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1. Coming soon: the brand new Ranking Monitor with exciting new features

The new version of the popular Ranking Monitor in our web-based Internet marketing tool SEOprofiler is goint to be released soon.

The new Ranking Monitor will have new exciting features that will make it even easier for you to work with your Google rankings.

Unfortunately, the new features will come with a new pricing model.

Coming soon

Many new features, even easier to use

Some of the new features that will be available in the new Ranking Monitor are:

  1. Be the first to know when rankings change: You can now check your search engine rankings daily.
  2. Supports mobile users: You can now check your rankings on Google Mobile - in addition to Google Desktop, Bing and Yahoo.
  3. Full Unicode support: The new Ranking Monitor supports 91 countries and languages.
  4. No restriction: You can track as many of your own domains, sub domains and URLs as you want. Plus, you can track as many competitor domains and URLs as you want.
  5. Finally: You can track the rankings of external pages, for example YouTube videos, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, Vimeo videos, etc.
  6. Multiple rankings: Sometimes you are listed multiple times for the same keyword. The new Ranking Monitor now shows you all of them.
  7. All result types: Check local results, image results, organic results, news results, maps results, and video results.
  8. Too much to mention: There are several new display filters, custom comparison dates, competitor ranking history, and many more features.

Your complete ranking check solution

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler is a complete ranking check solution. Besides the new features above, you will get:

  • a detailed ranking history: learn how your rankings changed over time
  • compare your rankings with the rankings of your competitors
  • get a list of ranking opportunities: find out which keywords can deliver many more visitors if you slightly improve your web pages
  • get alerts when rankings change dramatically

even better than before

New plans, new prices

With the new Ranking Monitor, we're going to introduce new pricing plans. Unfortunately, daily ranking checks are very expensive. This means that the SEOprofiler prices will increase by 50% for new customers.

Existing customers: don't worry! You will get the new Ranking Monitor and *keep* your current pricing plan.

If you don't have an SEOProfiler subscription yet, you can lock the current pricing. Just order an SEOprofiler subscription now and save 50% every month!

The new Ranking Monitor and the new pricing will be released in the next few weeks.

Try SEOprofiler now

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Bing: Mystified about mobile? Here’s how we see the opportunity

"Searches from mobile devices make up approximately one third of search volume on the Bing Network. [...] Consumers are constantly shifting between devices, and to maintain relevancy, brands must meet consumers at the right point/s on whichever device they chose for that particular moment."

GoogleGoogle: Recover from a manual action? You still may have to recover from an algorithmic penalty 

"If your site was hit by a manual action, it may also be hit by an algorithmic penalty and being released from a manual action might help but if your site is also hit by an algorthmic penalty, then you will have to wait for the algorithm to update. [...]

And all that's left is really that the rest of our algorithms how they interact with your website. And some of those algorithms might be looking at similar things that the manual action was looking at."

Google displaying a featured snippet from user generated comments

"Bill Elward spotted a featured snippet in Google that doesn't use the primary content on the page but rather pulls from the comments section of the page. [...]

This is interesting for many reasons: (1) Google should use primary content for their featured snippets, (2) Google should probably not use user generated comments for the snippets, (3) The comment they pulled is in an hidden click to expand area, which Google has said they don't index or rank well."

GoogleGoogle News gets AMP’ed with new carousel feature, more stories in the feed

"Google is adding a new AMP carousel and more AMP-enabled content to its mobile News site and apps. The horizontally scrolling carousel will feature 14 AMP-powered stories. In addition, stories throughout the vertical stream that use AMP will feature a lightning icon."

Google: don't worry too much about page speed

"The only way page speed impacts a site's rankings in Google is if the site is unbearably slow. If your site is a drop faster than the next, it won't rank a drop higher than the next. But if your site is incredibly slow, Google may demote the site. [...]

Yesterday, Gary Illyes from Google told a webmaster not to 'worry about it too much,' when it comes to page speed."

Search engine newslets

  • New customizable Yandex.Direct display links.
  • Europe says Google broke antitrust law with app rules, Android contracts.
  • Majority of users frustrated by disruptive ads, aware of ad blocking [Survey].
  • Want AMP pages un Google? Disable New Relic.
3. Recommended resources


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  • automatic weekly website audits
  • tools for keyword research and analysis
  • competitive intelligence tools
  • automated ranking checks
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  • link disinfection tool
  • social media monitoring
  • white-label reports (web-based and PDF)
  • AdWords Profiler and Ranking Profiler
  • Domain Finder tool
  • COMING SOON: daily ranking checks on Google, Google Mobile, Bing & Yahoo
  • and much more.

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