Weekly SEO news: 14 April 2015
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The new AdWords Profiler tool in SEOprofiler enables you to spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors. Benefit from the work of your competitors and improve your own campaigns.

In the news: brand searches won't be impacted by Google's mobile algorithm, a new feature in Google's Webmaster Tool, a patent shows how Google might index the deep web, and more.

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1. New in SEOprofiler: the all-new AdWords Profiler (analyze competitor campaigns)
brand new version

The new AdWords Profiler tool in SEOprofiler enables you to spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors. The new AdWords Profiler replaces the old AdWords competitor spy tool:

  • Save time by revealing your competitors' AdWords strategies and their budgets.
  • Save money by using the keywords that work for your competitors.
  • Discover new competitors and find new keywords.
  • Internationalize your AdWords campaigns.

1. Reveal your competitors' AdWords strategies and their budgets

Analyzing the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors can help you to greatly improve your own AdWords campaigns.

If your AdWords campaigns do not deliver a positive ROI (return-on-investment), the AdWords Profiler will help you. You get access to valuable data on the AdWords activities of your competitors:

  • The keywords that send them the most paid traffic.
  • The ad that gets the most clicks.
  • The landing page that gets the most visitors.
  • etc.

If you know what works for your competitors, you can eliminate a lot of trial-and-error. Find out how others maximize the results of their AdWords campaigns and benefit from their work.

AdWords Profiler overview

2. Analyze the ads and the keywords of your competitors

Which words should you include in your ad text to get more visitors?

Of course, it is important to include relevant keywords, a benefit and a call-to-action. Are there other things that your competitors include in their top-performing ads?

The AdWords Profiler has the answer. Get the top performing keywords and the top performing ads. Comprehensive filters enable you to find exactly the ads that you need.

Do your competitors use brand-related ads? Do they use the brand keywords of others to get more clicks? Do some of the ads get most of the clicks? Use the AdWords Profiler and you get the answer with a few mouse clicks:

AdWords Profiler body text

3. Discover new competitors and find new keywords

Advertising on Google AdWords is very competitive. If you want to succeed, you must know who your competitors are.

Comparing your own metrics to the performance of your competitors will help you to develop a better Google AdWords strategy. Get the keywords that drive the most visitors to the websites of your competitors:

AdWords Profiler keywords

You also get an overview of the websites that compete with your for the same keywords and you get detailed information for every single competitor:

AdWords Profiler competitors

4. Internationalize your AdWords campaigns

On the Internet, you have the opportunity to market your products worldwide. If you target international customers, you might have to adjust your campaigns for different countries.

The AdWords Profiler supports 16 different regions and languages. Find out what people in Germany, the Netherlands or other countries search on Google to find products like yours:

AdWords Profiler countries

Analyzing the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors also leads to new ideas for keywords, ads and landing pages.

Full access to comprehensive data

The AdWords Profiler tool offers comprehensive filters that enable you to find the data that you need quickly and easily.

AdWords Profiler filters

In addition, you can use the CSV export feature to work with the data in spreadsheet applications and other tools:

AdWords Profiler export

You can also create great-looking PDF reports that you can show your clients with the AdWords Profiler. The reports in SEOprofiler enable you to show your clients that you do great work.

If you haven't done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now to test the brand-new AdWords Profiler tool:

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Is Marissa Mayer about to go to war with Google in search? These screenshots suggest yes

"Is Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is about to push Yahoo back into a search war with Google? [...]

Even though Yahoo's mobile search engine currently uses Bing, the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal never included mobile search. Yahoo could stop using Bing on mobile search and continue its desktop deal with Microsoft."

John MuellerGoogle: brand searches unlikely impacted by mobile-friendly algorithm 

"John Mueller of Google said, while there will be slight ranking demotion for the brand, since the brand page is the most relevant result, it is unlikely that the brand page will not rank number one in the search results."

Google Webmaster Tools adds URL filtering to search analytics alpha / beta

"If you are in the Google Webmaster Tools alpha/beta for Search Analytics (formerly called Search Insights), they have just added a brand new feature that allows you to filter by URL when looking at the page reporting data."

Editor's note: instead of using Google Webmaster Tools you can also use the website audit tool in SEOprofiler. The website audit tool analyzes many more factors, it includes filter by URL (and many more filters) and it helps you to detect the things that Google won't tell you.

GoogleHow Google may index deep web entities

"The Deep Web, i.e., content hidden behind HTML forms, has long been acknowledged as a significant gap in search engine coverage. Since it represents a large portion of the structured data on the Web, accessing Deep-Web content has been a long-standing challenge for the database community."

Google begins including dates on answer boxes in search results to show timeliness

"One of the criticisms about Google’s answer boxes is that it is hard to tell just how recent, or not, the information presented in the answer boxes is. Well, Google seems to be looking at a way to alleviate these concerns by now showing the date attributed to the content shown in the answer box."

Search engine newslets

  • Even if Yahoo replaced Google as the default search on iPhone, half of users would switch back.
  • Google’s plan to keep you online all the time.
  • Hulu launches its own GIF search engine.
  • Many major UK websites are not mobile-friendly.
  • What the unofficial death of Google+ means for marketing.
  • Google AdWords ads testing HTTPS/HTTP in display URLs.
  • DuckDuckGo adds instant answers for parking, online courses and UV risk.
3. Recommended resources

Everything you need

SEOprofiler is a full featured web-based SEO tool that offers everything you need to get high rankings on Google:

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  • link disinfection tool
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  • and much more.

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