Weekly SEO news: 14 June 2016
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1. First things first: get the SEO basics right

Before you invest your time in optimizing off-page factors such as backlinks and social mentions, you should make sure that the on-page factors of your web pages are correct. On-page optimization is very important if you want to be found for the right search terms.

the basics of SEO

If the content of your web pages isn't good enough, you will just waste your time with other search engine optimization activities.

1. Make sure that your web pages are relevant to the topic of your site

Relevant pages are very important if you want to be found on Google. There are several things that you can do to make sure that your web pages will be found for the right search terms:

  • Make sure that your web pages are relevant for particular keywords and search terms. Focus on one or two key phrases per page.

  • Modern search engine algorithms can determine the topic of a website. While it is important that a single page is relevant to a keyword, it is also important that the whole site is relevant to the topic.

    Use different words to describe your products and services. If your website is relevant to a topic, it might also be found if the searcher uses a keyword that does not appear directly on your pages.
  • Use your keywords in the titles of your web pages. That shows search engines that the web page is relevant to that keyword.
  • Use the key phrase in a heading tag on your web page. It sometimes helps to have the targeted keyword in the page URL. The images on your web pages should contain related keywords. 
  • The content of your web page should contain the keywords for which you want to be found on search engines. Do not write content for search engines but create useful web pages that help your website visitors.

It is important that your keywords appear in the right elements on your web pages. If you use the keyword too often, this can look like spamming.

For that reason, it is very important that you find the right balance. The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler helps you to find the perfect balance.

2. Your web pages must not contain technical errors (even if they are invisible)

The navigational elements on your website should be logical and easy to use. A good website navigation helps Google to index your web pages correctly:

  • The internal links on your web pages should contain keywords that are related to your business.
  • The navigational elements should be easy to find.
  • High quality design is important.
  • Your web pages should load as quickly as possible.
  • If possible, use static URLs.
  • Use rich snippets to make sure that your web pages stand out on the search results page.

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler automatically checks all of your web pages. If there are any critical errors, the website audit tool will show you these errors.

SEO: do it right

Optimizing the on-page factors is important if you want to get the best possible rankings for your web pages. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to optimize both on-page and off-page factors.

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
Google: no plans for disavow link testing tool

"The webmaster community asked why doesn't Google have a tool to test to make sure the disavow links file you are uploading is valid.

Glenn Gabe asked John Mueller just that and John said that most sites don't have an issue, thus there is no need for such a tool."

GoogleGoogle: blocking US users means blocking GoogleBot 

"What if you have a web site that is not accessible for US users for legal or other reasons? Google says that GoogleBot from the US wouldn't be able to access it and it probably will cause major indexing issues. [...]

In general, our cloaking guidelines say that you must show Googlebot the same content as you would show other users from the region that it's crawling from. So if you're blocking users in the US, then you'd need to block Googlebot when it's crawling from the US (as is generally the case)."

Google ignores spam reports from users filing many bogus reports

"If someone files a ton of bogus reports, we will start ignoring them. We have lots of experience with this, we know businesses will report each other because they can. It is an open form and anyone can use it. [...]

This also explains why some spam reports aren’t acted on, because they aren’t actually spam. In fact, Google has said that 20% of spam reports aren’t spam at all, and I suspect many of those are just people filing spam reports on competitors, even if they can’t see the spam themselves, they hope that the manual actions team will notice something to give a manual action to the site in question."

GoogleWhen will your local business show up in Google's One Box? 

"Why do some business listings get a local one box result, while others return the three-pack? [...]

Some believe the one box is based on other SEO factors such as your links and PageRank. While other SEOs say it has to do with how specific the query is. The more specific the query is and the more it matched your business, the more likely you will see a local one box. [...] Searching specifically on the company name is when most of the one box results show."

Google testing new product listing ad filter buttons on mobile, including in-store availability

"We have seen three different buttons showing up; In store, Top Rated and Price Qualifier [...]

While tests in which Google automatically filters products based on superlatives found in the query (such as ‘best coffee grinder’ featuring only top rated grinders) have been well documented, these new buttons appear to show up for general searches that do not feature superlative qualifiers."

Search engine newslets

  • Yandex updates their version of PageRank named Thematic Index of Citation (TIC).
  • Apple going to introduce a pay per click model for the app store.
  • What you should expect from expanded text ads.
  • Verizon to bid $3 billion for Yahoo’s web assets.
  • Google tests gray background on homepage, while Yahoo tests new top search bar.
3. Recommended resources


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