Weekly SEO news: 5 May 2020
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1. Google may start deindexing URLs after two days - how to avoid this

Google's John Mueller said on Twitter that Google may start to deindex URLs after two days if your website is down.

How to avoid getting deindexed

If you want to avoid that your website gets delisted, you should ensure that your website does not get down.

The uptime monitor in SEOprofiler helps you to do this. It is better than other uptime monitors (see below to learn why) and it is included in all SEOprofiler plans.

Uptime Monitor

Why is the Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler better?

The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler offers many things that other uptime monitors do not offer:

  • Website performance monitoring: The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler checks the response time of the monitored web pages. If your web page has slow performance, you will be notified.
  • Mobile website monitoring: How does your website respond to mobile devices? The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to select mobile user agents so that the Uptime Monitor gets the same results as users from mobile devices.

    With the Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler, you can check desktop pages and mobile pages in one project.

  • Googlebot health check: Does your website responds correctly to Google's requests? The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to select the Googlebot user agent. If there are any performance issues when Google's indexing robot tries to access your web pages, the Uptime Monitor will notify you.
  • Page content monitoring: The Uptime Monitor can check the monitored pages for particular words. If these words are missing, hackers might have changed the contents of your website. The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler will notify you when this happens.
  • 1 minute monitoring: Depending on your SEOprofiler plan, the Uptime Monitor can check your web pages as often as once per minute. That is much more often than most other uptime monitors check your site. With the Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler, you will be the first to know about problems with your site.
  • HTTP/HTTPS and HTTP/2 support: Google prefers secure web pages. The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler supports HTTP/HTTPS and HTTP/2.

Uptime Reports in your company design for your clients

Just like all other tools in SEOprofiler, the Uptime Monitor can create white-label reports in your company design.

You can send your customers PDF reports (also supported by the scheduler in SEOprofiler) and you can offer your clients web-based reports so that your clients can check their statistics at any time.

Uptime monitoring helps your business in many ways:

1. You protect the professional image of your business

A professional brand image is important. The brand image of your business depends on the level of customer satisfaction.

Frequent downtime issues can jeopardize the reputation of your online business. Monitoring your website is the best way to prevent these unwanted hazards and protect the image of your business.

2. You keep your customers happy

If your customers frequently access your website, you need high levels of uptime to ensure that your customers are happy.

If a downtime issue is unresolved for a prolonged period of time, then chances are quite likely that your customers will switch to your competitor.

3. You prevent losing sales

Frequent downtime issues can lead to lost sales. Some years ago, Amazon was down for only two hours. This led to a loss of $3.48 million. Website uptime is vital to online stores.

4. You make sure that your pages get good search engine rankings

Google does not like websites that are down. If your website comes up with constant downtime issues for one or more days, then it can suffer a huge setback in how your site is ranked by Google in its search results.

The search rankings of your web pages is influenced by the downtime and the speed of your website.

5. You detect hackers fast

One of the potential reasons that can lead to downtime are hackers. If a hacker compromises your website and puts in malicious code then your website is sure to suffer a setback. Website monitoring (and checking your pages for particular words) informs you about downtimes as they happen.

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerGoogle: We do not use Google Analytics for indexing
"John and other Googlers have said this, and more over the years. Google does not use Google Analytics data for indexing, ranking or even as a ranking signal. Of course, many of you feel Google is not telling the truth when they say this but they have been consistent about this messaging since Google Analytics launched."

Google: if you pause your business, keep the website online

"Anything they can leave online won't need to be reindexed. If they replace their site with a single page (same URLs or redirects), we'll essentially see that page as their whole website, the rest will be dropped from search. (We recommend leaving the site & limiting functionality.)"

John MuellerGoogle: Have lots of soft 404s in Search Console? Check your internal links.

"Do you have many soft 404 errors in your Google Search Console reports? Well, that might mean that you are linking to these pages internally within your site and you should check your internal links to see if this is something you can fix.

A soft 404 is a URL that returns a page telling the user that the page does not exist and also a 200-level (success) code."

Google: search algorithms aren't written in isolation

"Search algorithms aren't written in isolation and never changed -- if we discover there's a way to improve them to better serve the users & the ecosystem, we'll do that."

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  • Google: The removals tool should not be used for site-moves -- it doesn't change indexing at all.
  • Google: AMP versions of web pages do not need their own links.
  • Google's Danny Sullivan: Google exists because of users.
  • Google testing question hub. Here are some screenshots.
  • Google is testing search related to option on the SERP, with underlines and search icon beside the queries.
  • Google uses many different ranking signals.

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