Weekly SEO news: 30 June 2015
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If you want to get high rankings on Google, you have to impress Google's ranking algorithm. When Google's web crawler visits your web pages, it's like having a date with Google. This week's article helps you to make sure that the date doesn't go wrong.

In the news: Google removes emoji symbols from the search results, Google penalties can hit your website years later, how Google may classify low quality sites, and more.

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1. How to prepare your website for a date with Google

If you want to get high rankings on Google, you have to impress Google's ranking algorithm. When Google's web crawler visits your web pages, it's like having a date with Google. Here's how to make sure that this date doesn't go wrong:

dating Google

1. Check your appearance

The design of your website is important. Does your website look good? Can all important pages be found quickly and easily? Can search engines access all pages of your site? Does your website look good on desktop computers and mobile phones? The appearance of your website has an influence on the success of your date with Google.

2. Be on time

If you don't show up on the date, Google won't index your web pages. If your web pages deliver error codes, Google won't be able to index them. If you're late (read: slow loading web pages), you won't make a good impression. Slow loading pages and web pages with error codes usually do not get high rankings. Check your web pages with a tool like the website audit tool to make sure that everything is okay.

3. Conversation matters

Talk about the right things on your first date and chances are that there will be a second date. The content on your web pages is important. Offer interesting and compelling content that encourages website visitors to become your customers. Search engines like web pages with good content.

If you talk about strange things (spammy and automatically-created content), the date will go wrong. Better avoid that awkward moment if you want to get high rankings.

4. Are you a nice person?

Your family, your friends and your past lovers define who you are in real life. If they think that you are a rather unfriendly person, chances are that you really are an unfriendly person.

When it comes to your website's date with Google, the links that point to your site define the quality of your site. If your website has many low-quality links or links from spammy websites, it is likely that Google won't trust your site.

If a high quality website links to your site (a very trustworthy person is your friend) then you can expect a ranking boost from that link. The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler helps you to analyze the links that point to your website.

Dating Google can be tricky. The tools in SEOprofiler can help you to make sure that your website's date with Google becomes a success. Try SEOprofiler now and see for yourself:

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Google finally drops emojis from search results listings page

"After months of Google displaying the fun Emoji characters in their desktop search results and years of displaying them in mobile, Google lived up to their promise of removing them from the search results.

Over the weekend, Google has dropped the Emoji results from both the desktop and mobile search results listing page."

John MuellerGoogle’s John Mueller: spam can bite your website years later

"In a video on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that a website might be penalized years after they spammed Google. [...]

Maybe they’ve been building up for years and years and finally it kind of bites them that they’ve been doing things wrong for such a long time."

Patents: how Google may classify sites as low quality sites

"The patent points out a few things that might lead to a lower quality score based upon links point to your site. These can include links to your site from boilerplate content, and links from redundant material from the same sites, pointed to your site. Enough links like these, and they might result in a 'low quality site' label for your site."

John MuellerGoogle's John Mueller: Flash games site usually aren't that great

"We often see 'Flash-Games' sites that are really just a collection of existing games, that don't provide anything additional on their own. If you're going to be active in that area, I'd really try to find something that can set your site apart from all the other ones, something absolutely fantastic that you've worked to provide to users, that isn't found on any other site."

How Google uses clicks in search results, according to Google

"Gary Illyes from Google spoke about how Google uses – and does not use – clicks. Google uses clicks made in the search results in two different ways – for evaluation and for experimentation – but not for ranking. [...]

CTR data affecting rankings is one of those things where SEOs debate back and forth on the whole 'does it or doesn’t it' make a difference, but it is difficult to measure."

Search engine newslets

  • DuckDuckGo has more than 10 million searches per day.
  • Facebook is catching up to YouTube in video advertising arms race.
  • Not OK, Google (Google listening to everything you say in front of your computer).
  • The Verge: Microsoft made a better YouTube search engine than Google.
  • U.S. supreme court rejects Google patent appeal over Street View.
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