Weekly SEO news: 16 August 2016
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1. How to find the top ranked pages of your site (and how they influence your website success)

The pages of your website that are ranked on Google are the pages that most visitors of your website see first. Which pages are the top ranked pages of your site? Are these pages a good entry point to your site? The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler helps you to locate these pages.

The top pages of your site and their visitors

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler shows you the pages that are ranked for the most keywords. You also see the number of searches that these keywords get, and you get the estimated number of visitors of the pages:

top pages

Check these pages. Are these the pages that your visitors should see first when they come to your site? Are these pages convincing enough to customers?

From failure to success

It does not help to have high rankings if people who visit your website do not become customers. Optimizing the conversion rates of your web pages can make the difference between a highly successful website and a total failure.

The conversion rate of your website is the ratio of visitors who convert a website visit into a desired action (a sale, a newsletter sign up, etc.). Increasing the conversion rate is often the easier way to get more sales.

How to get twice the number of visitors

For example, your website could have 1,000 visitors. 10 of these visitors buy something on the site. The website has a conversion rate of 1% (10/1000).

To get 20 buyers, you could increase the number of visitors to 2,000 or you could increase the conversion rate to 2%:

  • 2,000 website visitors and a conversion rate of 1% equals 20 buyers.
  • 1,000 website visitors and a conversion rate of 2% equals 20 buyers.

The process of getting a higher conversion rate is called conversion rate optimization. For many websites, it is easier to duplicate the conversion rate than to duplicate the number of visitors. To maximize your profits, your website must have many visitors and a high conversion rate.

Details on how to optimize the conversion rates of your web pages can be found in the SEOprofiler manual.

Improve your pages now

The tools in SEOprofiler help you to improve the rankings of your web pages. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleHTML5 is not a Google ranking factor

"HTML5 can be really useful for making a modern website, but it’s not something that we use on its own as a ranking factor. [...]

That said, having clean, updated code is never a bad thing, especially as browsers update, so there are other ways that having HTML5 can benefit your site, such as user experience and load time."

Why links are still the core authority signal in Google’s algorithm

"Today, link building must prioritize the perception of “naturalness” and value to the users encountering those links. That’s why link building largely exists in two forms: link attraction and manual link building. [...]

The safe bet is that links aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re too integrated as a part of the web and too important to Google’s current ranking algorithm to be the basis of a major overhaul. They may evolve over the next several years, but if so, it’ll certainly be gradual, so keep link building as a central component of your SEO and content marketing strategy."

John MuellerGoogle’s John Mueller: usually, you won’t get your old rankings back after a penalty

"It’s almost never going to be that we will just restore the previous state because things evolve on the Internet, things evolve in our algorithms and any previous state will be different when we look at it now.

So even if nothing happened with your website with our algorithms in the meantime the rest of the web will have evolved, so that previous state might be different from the new state that that will come up."

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  • Bing to use location for right to be forgotten.
  • Google erroneously warns Techmeme of hacked spam issues.
  • Google's John Mueller: downloadable PDFs that match your web content aren't a problem.

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