Weekly SEO news: 6 May 2014
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Regular website audits are very important if you want to make sure that Google ranks your web pages as highly as possible. There are several tools that can audit your pages. Some cost more than others.

In the news: Google gives three examples of bad backlinks, links will remain the most important ranking factor for the next few years, how to view your top-performing ad campaigns, and more.

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1. The real value of the comprehensive SEO website audits in SEOprofiler

One of our customers informed us about a competing company that offers website audits that are very similar to the website audits that you get with your SEOprofiler plans:

"[...] provides one of the most detailed technical and SEO audits available, while using advanced processing to identify and report many complicated technical issues which are otherwise impossible to detect by hand."

That's exactly what you get with the website audit tool in SEOprofiler. It is a powerful tool that detects problems on your website that can lead to bad rankings on Google and other search engines.

Here's what the competing website charges for the audits:

high prices for a website audit

For some users, this might look pretty expensive. However, website audits are worth that price because you get a lot of valuable information that helps you to improve your web pages. This usually results in much better website performance and increased sales.

You can get SEO website audits for a much lower price

As you know, the prices of the SEOprofiler plans are much lower than the competing prices above. That means that you get a powerful website audit tool for a very competitive price with SEOprofiler.

In addition, SEOprofiler not only offers a sophisticated website audit tool. You also get tools for link building, link analysis, keyword research, result checking, and much more.

Why website audits are important

The more pages your website has, the more likely it is that there are many errors that have to be corrected.

Even if your web pages were error free when you published them, there can be several things that you have to fix: links can get broken, servers can have problems, there might be duplicate content issues, etc.

All of these errors can have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your web pages. The website audit tool helps you to make sure that your web pages do not contain errors that can cause problems with search engines.

You get fully automated website audits

The audit tool in SEOprofiler automatically checks your web pages once per week. You get a report that shows all the issues that should be corrected. By correcting these issues, you make sure that search engines can index all of your pages correctly. Here’s a screenshot of the overview page:

The audit tool: overview

Quickly find all pages that contain errors

The website audit tool checks 47 different error types that can influence the position of your web pages on Google. The pages panel shows the number of errors that we found on each page:

Website audit: the page panel

Fix errors as quickly as possible

To view the details of a page, click the URL of a page in the list or click the ‘Details’ links. The details show the exact things that have to be corrected:

The audit tool: page panel details

In addition to the pages and links on your website, the audit tool also checks the robots.txt file of your site, and it creates XML Sitemaps that you can submit to Google or Bing.

Get your website audit now

A good SEO website audit can have a major influence on the rankings of your web pages. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Google: three example links that can hurt your website rankings
"In a discussion in an online forum, Google’s Eric Kuan gave a webmaster three examples of low quality backlinks that can have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of a website. In this article, you’ll learn why Google thinks that these links are spam."

Matt CuttsGoogle’s Matt Cutts: links will remain important for the next years
"In a new video on YouTube, Google’s Matt Cutts talks about the methods that Google uses to determine the relevance of a web page. For the next years, backlinks will remain the most important ranking factor."

New in SEOprofiler: analytics now show your top performing ad campaigns

"We’re continually improving SEOprofiler to make sure that you get the best possible tools and the best possible results. As of today, you can view your top performing ad campaigns in the ‘Website Analytics’ section in SEOprofiler.

The new page in SEOprofiler shows you how many visitors you get through an ad, how many conversions the ad creates, and how much you earned with an ad."

StatisticsWhy Google Plus will not die (but may change)

"Supposedly Google had decided that Google+ was a failed experiment that needed to be put on 'life support only/do not resuscitate' status. [...]

A change or de-emphasis of the Google+ brand could benefit Google while doing no harm to the overall Google brand.

In this scenario, Google gets to have their cake and eat it too. They don’t lose face by killing a project that once was so big it is rumored that all Google employee bonuses hinged on it."

Does Google want to cut out AdWords middlemen?

"Google is a huge company full of smart people; it can do pretty much what it chooses. If they don’t at some point make a big push to cut out some of the middlemen in the AdWords ecosystem, it may speak more to the economics of it all than anything else."

Search engine newslets

  • Google's site removal for HTTPS will also remove the HTTP version.
  • Bing Search for Android updates with new streamlined look. 
  • Google acquires Rangespan (built by Amazon veterans).
  • YouTube channels now support intro videos.
  • LinkedIn announces Q1/2014 results.
  • Massive Google Webmaster Tools SSL warnings?
  • DuckDuckGo is available in a new beta version.
  • Bing tests removing underlined titles in search results and hide the URL.
  • Yahoo! tests a white background.
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3. Recommended resources

Everything you need to get high rankings on Google

Everything you need

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  • automatic weekly website audits
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  • link disinfection tool
  • white-label reports (web-based and PDF)
  • and much more.

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