Weekly SEO news: 2 May 2017
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1. More than 850 websites that could link to your website

The Starter Backlinks tool in SEOprofiler is a good starting point for your link building campaigns. Without good links from other websites, it is nearly impossible to get good rankings on Google.

The Starter Backlinks tool is a curated list of high quality websites that are willing to link to other sites. All links in the tool have a high Link Influence Score (LIS). That means that links from these websites have a positive influence on the linked pages.

Which websites are included in the Starter Backlinks tool?

The Starter Backlinks tool offers many different websites that cover different topics. Currently, you get more than 850 websites in 23 different categories. You can see the different categories in the image:

new starter links

The Starter Backlinks tool also offers filters that enable you to find the websites that will work best with your website quickly and easily.

Will my website be submitted automatically?

No, your website will not be submitted automatically. You have to visit each site and you have to check if your website fits into the category.

We omitted automation on purpose. Only by checking each site manually, you can make sure that you really get high quality links that will help you site. Bulk-submitting can get your website into trouble. The Starter Backlinks tool helps you focus on good links that matter.

Will all websites accept my submission?

Actually, many websites in the Starter Backlinks tool will not accept your submission. That's a good thing. Quality is much more important than quantity.

Click the 'Create content for these websites' button at the top of the Starter Backlinks tool to learn how to create content that will be accepted by the websites. The more good websites link to your site, the better.

Is this really a free tool?

Yes, the Starter Backlinks tool is a tool that is even available in the free demo version of SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler offers many more tools that help you with link building, web pages optimization, keyword research and other SEO tasks.

If you haven't done it yet, create your free SEOprofiler account now:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerRemoved a URL from a disavow file? Here’s how long it will take to see results

"If you remove a URL from a disavow file it could take some time before you see actual results in the search results. [...]

All indexing changes take an indeterminate amount of time, so I wouldn’t worry about the timing. Do the right thing, let it settle."

Google patents and research not always used in the ranking algorithm

Gary Illyes from Google reminded us of that [having a patent does not mean they use the patent material in their live search ranking algorithm].

We do lots of research and some stuff never gets used for reasons. Some stuff in theory sound good, but in practice, simply doesn't work. I'd love to know the percentage, but I suspect it is high."

GoogleThe secret lives of Google raters

"At any time, raters may find themselves assigned a job called a 'review task.' In reality, it's a performance evaluation. Google has already figured out the right answers to the task and uses the review to make sure each rater gives answers that are calibrated with what the company expects.

If a rater is too far off the mark, he or she is limited to one hour per day of work until scores improve."

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