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1. Official: links are an important factor in Google's ranking algorithm

Last week, Google's Andrey Lipattsev confirmed that links are Google's most important ranking factor. The links that point to a website and the content of a website are the most important factors for Google, followed by Google's new machine learning technology RankBrain.

Links can have a positive and a negative effect on the rankings of your web pages. This article helps you to get the right links that will help the search engine rankings of your site.

 Good and bad links

1. Avoid automatic links

All links that have been created automatically have no positive influence on the rankings of your website. If these automatically created links use the rel=nofollow tag, there's nothing you have to worry about.

If you used tools that automatically created links in bulk for you, you should try to get rid of these links to avoid a penalty. The link disinfection tool in SEOprofiler can help you to get rid of bad links.

2. The easier it is to get a link, the less you will benefit from that link

For example,uploading an image to imgur.com and then adding a link to your site in the description or comments won't do your website any good. Creating a blog on Tumblr and linking to your site also won't boost your website rankings. If it is very easy to create a link, that link won't have an effect on your rankings.

3. Use common sense instead of complicated metrics

Many webmasters only want to get links from pages with a particular PageRank (which is a completely outdated metric) or other statistical numbers. While you can use this method, it is usually a waste of time and it makes link building more difficult than it really is.

If a website has an overall high-quality then it does not matter if the page with the link to your website has a low Google PageRank or another interesting number:

  • If a high-quality website adds a new page, the new page will have an initial link power of zero. Nevertheless, the page can still be very good.
  • A page that has zero link power today can have high link power tomorrow.
4. Simple questions that help you to judge the quality of a web page

When you find a web page that could link to your site, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the page look good to the average web surfer?
  • Does the page have interesting content?
  • Is the content related to my website?
  • Does it make sense if the web page links to your site?

If you can answer these questions with "yes," then you should try to get a link from that page. Everything else does not matter.

Google tries to imitate common sense with its algorithms. If you use common sense to build your links and follow the tips above, you make sure that the links to your website will count in all future updates of Google's algorithm.

For example, the hub finder tool in SEOprofiler can help you to find these related websites. Use all the link building tools in SEOprofiler to get the best possible results for your website.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Report: search drives 10X more traffic to shopping sites than social media

"Search is the single largest traffic driver to websites, according to SimilarWeb’s Global Search Marketing Report 2016. [...]

Across a number of paid and organic sources, as indicated, search is the largest single traffic driver, followed by “direct,” and then “referrals.” After that, there’s a big drop in volume. Social media is fourth on the list, followed by display, and finally, email, which generates a minuscule amount of traffic, according to the report.

Within the search category, paid search is just over five percent of all traffic, and organic is just under 95 percent."

Editor's note: This means that organic search engine optimization is very important. The tools in SEOprofiler help you with that.

John MuellerThe real impact of Google’s new paid search ad layout on organic search

"With more paid listings appearing for “highly commercial queries,” you’ll need to focus paid landing pages towards searchers in the buying/decision-making stages, whereas your organic landing pages should be better positioned (and possibly expanded) to capture visitors in the research/consideration stages.

In summary, it will be more important to rank in the first two organic positions to capture the most clicks and visibility from organic search."

Editor's note: The tools in SEOprofiler help you to improve the organic rankings of your web pages.

Google testing removing reviews from local map results?

"Typically when you do a search that brings up local results in the web search results, the local box or whatever Google is calling it these days - you see 3 listings now and if those listings have reviews, you see the reviews next to them. But it seems Google is testing removing the reviews for some searchers."

GoogleManual link building’s 7 worst outreach offenses

"1. Reaching out to people who do what you do [...] 2. Reaching out to people who have the content you’re peddling [...] 3. Using the wrong name [...] 4. Assuming the person getting your email has no power [...] 5. Email is too long or too short, with no clear expectations [...] 6. Trying to get a link on a dead site [...] 7. Hammering the same person with outreach, over and over."

Google AMP results carousel live in 12 countries

"The Google AMP news carousel is only live in Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Russia and the US. [...]

There is no word on when it will expand to other regions or beyond the news carousel."

Search engine newslets

  • Bing: Campaign analytics expires this June - are you ready?
  • First-page minimum bids continue to rise in wake of Google desktop SERP changes.
  • Google: Quality raters primarily use mobile devices.
  • Google tests new sign-in modal for leaving a business review.
  • Google adds share feature to Knowledge Graph panel.
3. Recommended resources


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