Weekly SEO news: 29 December 2015
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1. What was new in SEOprofiler in 2015?

We're continually improving our website promotion and Internet marketing tool SEOprofiler to make sure that it works with the latest search engine changes.

Continuous improvement

Here are some of the changes and improvements that we made in 2015:

  • January, 8th: Improvements in the website audit tool in SEOprofiler.
  • January, 9th: an improved readability checker (readability is a Google ranking factor)
  • January, 29th: ranking opportunities now with location information.
  • February, 5th: even more countries in the keyword suggestion tool.
  • March, 2nd: the keyword suggestion tool now supports 30 country/language variations.
  • March, 12th: amaze your clients with fast results with the new keyword spy tool.
  • April, 2nd: keyword suggestions for Singapore and Switzerland.
  • April, 4th: improved weekly keyword opportunities
  • April, 13th: the all-new AdWords Profiler (analyze competitor campaigns).
  • May, 21st: HTTPS everywhere: SEOprofiler now fully served through secure web pages.
  • June, 2nd: the brand-new Ranking Profiler tool.
  • June, 9th: 1,224 new locations for regional ranking checks.
  • July, 6th: keyword suggestions for Malta, Chile and Hong Kong.
  • September, 9th: keyword suggestions for Greece, Indonesia, Philippines, Colombia, Switzerland (Italian).
  • November, 3rd: all-new user interface.
  • November, 11th: now with white-label SEO reports in responsive web design.
  • November, 27th: improved auto-complete for local ranking checks.


Although there were many new features such as the AdWords Profiler and the Ranking Profiler, we did not incease the prices.

Many new things are planned for 2016. We continue to work on SEOprofiler to make sure that you continue to get the best SEO tools with SEOprofiler. If you haven't done it yet, try it now:

Try SEOprofiler now

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Bait & switch hacking is gaining top rankings in Google

"With bait-and-switch hacking, someone gains access to a site and begins publishing pages on topics that the site itself doesn’t normally cover. The site might not even be aware that the pages exist.

The hackers are hoping to leverage the authority of the sites they hack. The idea is that publishing such content on an existing site might do better than trying to publish it on a new site. [...]

Only Google sees that actual content. Human visitors, when they click, get redirected via JavaScript from the hacked site to another site. The hackers may earn money off affiliate fees for the click. Alternatively, they might gain from ads on the pages they redirect to.

Those ads, by the way, for at least one of the redirected pages I examined, were powered by Google’s own AdSense."

GoogleGoogle: provide local business information

"We are currently piloting this feature with a restricted set of initial data providers. [...]

Use markup on your official website to provide Google with information about local business locations. These attributes appear on the card and elsewhere throughout Google Search and Maps. For instance, a restaurant's menu URL appears prominently on the card, letting users click through to see what kind of food and drink is available."

Google announces Knowledge Graph search API

"In December of last year, we announced that we would wind down the Freebase service and transfer the data to Wikidata. We also made a commitment to continue to support users of the Freebase API by creating a replacement API that would help with searching the Knowledge Graph.

Today, we’re happy to announce the Knowledge Graph Search API (http://g.co/KnowledgeGraphSearchAPI). This API will allow you to query the Knowledge Graph for entities. It uses standard schema.org types and is compliant with JSON-LD specifications."

Search engine newslets

  • Google has removed the ncr (no country redirect) command.
  • What it’s really like to be a Google doodler.
  • Google Search executive Tamar Yehoshua joins RetailMeNot board, eaising eyebrows.
3. Recommended resources


SEOprofiler helps you to get high rankings on Google and more customers. It offers all the tools that you need:

  • automatic weekly website audits
  • tools for keyword research and analysis
  • competitive intelligence tools
  • automated ranking checks
  • website analytics
  • tools for spam-free link building
  • link disinfection tool
  • social media monitoring
  • white-label reports (web-based and PDF)
  • AdWords Profiler and Ranking Profiler
  • and much more.

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