Weekly SEO news: 31 March 2020
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1. As easy as 1-2-3: how to get a technical audit of your website

Now is a good time for a technical audit of your website. Servers can have problems, links can change, and there can be many other things that can have a negative impact on the search engine rankings of your website.

Technical errors on your website also lead to a bad user experience, which leads to fewer sales. For that reason, you should regularly run technical website audits. This is very easy with the website audit tool:

1: Create a project for your website

Creating a project just means that you tell the website audit tool which website you want to check. Click the 'Add new project' button on your account overview page and enter the address of your website. That's all there is to it.

2: View the audit report

When you create a new project, the website audit report will be created automatically. Select Website audit > Overview in the menu on the left. You will see an overview of the errors that were found on your website:

SEO audit overview: errors, warnings and notices

The website audit tool checks many different things that can have an impact on the position of your web pages in the search result pages of Google and other search engines.

3: Fix the errors

Open the page Checked files in the website audit tool to get an overview of all checked pages.

By defaults, the checked files are sorted by the number of issues that have been found. You use the filters on the top of the page to show files that contain particular errors.

Filter the checked files in the website audit tool

The pages shows the list of files that have been checked. To get the error details for a page, click the Details button next to a page URL:

Indexability, structured data, AMP, and other technologies

In addition to the pages Overview and Check files the website audit tool also shows you many other things, such as the indexability of your web pages, the usage of structured data and other technologies on your pages, AMP pages, the security settings of your server, and much more:

SEO audit: indexability, technolgies, AMP, and more

The website audit tool also checks your pages for spelling mistakes. You can select 47 different dictionaries for the spell check. The audit tool also supports multi-language websites.

Invisible errors and audits for mobile websites

Some errors cannot be seen by browsing your website. For example, your web pages might send a '404 not found' HTTP status code to search engines although users see the correct page. This will cause massive ranking problems. The website audit tool finds these errors.

The website audit tool also enables you to check your website as if it was requested from a mobile device. You also get screenshots of your website for different devices:

SEO audit: different devices

Get your audit report now

Create your SEOprofiler account now to get a website audit report for your own website. The website audit tool in SEOprofiler automatically checks your web pages once per week. You can also create audit reports manually.

Most people see immediate improvements after fixing the errors that the website audit tool finds on their web pages. You can create your SEOprofiler account here:

Get your audit report now

Stay safe during these difficult times!

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: We don't make sites with manual actions wait longer for reviews
"If we see that a website goes back and forth, then that's something where the webspam team will say 'okay you you're just wasting our time'. Like if you fix the problem do the reconsideration request and then a couple weeks later you have the same problem again, then like a little bit of back and forth. And the web spam team will say, okay we we will take a look in a couple of months when when you've decided what you want to do."

John Mueller: Google doesn't guarantee indexing

"We don't guarantee indexing -- it can happen that we end up not indexing content at all. Without knowing your site, in general, making sure that a site is unique, compelling, and of high quality is a good approach to take for the long run."

John MuellerGoogle: No such thing as two waves of indexing or crawling

"There's no such thing as the second wave of crawling-ish.[...] The wave is an oversimplification that is coming back to us with interesting implications every now and then.[...]

It's all an oversimplification of what happens in the pipeline. There definitely isn't two waves of crawling. Indexing is a lovely can of worms, but yeah... not exactly two waves of indexing either."

Google: How to pause your business online in Google Search

"If your situation is temporary and you plan to reopen your online business, we recommend keeping your site online and limiting the functionality. For example, you might mark items as out of stock, or restrict the cart and checkout process. This is the recommended approach since it minimizes any negative effects on your site's presence in Search."

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  • Google: We don't guarantee showing rich results.
  • Google showing YouTube featured snippets with time stamp.
  • Google My Business for healthcare providers.
  • Google Ads: Find more cross-account insights with Report Editor.
  • Google: fix your website if it is slow.
  • John Mueller: It makes sense to have compelling imagery for image search.

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