Weekly SEO news: 2 August 2016
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1. Little work, big results: how to increase your business sales with the new Ranking Monitor

The new Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler offers many new features that enable you to work more efficiently with your keywords. Among the improvements are much improved filters that help you to find the best keywords.

Much more sales with just one keyword?

It is great to be listed in the top 10 results on Google. However, it is also difficult to get there. Is it worth the time and efforts? It depends on the keyword.

  • Say you run an ad on Google AdWords for a particular keyword that gets 10,000 impressions during a week. 200 visitors click your ad to visit your website. Six of these visitors purchase something on your website and the total profit is $500.
  • The keyword delivers 200 paid visitors and six buyers to your website. The total profit is $500. That means that the average single visitor who finds your website through that keyword is worth $2.50 to your business (200 visitors created a profit of $500: $500/200 visitors = $2.50/visitor).
  • As said above, 10,000 people search for the keyword every week. If your website was listed as the first result for the keyword, you would get 4327 visitors per week (43,27% of all clicks go to the top ranked page).
  • You would earn $10,817.50 per week with just one top ranking. It's very likely that this is worth your time and efforts.

These keywords will deliver many more visitors with little work

Studies show that 43% of the searchers click the first result on a search result page. The top 3 websites on the first search result page get more clicks than the other websites combined.

Almost 90% of the searchers check only the first search results page. If your website is listed on the first results page or, even better, in the top 3 results, then your site will get many more visitors.

The opportunities section in the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler shows you the keywords that are nearly ranked on the first results page (or the top 3 results, or the top result):

Invest your time wisely

The keywords in the 'Opportunities' section in the Ranking Monitor already have good rankings. It is relatively easy to get them on the first results page (or in the top 3 results, or on the first position).

Focus on the keywords that deliver the greatest traffic increase and you will get a better return on investment. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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GoogleGoogle: singular and plural words can be different keywords

"One webmaster asked if Google may treat plural and singular words as different keywords and John Mueller of Google said yes, Google can. [...]

Sometimes Google will show one or the other and sometimes not. It depends and that is why you need to try different things and make sure to understand how your prospects will search for your products and services."

Let me Google that for you – An interview with Gary Illyes

"Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst since 2011, is kind of a big deal. Many in the world of search are dubbing him the new Matt Cutts, but whether or not this is the case, there are few people on the planet who know as much about what’s going on at Google as Mr. Illyes."

GoogleGoogle: your placement won't drop if your competitor keeps reporting you as spam

"Google's John Mueller answered a question on Twitter on spam report. The question was what happens when a competitor of yours continues to report your site as spam. John Mueller implied you do not have to worry.

He said your placement won't drop in Google solely because your competitor is continually reporting your site as spam."

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