Weekly SEO news: 22 November 2016
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1. What is an outbound link penalty and how can you avoid it?

Did you know that Google can penalize your website if you link to the wrong pages? Your website might be penalized because of some links to other websites, even if you did not add these links intentionally to your site.

outbound link penalty

What is an outbound link penalty?

If Google detects many links to spam pages on your website, Google can think that your website is a source of spam and your website will be penalized.

This can be a site-wide penalty (all pages of your website will be penalized), and it can be a page penalty (only the page with the spam links will be penalized).

Penalized websites and pages do not get high rankings in Google's search results.

How can you avoid an outbound link penalty?

Avoiding an outbound link penalty is easy:

1. Do not link to spam websites

If a website is obviously trying to deceive search engines and/or customers then do not link to that website. In addition, do not link to websites that offer tools and services that help you to deceive your customers and/or search engines.

2. Be careful with links in user created content

If your website offers a public forum or public comments, make sure that the links that your website users post in the forum and the comments use the rel=nofollow attribute.

You can also disable links to other websites at all and display URLs as plain text in user comments.

3. If you allow guest posts on your website, check the links

Of course, a guest post can contain links to other websites. However, you should check these links to make sure that the guest posts do not contain links to spam sites.

4. Do not add paid links to your website

If the other website offers some kind of compensation for the link (money, goods or services), Google might think that the link is a paid link. That's not good and it can trigger a penalty.

Don't forget: linking to other websites is good

Links to other sites add value to your website. The websites to which you link help your website visitors to put your website into a larger context.

If you link to high-quality sites with useful content, web surfers will associate your website with these high-quality sites.

If you do not link to other websites then you simply send your visitors back to search engines. Carefully chosen links to outside resources can improve the experience of the visitors who visit your website.

The links to other websites are only a minor factor that influences how your web pages are ranked on Google. The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler analyzes many more factors and it helps you to make sure that your website gets first page rankings. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: machine learning can be used to make new ranking signals out of old ones

"Machine learning and artificial intelligence within the search algorithm can be used to make new ranking signals.

[Google's Gary Illyes] said that Google can use it to say if you combine ranking signal A with ranking signal B, we can make a new ranking signal C that helps improve quality of the search results."

Patent application: Google to use distance from mobile location history for ranking in local search

"The patent also provides a way of calculating the likelihood that a person might visit a particular business, based upon such things as whether or not it will still be open or open yet, if someone were to drive there.

Another indication of the likelihood of a person visiting a place would be if they had visited the place before. The patent provides some additional things that might be considered in determining a likelihood that someone might choose a particular place."

GoogleGoogle may pick desktop over AMP page for the mobile-first index

"By default, won’t use the AMP version of your page for the mobile index, even if you do not have a mobile-friendly alternative.

Google said they will not use the AMP version in the new mobile-first index; instead it will pick your desktop version. [...] In many cases, with AMP, there is no real site navigation to crawl the website. So on the indexing side, that is why this might make sense."

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  • Rich cards expand to more verticals.
  • Google Knowledge Panel adds like/dislike buttons.
  • A new extension enables advertisers to feature special offers in their text ads.
  • New Sitelink format in testing on Google Desktop.
  • Google fixes date bug from embedded YouTube videos.

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