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1. Introducing the new rich snippet and rich cards creator

We have improved the rich snippet creator in our web-based SEO software tool SEOprofiler. The new and updated tool helps you to create JSON-LD markup code that will be used for 'rich snippets' and 'rich cards' on Google's search results pages.

Your website will look much better in Google's search results

JSON-LD is a method of encoding Linked Data using JSON. Basically, it enables you to offer Google additional data that can be used for rich snippets on Google's result pages.

Your website will stand out on Google's results pages if it is presented with rich snippets or rich cards. Here are some examples:

examples of rich snippets and rich cards

How to create JSON-LD code for your web pages

The new JSON-LD markup code creator is an easy way to generate markup code for your web pages. Just enter your data and then copy/paste the code to your web pages:

JSON-LD markup generator

You can create markup code for persons, products, local businesses, organizations, events, websites and recipes with the JSON-LD markup code generator.

The JSON-LD markup code generator can be found here in SEOprofiler: Your project > Page optimization > Rich snippet creator

Why should you use JSON-LD code instead of the old Schema.org code?

The old way required many itemprop, itemscope, itemtype, etc. attributes that had to be used throughout the regular visible text on your web pages. It could be very difficult to do that.

The new JSON-LD script code can simply be inserted in the <head> section of a web page. That's much easier and it does not change the visible text on your pages.

A free JSON-LD markup code generator for you

The new JSON-LD markup code generator is a free tool in SEOprofiler. It is even available in the free demo version. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

Try SEOprofiler now

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Google: there is no way to redirect a penalized site safely

"In a webmaster hangout on Google+ this morning, Google's John Mueller basically said there is no good way to redirect a web site that has a penalty to a new web site without a penalty and not risk the new web site being penalized. [...]

It gets very close to cloaking, where you are saying users see this behavior and search engines see something completely different. And that is something I’d try to avoid. It goes against the webmaster guidelines. So maybe a pop up like you have it now is your best approach at the moment."

rich cardsNew results format in Google: rich cards

"Google has introduced a new format for the search results pages: rich cards are a new search result format building on the success of rich snippets.

Just like rich snippets, rich cards use schema.org structured markup. The data from the structured markup code will be used to display the content of the web page in a more engaging and visual format. The focus lies on providing a better mobile user experience."

Editor's note: see article above to learn how to get rich cards for your own site.

Google: how links to other pages influences quality of the page

"You can add value to the website by adding links on those pages but its not the case that just because you have links, we’ll suddenly see your website as being higher quality.

So again, it seems to come back to the user. [...] If [the links] are useful to the user, add them, but if you think their only value is to Google, it won’t add a perceived instant positive quality signal to your site."

Google My BusinessGot spam? Google My Business doesn’t care.

"Google recently posted a blog article raving about how it tackled webspam in 2015. The numbers were quite impressive. The webspam team handed out more than 4.3 million manual penalties last year, which must have been pretty labor-intensive.

If only they applied the same efforts when it comes to Google My Business (GMB). Currently, the spam situation with GMB is bad. Spam is everywhere — and other than cracking down on the locksmith industry, Google doesn’t seem to be doing much at all about it."

The ever-expanding Knowledge Graph cards

"Sometimes Google's Knowledge Graph cards use more real estate than all the other search results combined. [...]

In the experimental mobile-like desktop interface and got a huge card with images, information about the movie, ratings, cast. Then Google displayed 10 search results and 3 other cards with John Travolta movies, Luc Besson movies and action movies, followed by another list of related searches."

Search engine newslets

  • Google Translate autocomplete.
  • Featured snippets & rich results filters coming to Google Search Analytics.
  • Yahoo suitors expected to bid $2 billion to $3 billion, below past indications.
  • DuckDuckGo: getting to know the team.
3. Recommended resources


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