Weekly SEO news: 27 December 2016
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1. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

During the holiday season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those
who have made our progress possible.

It is in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely...

Thank you and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season! 

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: Wikipedia is ranked by Google like any other web site

"Gary Illyes from Google said on Twitter that Google ranks Wikipedia just like it ranks any other web site on the internet. In short, he is saying that Wikipedia doesn't get any special ranking boost just for being Wikipedia - they don't get special treatment. [...]

Gary also said a few months ago that Wikipedia does a good job at getting links to internal pages - which makes a lot of sense."

Editor's note: Wikipedia has so many high rankings because of the many links that point to Wikipedia. Improve the links that point to your site to get higher rankings.

How Google handles new HTTPS pages with mixed content warnings

"Mixed content warnings happen when a site is on HTTPS but the site is still including elements on the page that are not secure and are hosted on HTTP instead. This commonly includes things like images, video, CSS and Javascript, as well as all kinds of embeds. [...]

[Google's John Mueller] makes it clear that this kind of situation won’t cause a site to be penalized nor will it cause a loss of rankings either."

GoogleGoogle AdWords testing 3 product PLAs at top of search results

"Google is testing a reduced number of Product Listing Ads showing at the top of the search results.  While we usually see 6 items, and often a carousel, seeing only three items is a bit unusual, especially when there are more products available that could be shown."

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  • Google: it's okay to use HTTP/2.
  • Google adds more filtering options to local cusiness 3-pack.
  • A group of Google employees spent their '20% time' making Google Maps wheelchair-friendly.
  • Bing Webmaster tools has been redesigned.
  • A Google employee is suing the company for being too confidential.

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