Weekly SEO news: 28 March 2017
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1. How to use structured data and other technologies to improve the display of your web pages in the search results

Structured data markup and other technologies can help you to get prettier listings on Google's search results pages. For example, pages that contain structured data markup for recipes look like this on Google:

structured data on search result pages

Structured data markup code can greatly improve the display of your web pages in the search results. The JSON-LD markup code creator for rich snippets can help you to create that code quickly and easily.

You should only add structured data code that applies to your website. Google does not like structured data spam.

Other technologies can also help your web pages

For example, having a Windows Tile icon or an Apple Touch icon can improve the display of your website on mobile devices. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are preferred by Google for some website types.

How to check your web pages for these technologies

The Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler checks your pages for structured data markup and other technologies:

structured data on your pages

technologies on your pages

Use the Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler and analyze the pages of your site and make sure that Google and other search engines display them beautifully on the result pages.

Check your pages now

If you haven't done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now. In addition to the Website Audit Tool, SEOprofiler offers many more tools that help you to get more out of your web pages:

Try the audit tool now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: Our search leads won’t let us talk about the Fred update

"[Google's Gary Illyes said] that this update targets specific techniques that are well-documented within the Google webmaster guidelines. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t go on to explain which guidelines specifically were targeted by this Fred update.

In our own analysis, we said Fred targeted low-value content that focused on revenue generation techniques."

Editor's note: This seems to be another anti-spam update that targets low quality content.

Google’s mobile-first index is (still) months away

"At SMX West, Google's Gary Illyes said the company is still experimenting with its mobile-first index and doesn't have an exact timeline for launch. [...]

Mobile sites don’t have a lot of the metadata that desktop sites have. We’re aiming for a quality-neutral launch. We don’t want users to experience a loss in quality of search results. We need to replace the signals that are missing in the mobile web."

GoogleGoogle on how they index and rank 360° images

"Google's John Mueller was asked about how Google indexes and ranks images that are in 360° format. The question was 'are 360 degree images treated differently by Google?' 'Should file names be optimized the same way regular images are?' [...]

Some 360 images might be movie videos and that would be handled differently but with 360 images that are made up of many images, Google should be able to index and rank those images - the question is, which one. Google Image Search doesn't yet have a way to find 360 degree images."

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