Weekly SEO news: 6 June 2017
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1. Time is precious: things you can avoid when you optimize your website

Time is limited and you cannot do everything when you optimize your web pages. If you focus on the wrong things, you will waste a lot of time and money. There are some things that you can do to make sure that you optimize your website as efficiently as possible.

1. It's not necessary to get as many visitors as possible

Many people optimize their web pages because they want to get more website visitors. This usually is a good idea. However, it's likely that won't double your sales if you get twice as many visitors as now.

The additional visitors must come through keywords that convert to sales. It depends on what the searcher is looking for. If you are booking hotel rooms in Miami Beach, then people who enter "book miami beach hotel room" in Google's search box are exactly the people you're looking for.

But that's the best case. Depending on the intention of the searcher, the search terms can be different: "hotel" (general interest in hotels), "miami beach" (interested in general information about the place), "miami beach hotel" (looking for different offerings), etc. Getting high rankings for "miami beach" will get you many new visitors, but few new customers.

Time-saving conclusion:

When you optimize your web pages, optimize them for keywords with a high conversion rate. Avoid vanity keywords that just look good. The more targeted the keywords are, the better. A small traffic increase for good keywords is much better than a big traffic increase for low quality keywords.

2. It's not always necessary to rank higher than your competitors

For some keywords, it doesn't matter if your website is listed on position 2 or position 7. Searchers will check multiple results on the first results page before they make a decision. If your website is listed in the top 3 results, it is possible that the time and effort that is necessary to move your website to position 1 is better used to get high rankings for new keywords.

The number of targeted visitors that you get through the new keywords might be more than the additional visitors that you get by increasing the position for a single keyword.

Time-saving conclusion:

It's sometimes better to optimize for new keywords than to optimize for keywords for which you already have good rankings.

3. You don't have to go for the keywords with the highest search volume

As explained above, keywords with high search numbers aren't necessarily the best keywords for your website. In addition, it's important to understand that all keyword tools (including Google's) only use estimates. Use the numbers of all suggestion tools with a grain of salt.

If a keyword is so competitive that your website won’t get on the first result page then this keyword won’t work for you. If you cannot make it on page one then it doesn’t make sense to use that keyword. A targeted keyword with a low search volume will deliver more sales to your website. If you want great results, don’t waste your time on high volume keywords that will deliver worthless traffic to your site. Focus on long-tail keywords that are much more likely to convert.

Time-saving conclusion:

The main purpose of the keyword tool is to get new keyword ideas. The search numbers are a bonus but you shouldn't focus too much on them. If a keyword is related to your business, you should use it on one of your web pages.

A highly relevant keyword with few searches often has a higher conversion rate than a general keyword with many searches.

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: no plans for mobile-first index test sandbox preview 

"Before Google made a massive index change in 2009 or so named Caffeine, Google released a public sandbox for you to preview the changes in the search results based on this index change. [...]

John Mueller of Google was asked if we would see the same thing with this new massive index change, the mobile-first index. John Mueller said no, 'I don't see that happening'".

Bing introduces Bing Visual Search

"Let's say you are looking for kitchen decoration inspiration, and an image attracted your attention. You click on a thumbnail result to get to the ‘Detail View’. You really like the overall décor, but you are particularly interested in that nice-looking chandelier. Would it be possible to see where you can get one just like that? With Bing Visual Search, now you can. [...]

Clicking the visual search button displays a visual search box on the image. You can click and drag this box to adjust it to cover just the object of your interest."

GoogleGoogle: our algorithms share data with other algorithms

"John Mueller of Google said in a webmaster video yesterday that Google's search algorithms can and do share data from one algorithm to another.

So if the Panda algorithm defines a site as being low quality, Google may share that data with their indexing algorithm to slow the crawl of the site or specific sections of the site."

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  • Google does not use DMOZ for snippet descriptions anymore.
  • Google faces hefty EU fine in shopping case by August.
  • Bookmarking site Del.icio.us going to be closed.
  • Review spam – which Google categories are worst?
  • Google: the guest post link warning was just a general reminder.

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