Weekly SEO news: 17 March 2015
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When you take a new client, it usually takes some time until you can show the new client results. The new version of the Keyword Spy tool helps you to offer your clients ranking reports that show many rankings.

In the news: Official Google statement about penalized websites, brand is not a ranking factor, ranking fluctuations are normal, and more.

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1. Show your clients quick results with the new keyword spy tool

When you take a new client, it usually takes some time until you can show the new client results. The new version of the Keyword Spy tool helps you to offer your clients ranking reports that show many rankings.

Step 1: Search for the client domain in the new Keyword Spy tool

Enter the domain name of your client in the Keyword Spy tool and you will see popular keywords for which your client already has high rankings:

the new keyword spy

Step 2: Add the keywords to the ranking monitor and show your clients great reports

If the searched domain is the same as the project domain, you will see the following box:

add the keywords to the ranking checker

Click the link in the box to add the keywords to the ranking monitor. The next ranking report will contain these keywords for which your client has high rankings:

ranking checker keywords

Step 3: Add even more clients to the ranking monitor

Most clients like ranking reports that contain many keywords that have high rankings.

If your client is ranked for many keywords, use the filters in the Keyword Spy tool to find particular keywords. For example, you could filter the keywords by topic or by country.

keyword spy filters

If your client has a popular website, the Keyword Spy will find many different keywords with this method.

Show your clients that you care

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Official: updated Google algorithms do not treat previously penalized sites differently
"Some webmasters think that it was more difficult to get high rankings for websites that had a Google penalty in the past. In a webmasters hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that this was not the case."

GoogleGoogle to confirm the next Penguin update/refresh?

"Last time there was a big Penguin update by Google, i.e. Penguin 3.0, Google did not announce that it happened but they confirmed it after we asked about it. [...]

'I don’t think we'd pre-announce it but if this is something bigger that happens that people have been waiting for we will try to confirm it.'"

Brand is not a ranking factor

"I’m surprised the SEO industry continues to perpetuate the assertion that Google prefers 'brands.' The word 'brand' is used as if it is a ranking factor [...]

A myth is like a door that opens to a brick wall. Breaking through the wall allows you to see things for what they are, to move forward toward a more profitable approach."

GoogleGoogle: 80% of HTTPS URLs do not show in Google's search results

"A recent, small scale analysis we ran showed that more than 80% of the HTTPS URLs that are eligible for indexing (i.e. no crawl issues, no noindex, all's good), can't become canonical because website owners don't tell us about them.

They use the HTTP variant in their sitemap files, in the rel-canonical and rel-alternate-hreflang elements, even though the HTTPS variant works mighty fine."

Google: ranking fluctuations are normal
"The answer is very simple here. It is normal to see fluctuations in SERPs (the search engine results pages). There are continuous changes in SERPs and your competitors are also optimizing their web sites as well. So it is normal to rank number one and then number three and then number five, and then go back to number two. These are normal changes.

My advice would be to just focus on your audience and build quality content, compelling content and unique content that is tailored for your users exactly. So that is it, it is normal to see fluctuations."

Search engine newslets

  • Discussion: a webmaster tells website owners to remove the nofollow attribute in the links to his site (and webmasters don't like it).
  • All eyes on Apple as Google search deal expires next year.
  • Google now shows blocked resources in Webmaster Tools.
  • Google mobile multi-colored line separators now live.
  • Google testing new local listings layout with logos.
  • Google begs Firefox users to change their default search engine.
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