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1. How to find the right keywords for search engine optimization

The keywords that you choose for your search engine optimization activities are an important factor that influences the success of your campaigns. Which keywords should you choose and how should you use these keywords?

best keywords for seo

People use different search phrases

There are as many different approaches to search as there are different people.

Some searchers use fragment queries such as "fix coffee maker". Others use more specific queries such as "why doesn't my coffee maker turn on" or "[brand model] coffee maker trouble shooting".

While most searches use two-word queries, the chosen words vary a lot. Individuals search differently and they phrase their queries in distinct ways.

What does this mean for you?

The keywords with which you come up first might not be the same keywords that your customers use. Don't assume that other people will use the same search terms as you to solve the same problem.

Many searchers phrase their query in form of a question

Some searchers choose to ask a question while others choose to make a statement. About a third of searchers phrase their query in the form of a question (‘how, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘which').  Most people  use a non-question form.

'How' questions are more popular than 'why' questions. A search term such as 'How do I fix my coffee maker?' is more likely to be used than 'Why is my coffee maker not working?'. People are searching for solutions, not for reasons.

What does this mean for you?

If your website contains pages that answer particular questions, it is more likely that these pages will be ranked for these queries.

There are different research phases with different search terms

When web surfers want to purchase something online, they go through three research phases. Searchers usually start with general keywords.

Searchers in the research phase want specific information. They want a quick solution and not detailed explanations. Create educating content that targets users in different research phases.

Keyword research tools are a good start

To get as many targeted visitors as possible, you have to developed distinct approaches for the individual ways people search.

Keyword research tools can help a lot to get new keyword ideas for your business. However, you shouldn't rely solely on them. Be creative when you choose the keywords for your web pages.

Do not vision how searchers might choose to phrase a query. Phrases vary, often widely, from one searcher to the next.

People are different. The more pages your website has, the more likely it is that one of these pages caters the needs of a particular searcher. Create different pages on your website that describe different aspects of your products and services.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Next mobile friendly update includes page speed; coming in months

"[Google's] Gary Illyes confirmed that page speed will be a factor in the next mobile friendly update.  Google has long talked about wanting to make page speed a mobile friendly factor, but this is the first time someone from Google has confirmed that it is actually coming. [...]

John Mueller recently talked about page speed, and it negatively impacts sites that are slower, rather than giving boosts to sites that manage to incrementally improve their page speed."

GoogleTest your site with Google and see how it works across devices 

"We’re introducing an easy way to measure your site’s performance across devices—from mobile to desktop—and give you a list of specific fixes that can help your business connect more quickly with people online. [...]

We can help by scoring your site for mobile-friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. Plus, it’s easy to share these scores."

Editor's note: If you want to get an in-depth analysis of your website, use the website audit tool.

DuckDuckGo: new features from a stronger Yahoo partnership

"In addition to the existing technology we've been using, DuckDuckGo now has access to features you've been requesting for years: Date filters let you filter results from the last day, week and month. Site links help you quickly get to subsections of sites.

Of course our privacy policy remains the same: we don't track you."

GoogleDoes Google value AJAX content less than static HTML content?

"If you are using AJAX, or any other kind of coding that Googlebot could potentially have issues with, as long as it renders properly in Search Console, Google doesn’t treat that content any differently than if it was static HTML or any other type of coding or script."

How keyword-rich domain names positively affect search click-through results

"Internet search users are almost twice as likely to click on a domain name where the second level includes at least one of the keywords in their search query, compared to a domain name that does not include any of the keywords in their search query. [...]

It appears that keyword-rich domain names can play an integral role when it comes to user click-through rate on search engine results."

Search engine newslets

  • New in SEOprofiler: 6.9% more locations for regional ranking checks.
  • Google showing promotion schema In rich snippets. 
  • How is voice search going to change the world of advertisers?
  • Google's ad ban puts payday lenders on the defensive.
  • Tor switches to DuckDuckGo search results by default.
  • French finance minister rules out Google tax deal, more firms could be targeted.
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