other Link disinfection tools limit the number of analyses.
  • It is fully integrated with the backlink manager: Just like all other link building tools in SEOprofiler, the Link disinfection tool is fully integrated with the link manager in SEOprofiler.
  • It's very cost-effective: Other link disinfection tool start at $199/month. In SEOprofiler, the Link disinfection tool is included in the regular plans (Smart plan and above).

link disinfection tool

The Link disinfection tool assigns a risk score to the web pages that link to your website. The risk score ranges from 0-100%. The higher the value, the more likely it is that a link has a negative influence on the linked web page.

New features: daily new backlink email and much more

With the new backlink database system, we have added many new features to SEOprofiler:

  • New: All links are categorized by industry and context, find links with a particular topic.
  • New: Detailed information about the the backlink profile of any website.
  • New: You can get daily notification messages when we find new backlinks to your site.
  • New: A much improved backlink hub finder that delivers many more results.
  • New: Weekly backlink opportunities with much more possibilites than before.
  • New: Detailed backlink statistics (countries, industries, top domains in more than 140 countries)
  • Many more improvements.

You can test the new backlink database system now for free on our new and free OpenLinkProfiler.org website.

Try OpenLinkProfiler

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Surprise, Bud Light is not the top Super Bowl advertiser on Google and Bing

"Bud Light, which is advertising all four of its Game Day ads, has been beat out by different advertisers on each of the search engines.

The competition is heating up as well, many more advertisers are turning to PPC in these final days to promote their Super Bowl ads than were earlier in the week."

Matt CuttsMatt Cutts: a paid link penalty for Germany is on the way
On Twitter, Google's Matt Cutts reminded German webmasters should expect a penalty for paid links.

His tweet pointed to a German article in Google's official blog. In the article, Google's Johannes Mehlem says that Google reserves the right to issue penalties for unnatural links.

Bing Ads spring cleaning checklist: get rid of the digital dust bunnies in your Bing Ads accounts

"Fix things that are keeping you from serving ads – budgets, bids that are too low, negative keyword conflicts, and editorial disapprovals. [...] Identify and remove things that aren’t working well for your business’s advertising."

YahooYahoo needs to do a lot more than simply imitate Google in local

"[Yahoo's] new layout is more useful and visually appealing. However it’s unimaginatively almost identical to what Google is doing with its 'knowledge graph.' [...]

Yahoo will need to do something truly innovative and interesting in order to win new usage. I can think of lots of things it could do with local on mobile devices to create a differentiated but still useful 'local search' or discovery experience."

Where Yahoo might again compete in search: mobile

"While Yahoo probably couldn’t beat Google in straight up mobile search the company could build out additional verticals with a search component. [...]

If Yahoo were to go 'all in' on mobile and develop a range of compelling experiences and apps it could generate additional search traffic and targeted ad inventory in a vertical or specialized context."

Search engine newslets
  • Court: Google infringed patents, must pay 1.36 percent of AdWords revenue.
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