Weekly SEO news: 5 July 2016
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1. Why mobile rankings matter (and what you should do to benefit from mobile rankings)

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More than half of the searches on Google come from mobile devices. Being listed in Google's mobile search results will have a huge impact on the number of visitors that come to your site.

Are you missing out on new opportunities?

Although more than half of searches happen on mobile, desktop searches have not declined. The number of searches desktop devices (PC's and notebooks) has remained about the same.

The overall search volume has increased a lot and the majority of the new searches happen on mobile devices. Just because you are not losing desktop traffic does not mean that mobile is not quite as important to your business.

You should not abandon desktop search in favor of mobile search. However, you are missing out on the mobile search opportunities if you do not optimize your pages for mobile.

The new Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler automatically checks the position of your web pages in Google's mobile search results:

mobile ranking checks

Of course, the Ranking Monitor also checks the position of your web pages on the regular desktop search results on Google. The position of your web pages on Bing and Yahoo are also tracked.

The majority of mobile searches are local

According to Google, a third of mobile searches are local. That's why it is important to check the rankings from a particular location. The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to specify the location from which the rankings should be checked.

If you want, you can check the rankings for the same keyword from many different locations. Just select the location when you add a new keyword to the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler:

local search on city level

What you should do now

Mobile search is very important. Make sure that your website can be displayed on mobile devices. If you use WordPress to create your website, use a responsive design template that works with desktop computers, tablet computers and mobile phones.

If you use a different content management system, ask your web designer to create a design that works on tablet computers and mobile phones.

The Ranking Monitor automatically tracks mobile rankings

Use the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler to track the position of your website in Google's mobile search results. The Ranking Monitor will also check your rankings in different cities and regions.

High rankings on mobile devices can greatly improve your business. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

Google What was the impact of Google’s second mobile update?

"This update didn’t seem to have much of a measurable impact. Our measurements saw a nearly equivalent number of positive or negative changes to mobile friendly v.s non-mobile friendly URLs.

However, this doesn’t mean that no update happened, or that it wasn’t significant. It just means that other aspects of Google’s normal churn in the search results were big enough during the same timeline that the impact of this new ranking’s boost wasn’t easily perceived."

Google Keyword Planner drop Exact Match: keyword volumes increase 

"There are several advertisers complaining that the Google Keyword Planner is showing higher search volumes now than in the past. It seems Google has dropped the ability to see exact match search volume and now lumps all variations in the same search volume metric.

In short, the search volume figures for keywords last month are way higher now this month. It is unclear if this is a bug or if this is a change going forward for the tool."

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"It’s a good reminder that the search volumes (and estimated CPCs) in Keyword Planner should be seen as directional signals, not hard facts."

GoogleGoogle extends results column width

"It is important to note that pixels, not characters, is the measurement that Google actually uses for search results and title length. The reason for this is that Google uses a proportional font for result titles.  Google had increased the results container from 512 pixels to 600 pixels (a 17% increase). [...]

The outcome of which shows that we can’t safely create titles of 70 characters without Google truncating it. If we go over the pixel limit, it is likely that the resulting title will be shorter than had the title been created with a smaller length to begin with. [...]

Google has indeed increased the results container to 600 pixels but it is unlikely to have a title displayed over 515 pixels."

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