Weekly SEO news: 3 November 2015
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1. Welcome to the new SEOprofiler

We have changed the user interface of SEOprofiler. The new design makes it easier to work with SEOprofiler on all devices, and it enables you to offer your clients better reports.

new SEOprofiler interface

Why have we changed the user interface?

The previous user interfaced had a fixed layout that looked good on desktop computers. Although there was also an alternative version for mobile phones, it was more difficult to use SEOprofiler on mobile phones.

The new interface uses a fluid and responsive web design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and device orientations. That means that you can use SEOprofiler on desktop computers, tablet computers and mobile devices without pinching and zooming.

You can offer your customers better reports

In addition to the update of the user interface, we have also updated the design of the web-based client reports.

The new web-based client reports also use responsive web-design. That means that you can offer your clients reports that can be viewed on all devices, screen sizes, and operating systems.

new client reports

You do not have to change anything

We have made sure that the move to the new design is seamless for you. The navigational elements on the web pages are the same as before and all reports work as before.

If you use custom colors in your client reports, check them to make sure that they look good with the new design. If you're not sure, just use one of the ready-made color schemes.

With the new responsive design reports, your company can offer future-proof reports to your clients. Log in to SEOprofiler now to work with the new user interface.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
FAQ: all about the new Google RankBrain algorithm

"Google's using a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help deliver its search results. Here's what's we know about it so far. [...]

My personal guess is that links remain the most important signal, the way that Google counts up those links in the form of votes. [...]

As for the second-most important signal, I’d guess that would be “words,” where words would encompass everything from the words on the page to how Google’s interpreting the words people enter into the search box outside of RankBrain analysis."

John MuellerGoogle: we consider links that aren’t links

"On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller said that Google considers URLs that are not linked in the text on a page. However, they won’t pass any PageRank information.

'We can pick up links from text too, but they don't pass PR, so no disavow necessary.'"

Google: it's not too late to clean your links for Penguin

"Google's Gary Illyes confirmed on Twitter last night that the Penguin update is still not at a point of being released where you cannot take the steps necessary to cleanse your links. [...]

Truth is, the next Penguin update should be real time and thus, it will never be too late to update your links disavow and so forth."

GoogleGoogle: detect and get rid of unwanted sneaky mobile redirects

"It's a violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines to redirect a user to a page with the intent of displaying content other than what was made available to the search engine crawler (more information on sneaky redirects). To ensure quality search results for our users, the Google Search Quality team can take action on such sites, including removal of URLs from our index."

Mobile vs. desktop: mobile won, but you might still be losing

"Mobile design and optimization can no longer be considered secondary, or an add-on, or something that you should do 'too.' In fact, today, it is desktops that should be considered the secondary device. And all our Web development and marketing efforts should reflect that. [...]

I’m not saying that you don’t need a stellar desktop site. You do. But as mobile becomes more and more natural for searchers and information gatherers, you must have a mobile site that meets their needs."

Search engine newslets

  • EU to pursue Google parent Alphabet on multiple fronts.
  • Bing tags breaking news videos with “new” in search results.
  • YouTube's canonical tags sends reverse message from 301 redirect.
  • Grant to develop the next generation Wayback Machine.
3. Recommended resources

New version

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  • automatic weekly website audits
  • tools for keyword research and analysis
  • competitive intelligence tools
  • automated ranking checks
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  • social media monitoring
  • white-label reports (web-based and PDF)
  • AdWords Profiler and Ranking Profiler
  • and much more.

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