Weekly SEO news: 22 August 2017
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1. Checklist: are the links that point to your website good links?

Links are still the most important factor in the algorithms of Google and other search engines. The right links will have a major impact on the rankings of your web pages. If your website has too many spam links, your website will get in trouble (although Google has lowered the negative influence of bad links).

good backlinks checklist

The following checklists helps you to find out if a link is a good or a bad link.

checklist pen

Checklist for great backlinks:

The link comes from a website has a similar topic as your website.

The content of the page that links to your website is relevant to your website.

The link from the other website points directly to the most relevant page on your website.

The link is a text link (not a linked image).

The linked text contains words that are relevant to your website.

A real person added the link to the linking page.

The link sends qualified visitors to your website.

The more boxes you can tick in the checklist above, the better the link. In addition to the factors above, there are some other things that can have a positive influence:

checklist pen

Checklist for high-end links:

The link to your website is the first external link on the linking page.

The link to your website is the only external link on the linking page.

The link is in the main text of the linking page (not in the footer or the sidebar).

The page that links to your website is frequently crawled by search engines.

The linking page has many links to itself.

If you can tick all of these boxes, you can be sure that the link is an extremely good link that will have a positive influence on the search engine rankings of your website.

You do not have to tick all boxes

Unfortunately, most links do not fulfill these criteria. That does not mean that these links are bad. It just means that there can be links that are even better. If you can tick only one of the boxes above, you should keep the link.

It is normal that websites have a mixed link profile. A new link from a small and unimportant website from today might be a great link from a major website in the future. Do not pass on a link just because the linking website is small. As long as the link is relevant, everything is fine.

Some links are not so good

In the past, bad links could have a negative influence on your Google rankings. Google has changed this. Currently, Google simply ignores low quality links that point to your site. However, if you have too many bad links, you might still get a manual penalty.

Check the following to find out if Google could think that a link is spam:

checklist pen

Checklist for low-quality links:

The link comes from a website that is obviously spam.

The page that links to your website also links to dubious and spammy websites.

The link redirects through a referral script.

You paid for the link and it does not contain the nofollow tag.

How to check the backlinks of any website

The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler enables you to check the links of any website. To make things easier for you, the Link Profiler tool automatically categorizes the links, you can sort the links by anchor text and other factors, you can create disavow files for bad links, and much more.

Log in to SEOprofiler and check your links now:

Check your links now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle testing new callouts for travel in business listings

"Google is testing a new callout added into Business Listings to drive more traffic to their travel guides. Spotted today, Google is automatically adding this under the contact information for this business with a link and small image/graphic about the area where the business is located. Once clicked the link goes to the somewhat recently rolled out Travel Guides showing hotel, area information and things to do.

Google brings Q&As to Google Maps

"Google is launching a new feature for Google Maps for Android and mobile search today: question and answers. I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that this feature allows you to ask questions about a place and answer other users’ inquiries and indeed, it’s that straightforward."

John MuellerGoogle’s John Mueller: here’s why your rich snippets aren’t showing up in search

"On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller gave three reasons why your rich cards are not appearing on the search result pages:

The code of the snippets is technically incorrect. You can use the structured data testing tool to check the code. You use the wrong markup type, or the code is otherwise not compliant with Google’s policies. There is a general quality issue with your website. Some hours later, John Mueller added that Google also does not show reviews for adult related products and services."

Editor's note: You can use the rich-snippet creator in SEOprofiler to easily create rich data code for your own web pages.

Bing testing blended local mini one pack in search results

"When it comes to the Bing search results, their local pack results are very large and noticeable in the search results.  But they seem to be taking a step back and displaying a smaller local result in the Bing search results when there is only one local listing found. And it blends so well in the search results, most people wouldn’t distinguish it as being local, but rather a regular search result."

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  • Google ignores unrecognized attributes when parsing HTML code.
  • Google adds AMP testing tool box to search results.
  • Are press releases still good for SEO?
  • Google on how to block your staging server .
  • Bing Ads: introducing labels for performance data.
  • Google working to fix the ability to leave local reviews on Google Maps.
  • Yandex introduces extended text ads.
  • Unsurprisingly, Google's John Mueller confirms that internal and external links have different weight.

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