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1. SEOprofiler vs Moz: 7.83 times more links with SEOprofiler

Some days ago, Moz announced an update of their backlink database. We compared the backlink database of SEOprofiler to Moz in the past and found out that SEOprofiler found 238% more links on average that time.

With Moz' latest update, it was time to take another look at the differences between our databases. It seems that our SEOprofiler link database still is very good:

Moz compared to SEOprofiler

For the domain searchengineland.com, Moz found 5052 different sites that link to searchengineland.com. The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler found 39,593 sites (7.83 times more sites).

We haven't added more examples this time. Just test and verify it for yourself: Create a free SEOprofiler account and go to Your project > Link Profiler.

We're confident that you will very good results with the Link Profiler link database in SEOprofiler.

How is the link database in SEOprofiler different?

  1. No historical index

    We do not have a 'historical' link index. While it might be interesting to know which sites linked to another site in the past, these links do not have an influence on the current rankings of the linked website.

    The link database in SEOprofiler only contains the backlinks that have been active during the last 90 days. That enables you to get the links that currently influence the rankings of a site.

  2. No internal links

    Our link database does not contain internal links. For example, Moz shows a total of 163k links to searchengineland.com. A lot of these links are internal links, i.e. links from searchengineland.com to other pages on searchengineland.com.

    We do not list internal links in our database as they don't help you to evaluate the influence of links from other sites to your site.

  3. Comprehensive filters
  4. The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler offers comprehensive filters that enable you to find exactly the links that you're looking for:

    Link Profiler filters

    The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler shows the most popular pages, the most popular anchor texts, links that might be harmful, etc.

It's up to you

Don't get us wrong. The people at Moz do a great job with their backlink database. However, if you're looking for an alternative that also offers many other SEO tools, then SEOprofiler might be a good alternative for you.

We offer different plans at different prices. You can view our plans at "www.SEOprofiler.com/pricing".

Take a look at SEOprofiler

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Is Google about to kill its Penguin?

"A theory: The next Google Penguin update, expected to roll out before year’s end, will kill link spam outright by eliminating the signals associated with inorganic backlinks. Google will selectively pass link equity based on the topical relevance of linked sites, made possible by semantic analysis.

Google will reward organic links and perhaps even mentions from authoritative sites in any niche. As a side effect, link-based negative SEO and Penguin “penalization” will be eliminated."

John MuellerCan you now trust Google to crawl Ajax sites?

"They don’t spell it out in their announcement, but by recommending progressive enhancement (which loads some HTML for browsers that don’t support JavaScript), they are appear to be implicitly saying, 'Don’t count on us crawling your JavaScript.' [...]

On October 27 (less than two weeks after the Google announcement), John Mueller, on his Webmaster Central Hangout, confirmed that Google indeed still has problems with Ajax. [...]

Ultimately, he recommended using HTML snapshots until Google gets better at Ajax (Yes, the method that was just officially deprecated)."

Google patent: recalculating PageRank

"A Google patent was granted on October 20th, 2015 titled Producing a ranking for pages using distances in a Web-link graph. It presents some changes to Google’s original PageRank. [...]

The 'trusted pages' in this process appear to follow the same assumption that the seed pages in the Yahoo Trustrank approach follow, that 'good pages seldom point to bad ones.'"

BingAnnouncing the Bing mobile friendliness test tool

"we are happy to announce the general availability of the Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool and also would like to dive a little deeper into the more specific factors that determine mobile friendliness and provide more understanding how these factors impact your site."

Why programmatic advertising fraud exists

"So, imagine a bad apple is weighing their options, and on one hand there is credit card fraud, which has modest rewards and very high risks, or ad fraud, which is very lucrative and very low-risk. It’s a no-brainer. [...]

Internet users suffer from all of these improper incentives, mainly in the forms of poor user experience: slow-loading websites, click-bait journalism, excessive behavioral tracking, botnet and malware proliferation, and so on. And they’ve decided to take measures into their own hands."

Editor's note: As it has become more difficult to get a positive return-on-investment with ads, organic search engine optimization has become even more important than before. Click here to learn how to optimize your website for high search engine rankings.

Search engine newslets

  • Google is asking what you’re looking for (again).
  • Google faces new round of EU probing over Android mapping apps.
  • Happy 10th birthday, Google Analytics.
3. Recommended resources

New version

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